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Electromagnetically determining the relative location of a drill bit using a solenoid source installed on a steel casing

Electrically powered electromagnetic field source beacons installed in a reference well in combination with a down-hole measurement while drilling (MWD) electronic survey instrument near the drill bit in the borehole being drilled permit distance and direction measurements for drilling guidance. Each magnetic field source beacon consists of a coil of wire wound on a steel coupling between two lengths of steel tubing in the reference well, and powered by an electronic package. Control circuitry in the electronic package continuously “listens” for, and recognizes, a “start” signal that is initiated by the driller. After a “start” signal has been received, the beacon is energized for a short time interval during which an electromagnetic field is generated, which is measured by the MWD apparatus. The generated magnetic field may be an AC field, or switching circuitry can periodically reverse the direction of a generated DC electromagnetic field, and the measured vector components of the electromagnetic field are used to determine the relative location coordinates of the drilling bit and the beacon using well-known mathematical methods. The magnetic field source and powering electronic packages may be integral parts of the reference well casing or may be part of a temporary work string installed therein. Generally, numerous beacons will be installed along the length of the reference well, particularly in the important oil field application of drilling steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) well pairs.

Gas-conducting pressure measuring intermittent producing oil exploitation device

The invention discloses a gas-conducting pressure measuring intermittent producing oil exploitation device. The gas-conducting pressure measuring intermittent producing oil exploitation device makes contact with well liquid during working, the gas-conducting pressure measuring intermittent producing oil exploitation device comprises gas conducting and pressure measuring equipment used for measuring the hydrostatic fluid column pressure, controlling equipment used for receiving data of the gas conducting and pressure measuring equipment so as to control oil pumping equipment to realize intermittent oil production, and the oil pumping equipment making direct contact with the well liquid, wherein the gas conducting and pressure measuring equipment comprises tubular billet pressure measuring equipment and sleeving pressure measuring equipment, the tubular billet pressure measuring device comprises a nitrogen cylinder, a nitrogen booster pump, a capillary steel pipe used for conducting nitrogen, a pressure transmitting cylinder used for bearing the nitrogen and tubular billet pressure sensors connected to an outlet of the nitrogen booster pump and an inlet of the capillary steel pipe which are sequentially connected, and the sleeving pressure measuring device comprises a sleeving pressure sensor connected with the oil pumping equipment. Controller equipment receives data of a data collector to control the working frequency of oil extraction equipment or start and stop of the oil extraction equipment, so that the intermittent production is realized to achieve the effect of reducing the production cost.

Construction method of V-level surrounding rock tunnel

InactiveCN101614125AAvoid defects such as cavity collapseRealize safe constructionUnderground chambersTunnel liningRock tunnelTunnel wall
The invention relates to a construction method of a V-level surrounding rock tunnel, comprising the following steps: (1) making a drill guiding I-beam steel lagging jack, i.e. mounting an I-beam steel lagging jack, a groove steel trimming beam, a lock pin anchor rod, a guiding steel pipe, a longitudinal connection steel rib and face injecting concrete in sequence; and (2) construction and support in the tunnel, i.e. drilling pipe shelter steel pipe holes, mounting pipe shelter steel pipes, filling slurry inwards. The earthwork construction of a pilot tunnel comprises earthwork construction, primary support, injecting concrete on a pilot tunnel wall, suspending steel bar nets, casting concrete basis, mounting I-beam steel lagging jack, groove steel trimming beam, steel pads, I-shaped steel inclined strut and lock pin anchor rods, welding longitudinal connection steel bar, injecting concrete on the face and removing core soils; mounting a first-level step temporary inverted arch comprises: constructing lower-level earthwork, performing primary support in the pivot tunnel, mounting the second-level step temporary inverted arch, constructing the following level of earthwork, performing primary support, casting and filling inverted arch, and casting lining concrete at a time inside the pivot tunnel. The invention has the advantage of rapid penetration speed and safe construction.

