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Orbital welding device for pipeline construction

The invention relates to an orbital welding device for mobile use in order to join a first pipe (1) and a second pipe end (2) along a circumferential joint (3) by at least one weld seam (4), particularly for producing a pipeline (5) to be placed on land. The inventive device includes a guide ring (6), which can be oriented toward the first pipe end (1) and the circumferential joint (3), and an orbital carriage (7) that can be motor-displaced along the guide ring (6) via an advancing device (8). On the orbital carriage (7), a laser welding head (12) for directing a laser beam (10) into a laser welding zone (13) is mounted in a manner that enables it to be oriented toward the circumferential joint (3) whereby enabling the production of the weld seam (4) along the circumferential joint (3) by displacing the orbital carriage (7). The laser beam (10) is produced by a high-power fiber laser beam source (9) located, in particular, on a mobile transport vehicle (35) while being situated at a distance from the orbital carriage (7), is guided by light guide (11) passing through a tube bundle (50) to the orbital carriage (7) and then supplied to the welding head (12). A significant advantage of the invention resides in the fact that the joining of two pipe ends by only one single welding process during a short period of time is made possible in the field with autonomous operation.

Device and method for making robot track given route at high accuracy

The invention relates to a device and a method for making a robot track a given route at high accuracy, in particular to a robot processing system for performing route tracking and deviation compensation by comprehensively utilizing a coaxial vision sensing system and a welding seam position measurement sensing system, and a route tracking method, which are used for high-accuracy processing of laser welding and the like. The implementation process is divided into three stages; the first two stages comprehensively utilize welding seam position measurement information and coaxial vision measurement information to calculate the deviation between the front welding seam position and the central point of a robot tool and a welding seam so as to obtain the compensation data of the track deviation of the central point of the robot tool and the welding seam position reference data; and the stage of actual welding utilizes the welding seam position measurement information and the welding seam position reference data to perform tracking and compensation control, a position correcting device corrects the motion of a robot system so that the central point of the robot tool moves forwards continuously along the given route, and the deviation of the given route is smaller than the route repeat accuracy of the robot. The device and the method can be widely applied to various occasions required to improve the motion path accuracy of the robot.

Pre-welding shaping auxiliary mold of large-scale steel cylinder and welding method

The invention relates to the technical field of forming, assembling and welding of a large-scale supporting cylinder on a lightering platform on the sea, and provides a pre-welding shaping auxiliary mold of the large-scale steel cylinder and a welding method. The shaping mold is composed of a welding platform, a fixing column, a slide way, an outer lead screw, an outer arc locating block, an inner ejector rod and the like. The outer circle of the cylinder is shaped through an adjusted rigid restrained position; shaping accuracy of the cylinder is ensured through the lead screw, a seam width positioning wedge, a process support and the like; a welding process of the cylinder is made; tack welding is firstly conducted on a longitudinal seam, then the longitudinal seam is integrally welded, and the welding sequence is that welding is conducted from the middle towards the two ends at intervals; sectionalized barrel bodies are welded in an assembled mode and through an X-type double-face groove, the butt-jointing groove faces upwards, the inner side of the cylinder is welded firstly when welding is started, carbon arc air gouging back gouging is conducted on a welding seam in the outer side after the cylinder is turned over, and then the outer side of an annular welding seam is welded. Slight welding deformation is achieved through adjustment of a rigidity restraint positioning block and changes of the welding sequence, and requirements for welding accuracy of the cylinder are met.

Marine engineering large thick steel plate submerged arc welding process method in low-temperature environment

The invention belongs to the field of welding, in particular to a process method applicable to marine engineering large thick steel plate submerged arc welding in low-temperature environment, which comprises a welding method, welding material selection, a welding order, a welding process and the selection and control of various welding process parameters. The method renders with carbon dioxide gas protection welding, and fills and faces through an automatic submerged arc welding; stops welding when the welding reaches more than two thirds of the thickness of a large groove during the welding process, clears chips on the back side and completes the welding of the other side; finally completes the welding of the first side; strictly controls all relevant process parameters of the welding during the welding process, and solves the problems of poorer anti-crack toughness of welding seams and heat affected zones caused by too high cooling speed of the welding seams and too high temperature; can ensure good anti-crack toughness of a welding seam connector without heat treatment after welding; and can meet the requirements of welding of an E36 plate with the thickness of 35 to 77mm under the working environment at the temperature of above -30DEG C, simplifies the production process, shortens the production cycle and reduces the cost.

