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Heavy-duty demolition apparatus with replaceable tip and rotatable cross blade

A heavy-duty demolition shear for attachment to the boom structure and hydraulic system of an excavator, has a rigid lower jaw and an upper jaw and pivot interconnecting the jaws together. The shear is attachable to the boom structure of the excavator. The upper jaw has upper shear blades, while the lower jaw has at least one lower shear blade. The lower jaw also has a rigid guide blade lying along the lower shear blade and in spaced relation therewith. The outer ends of the shear blade and guide blade are co-extensively opposed to each other so that a tie plate secures the outer ends of the lower shear blade and the guide blade together. There is an open slot between the lower shear blade and the adjacent guide blade to receive the upper shear blade and upper jaw therein. The upper jaw has a cylinder attached to the hydraulic system of the excavator for closing and opening the upper jaw relative to the lower jaw. The lower jaw and the upper jaw shear a workpiece when the upper jaw is closed upon the lower jaw. A rotatable, indexable cross blade is mounted to the tie plate substantially transverse to the lower shear blade and to the guide blade. The cross blade is seated and mounted inside the tie plate at an angle between one degree and thirty degrees, preferably about ten degrees. Thus, the cutting edge leans inwardly toward the throat of the shear, while the lower portion extends outwardly to provide upper jaw clearance within the open slot. The upper jaw includes a replaceable tip.
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