Device for simultaneously grinding inner walls and outer walls of steel pipes

The invention discloses a device for simultaneously grinding the inner walls and the outer walls of steel pipes. The device comprises a workbench, a support, a collecting tank, a clamping mechanism, an outer grinding mechanism and an inner grinding mechanism; the support is arranged at the upper end of the workbench, and the clamping mechanism is arranged at the left end of the inner side of the support and comprises a clamping plate, a rotating motor, an annular gear, a gear, electric telescopic rods, supporting plates, rubber pads and springs; the outer grinding mechanism is installed at thelower end of a moving block; and the inner grinding mechanism is arranged under the outer grinding mechanism and comprises an inner grinding wheel, a threaded rod B, a fixing sleeve, a threaded sleeve, a second sliding groove, an electric hydraulic cylinder, a drive gear, a driven gear A, a driven gear B, a rectangular block and a connecting rod. The device is novel in design, simple in structure, capable of simultaneously grinding the inner walls and the outer walls of steel pipes with different thicknesses, high in grinding efficiency, wide in application range, capable of effectively preventing impurities such as scrap iron from polluting the environment, high in practicality and worthy of popularization.

Composite support device of dynamic pressure softrock tunnel based on steel pipe concrete bracket

The invention relates to a composite support device of a dynamic pressure softrock tunnel based on a steel pipe concrete bracket, which comprises a steel pipe concrete bracket, wherein a flexible pressure sharing and releasing layer is arranged between the steel pipe concrete bracket and supported surrounding rock. The composite support device also comprises a surrounding rock grouting and reinforcing device, wherein the surrounding rock grouting and reinforcing device comprises a plurality of hollow surrounding rock grouting anchor rods, and the surrounding rock is grouted by the hollow anchor rods; after being injected with a concrete layer, the surrounding rock is covered by a flexible seal layer; and the steel pipe concrete bracket is provided with a vertical column shaped or Y-shaped or T-shaped high-strength steel pipe concrete strut. The high-strength steel pipe concrete bracket and the flexible pressure sharing and releasing layer are two necessary technologies; and the flexible seal layer, the surrounding rock grouting and reinforcement and the high-strength steel pipe concrete strut are three optional technologies. The flexible pressure sharing and releasing layer is combined with the steel pipe concrete bracket so that the whole support system combines hardness with softness, has simple structure, low cost and high support resistance and can effectively control the stability of large deformed tunnels of deep well softrock dynamic pressure, and the like.

Method for measuring diameter and straightness accuracy parameters of seamless round steel pipe

The invention relates to a method for measuring the diameter and the straightness accuracy parameters of a seamless round steel pipe. The method includes the steps as follows: accomplishing the calibration of parameters of a multi-linear structured light vision sensor formed by one video camera and multi-line laser projectors; distributing the multi-linear structured light vision sensors on the periphery of the seamless round steel pipe to be tested; respectively controlling the laser projectors to project structured light plane onto the measured section of the seamless round steel pipe by a computer, collecting the images of laser stripes on the surface of the seamless round steel pipe and processing the images of the laser strip by a video camera, and calculating the three-dimensional coordinates of different sections according to a measurement model; determining the elliptical center of each section of the space, realizing the measurement of the straightness accuracy of the seamless round steel pipe and establishing the dynamic and virtual central axis of the seamless round steel pipe; establishing the reference plane of the dynamic and virtual projection of ellipse of the section of the space; and front projecting the ellipse of the section of the space onto the reference plane of the dynamic and virtual projection, and carrying out the operation of circle fitting on the reference plane, thereby obtaining the section circle of the steel pipe. The method can realize the on-line, real-time, automatic and noncontact measurement of the diameter and the straightness accuracy parameters of the seamless round steel pipe.

High intensity metallic core type seamless flux-cored wire

The invention discloses a high strength metal core type seamless flux-cored welding wire relating to the technical field of welding materials; the invention can be manufactured by adopting the existing steel tube drawing or in-service welding seamless flux-cored welding wire manufacturing technology; the diameter of a steel tube is reduced to the extent that the filling diameter of a specified filling rate can be acquired; by using the vibration filling pattern, filler is filled from one end of the steel tube; wire drawing processing is performed by using a roller group or a wire drawing die group, and during the period intermediate annealing is carried out (under 650 DEG C for two hours). The high strength metal core type seamless flux-cored welding wire of the invention has the advantage that yield strength is larger than 785MPa, and the requirements of high strength structure steel welding can be satisfied.