Multifunctional single-cantilever cutting and welding integrated machine

InactiveCN104308333AAvoid frequent movementReduce the number of card positioningWelding/cutting auxillary devicesAuxillary welding devicesFillet weldEngineering
The invention relates to the technical field of automated cutting and welding, and discloses a multifunctional single-cantilever cutting and welding integrated machine. The integrated machine comprises a machine frame base, a machine frame stand column, a stand column rotary device, a vertical lifting device, a machine frame transverse arm, a left-right translation device, a telescopic arm, a front-rear transverse moving device and a multi-joint machine head, wherein the machine frame stand column is mounted on the machine frame base through the stand column rotary device, and the machine frame transverse arm is mounted at the upper part of the machine frame stand column through the vertical lifting device. The integrated machine is reasonable and compact in structure and convenient to use; the welding of longitudinal, circumferential and fillet weld seams, cutting of an intersecting line hole and automatic welding of a saddle-shaped weld seam between a barrel body and a connecting pipe can be finished in a relatively fixed station through the stand column rotary device, the vertical lifting device, the left-right translation device, the front-rear transverse moving device and the multi-joint machine head, the frequent motion of a workpiece can be avoided, the clamping and positioning frequency of the workpiece is greatly reduced, the welding efficiency and quality are remarkably improved, and the labor intensity of welding workers is reduced.

Visual welding seam surface quality detection sensor based on line structure light

The invention discloses a visual welding seam surface quality real-time on-line detection sensor based on line structure light, comprising sensing units and an image processing unit, wherein two sensing units are respectively vertically installed at two sides of the upper and lower surfaces of the welding seam and connected with the image processing unit; the sensing units comprise a video camera for receiving the welding seam surface gray scale image including laser stripe formed on the welding work piece; a straight linear laser for generating laser structure light stripe on the welding work piece; an optical filter in front of the video camera lens; and an LED annular light source coaxially provided with the video camera and positioned in front of the optical filter. The invention uses the straight linear laser to project onto the upper and lower surfaces of the welding seam to generate the laser stripes; the camera collects the welding seam surface gray scale image including laser stripes to finally realize automatic quality detection of the upper and lower surfaces of the welding seam; and the precision of surface quality detection of the welding seam is improved. The sensor can be widely applied to the fields such as robot automatic welding.

Welding method of girth weld of inner cladding thin-walled stainless steel composite tube

InactiveCN101633074AResolving ingredient matchesSolve the corrosion resistanceWelding/cutting auxillary devicesAuxillary welding devicesChemical industryWeld seam
The invention relates to a welding method of a girth weld of an inner cladding thin-walled stainless steel composite tube. The welding method comprises the following steps: girth welds of the inner cladding stainless steel composite tube are respectively and gradually welded by three welding seams, an inner cladding layer welding seam and a transition layer welding seam are welded by argon tungsten-arc welding, the stainless steel inner cladding layer welding seam adopts welding wires with the same quality thereof, the transition layer welding seam adopts ER309 welding wires, and the base layer is welded by shielded metal arc welding or CO2 gas shielded welding and adopts a welding material matched with the strength of the base layer; and the inner cladding layer, the transition layer and the first layer of the base layer are welded under back argon gas protection. The welding method guarantees corrosion resistance of a joint of the inner cladding layer and mechanical property of a welding joint of the base layer; and the method plays an important role in promoting wide application of the inner cladding stainless steel composite tube in businesses such as oil-gas delivery, chemical industry, oil refining and the like, improving corrosion resistance of an inner wall of a pipe, and solving the problems of high cost and the like caused by adopting a full wall-thickness stainless steel pipe.

CCD-based method and system for automatic identification and track planning of pipeline space weld seams

The invention discloses a CCD-based method and system for automatic identification and track planning of pipeline space weld seams and meets common welding robots' requirements on welding of the pipeline space weld seams. Before welding, a CCD collects weld seam images in a one-eye and two-position way, and transmits the weld seam images to a main control computer through a USB cable; the main control computer conducts three-dimensional reconstruction on the weld seam of a workpiece in three parts according to a general stereoscopic vision principle to obtain the three-dimensional coordinate information of the three parts of the weld seam, combines the three-dimensional coordinate information to obtain the complete three-dimensional coordinates of the weld seam to determine the starting point of welding and determine the pose change of a robot tool coordinate system in the welding process, and transmits the pose change to a robot control cabinet via the Ethernet to control a welding robot to perform welding. Through a vision sensing system, the method and the system provided by the invention can be adapted to welding of butting and intersection of pipelines of different diameters to conduct all-position automatic welding, and avoids the limitation that only single-path weld seams can be welded according manual teaching.

Large caliber aluminium alloy pipeline non-pad tungsten electrode argon arc single face welding and double face shaping method

The invention discloses a method for large-calibre aluminium-alloy pipeline no-liner tungsten electrode argon arc one-side welding both-side formation, comprising the following steps of: assembling of groove angle and clearance, grinding of tungsten electrode, cleaning before welding, adjusting welding process parameters, tack welding, and welding of a bottom coating, a filling layer and a covering layer. The pipe is horizontally fixed and the position is marked by hour; the welding sequence is left half-ring and right half-ring; each half-ring comprises overhead welding, vertical position welding and downhand welding; the welding is started at a position where L is equal to 5-10mm close to six of the overhead welding; the vertical position welding is then carried out; finally, the front half-ring is ended at 12 of the downhand welding; before the rear half-ring starts welding, the connection is grinded as a slope; the welding seam formed by the connection and the front half-ring welding position is overlapped by 3-5mm; the welding of the rear half-ring is started from 6 of the overhead welding and ended at 12 of the downhand welding through the vertical position welding; the welding is carried out by a continuous feeding method. The surface of the welding seam of the method has no pores or cracks, is completely welded and beautiful, and has good internal and external forming; by the non-destructive testing, the first-time qualification rate achieves 100%, the welding seam achieves the class-1 quality, the construction procedures are reduced, and the construction cost is reduced.

Three-dimensional detection device and method for scanning appearance of a welding seam in high-frequency resistance welding based on linear structured light

The invention provides a three-dimensional detection device and method for scanning the appearance of a welding seam in high-frequency resistance welding based on linear structured light. The three-dimensional detection device comprises a linear structured light sensor, a linear displacement transmission system and a computer, wherein the linear structured light sensor comprises a laser, an industrial camera and a fixed panel; and the linear displacement transmission system comprises a base, a stepping motor and a stepping motor controller. A welded object is placed on the base of the transmission system, scanning is performed by adopting the linear structured light, the industrial camera shoots a laser stripe image of the welding seam, the laser stripe image is processed through a software system to obtain three-dimensional point cloud data of the welding seam, appearance characteristics such as the width and the height of the welding seam are acquired through analysis, and thus judgment can be performed on the quality of the welding seam. The three-dimensional detection device has the advantages of high precision, safety, reliability, real-time detection and the like, improves the efficiency of welding seam quality detection and can achieve automatic detection for the welding seam quality.

Longitudinal seam welding special machine with linear structure light type vision sensor and control method thereof

The invention discloses a longitudinal seam welding special machine with a linear structure light type vision sensor and a control method thereof. The longitudinal suture welding special machine comprises a welding gun, the linear structure light type vision sensor, an industrial control computer and an execution mechanism, wherein the welding gun is fixed on the execution mechanism; the welding gun and the linear structure light type vision sensor are connected to an operation rail of the longitudinal seam welding special machine, and the linear structure light type vision sensor is arranged in front of the welding gun; and the output end of the linear structure light type vision sensor is connected with the execution structure through the industrial control computer. With the control method, the concept of a coordinate system is established, and a welding seam track is detected through the vision sensor to essentially change an application way of corresponding the welding gun to an image reference point through a rigid body relation, and the method can also be used for tracking the space curve welding seam without limitation of tracking the linear welding track. The longitudinal seam welding special machine detects the whole welding seam track, even if the sensor is out of the visual field, the last section of the welding seam can also ensure the tracking of the whole welding seam.

Nickel-based welding electrode for welding nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy

The invention relates to a nickel-based welding electrode which comprises the following component by weight percent (wt%): 50.0-68.0% of Ni, 18.0-23.0% of Cr, 6.0-11.0% of Mo, 3.0-6.0% of Nb, 2.50-9.00% of Fe, 0.01-0.1% of C, 0.10-1.00% of Mn, 0.010-0.10% of Si, 0.015% of S or less, 0.015% of P or less, 0.01-0.10% of Cu, 0.003-0.010% of Co and the balance of impurities. The coat of the nickel-based welding electrode comprises the following components by weight percent of the welding core: 12-18% of marble, 10-15% of fluorite, 12-18% of barium carbonate, 5.0-6.4% of rutile, 3.5-5.0% of ferroniobium, 3.3-4.5 of chromium metal powder, 0.45-0.65% of sodium carbonate, 0.45-0.65% of electrolytic manganese and 1.3-1.8% of zircon sand, and the adhesion agent is 10-20% of the total weight of the power. The nickel-based welding electrode is prepared by mixing, wrapping mixture on the welding core and baking at low and high temperature. The nickel-based welding electrode disclosed by the invention is used for nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel welding, ensures that the excellent mechanical properties, the excellent corrosion resistance, the excellent thermal crack resistance and the hightensile strength of the welding seam match with those of the base material, has good welding process performance, guarantees attractive molding and can be used for the welding of the steel (with 9% of Ni) working at low temperature.

Man-machine collaboration shared control remote welding method

A man-machine collaboration shared control remote welding method relates to a remote welding method. The invention aims to solve the problems in the prior remote welding that the direct control operation can not be continuously carried out and particularly can not work under the situation of time delay, and an autonomous tracking weld seam can not be welded under the situations of complicated welding environment and irregular groove outline dimension of a weld seam. The remote welding method comprises the following steps: firstly, a macroscopic zooming camera acquires a two-dimensional video image, and the visual field of an operator is adjusted in a central monitoring man-machine interface; secondly, a robot guides a welding gun to reach the upper part of the weld seam; thirdly, the operator tracks the weld seam; fourthly, a workpiece is fixed on a working platform to form the welding environment at the remote end; fifthly, the robot moves towards an initial point of the weld seam; sixthly, the welding gun ensures that arc-length distance parameters of the workpiece are set by the central monitoring man-machine interface; and seventhly, the operator sets a shared control algorithm through the central monitoring man-machine interface.

Electric welding rod for hand welding X80 grade steel oil, gas transmission pipe

ActiveCN101362257AHas tensile strengthHas a shock valueWelding/cutting media/materialsSoldering mediaManganeseFerrosilicon
The invention relates to an electric welding rod used for manual welding. The electric welding rod comprises core welding-wires containing the following chemical compositions (wt%): 0.020-0.100 of C, 0.350-0.550 of Mn, 0.015-0.030 of Si, 0.005-0.015 of P, 0.002-0.005 of S, 0.01-0.20 of Cr, 0.01-0.30 of Ni, 0.01-0.20 of Cu, 98.675-99.47 of Fe, and the residue of impurity; the electrode coating comprises the following compositions: 28-38 of marble powder, 16-28 of fluorite powder, 2-8 of feldspar powder, 2-7 of white titanium pigment, 4-8 of electrolytic manganese, 3-7 of ferrosilicon powder, 6-9 of ferrotitanium powder, 0.5-2 of ferromolybdenum powder, 3-8 of nickel powder, 10-25 of iron power and 5-8 of other elements. The chemical compositions, the performance and the structure of the welding seam of a grade X80 steel pipe welded by using the electric welding rod are closer to the pipe body, and without heat treatment, the welding seam can meet the requirements on technical indicators such as high strength, high toughness, low hardness and the like of the grade X80 steel pipe used for oil and natural gas transferring; the electric welding rod overcomes the defaults in the prior art that the welding seam is required to be heat-treated after welding, the quality is poor, and engineering accidents are easy to happen when in use and the like.
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