Method and device for linking surface to the seabed for a submarine pipeline installed at great depth

The present invention relates to a bottom-to-surface link system for an underwater pipe installed at great depth, the system comprising:firstly a vertical tower constituted by at least one float (5, 14) associated with an anchor system (6, 8, 16) and carrying at least one vertical riser (9, 15) suitable for going down to the sea bed (18); andsecondly at least one link pipe (4, 3) extending from said float (5, 14) to a surface support (1). According to the invention, said link pipe is a riser whose wall is constituted by a rigid steel tube, and said float (5, 14) is installed at a depth situated below the last thermocline (29).

Non-stand construction method for large bridge arch rib

The invention relates to a large-scale bridge (steel pipe concrete arch bridge) arch rib non-support construction method, which is characterized in that: the fastening tower process and hanging tower process are combined; the fastening anchor process and hanging anchor process are combined; rubber support is applied in the tower articulation (steel structure); steel twisted wire is used as the fastening-hanging tower -anti-wind rope (tower pressing cable); centralized working surfaces and steel twisted wires are adopted in the fastening-hanging process; steel pipe support are used in tower; and less fastening cables are used in the fastening-hanging process. The construction method reduces arch rib assembling places and mounting supports, accelerates the construction progress; the stayed-fastening cable construction uses the masts type tower hung by the cable to mount arch rib, reduces construction of a group of tower and anchor; by adopting less cable construction method, the invention reduces the anchor box segment positions on the tower and reduces anchor cable quantity; and by adopting one-time forming, monitoring and measuring method, the invention simplifies the arch rib mounting construction process and the cable adjusting construction engineering, increases production efficiency, accelerates construction progress and ensures arch rib mounting quality.

Low carbon alloy steel tube having ultra high strength and excellent toughness at low temperature and method of manufacturing the same

A low carbon alloy steel tube and a method of manufacturing the same, especially for a stored gas inflator pressure vessel, in which the steel tube consists essentially of, by weight: about 0.06% to about 0.18% carbon, about 0.3% to about 1.5% manganese, about 0.05% to about 0.5% silicon, up to about 0.015% sulfur, up to about 0.025% phosphorous, and at least one of the following elements: up to about 0.30% vanadium, upto t about 0.10% aluminum, up to about 0.06% niobium, up to about 1% chromium, up to about 0.70% nickel, up to about 0.70% molybdenum, up to about 0.35% copper, up to about 0.15% residual elements, and the balance iron and incidental impurities. After a high heating rate of about 100° C. per second; rapidly and fully quenching the steel tubing in a water-based quenching solution at a cooling rate of about 100° C. per second. The steel has a tensile strength of at least about 145 ksi and as high as 220 ksi and exhibits ductile behavior at temperatures as low as -100° C.

Buckling-restrained diagonal brace using lapping and improved plugging connection

InactiveUS20060101733A1Efficient and economical and convenientProtective buildings/sheltersShock proofingSteel tubeDuctility
A buckling-restrained diagonal brace is provided. The buckling-restrained diagonal brace mainly contains a core element and a restraining element. The core element is an assembly of a specific number of steel members having a specific shape whose cross-sectional dimension is determined based on the load requirement. The core element has a larger cross-section at the ends than at its medial section. The core element is encased in the restraining element. The restraining element manly contains a single or multiple steel tubes filled with concrete, mortar, or reinforcing members. The restraining element is to protect the core element so that it wouldn't be buckled and destructed under load. By using a lapping or an improved plugging type of connection to a structure frame, the buckling-restrained diagonal brace is able to yield steadily when loaded in both tension and compression and the buckling-restrained diagonal brace would have a full hysteretic curve. The buckling-restrained diagonal brace has a significantly enhanced ductility and energy dissipation capability, and is able to reduce vibration and to lower seismic impact.

Pot with hidden temperature measurement structure

InactiveCN106419486AExpand the temperature measurement rangeHigh temperature range and high efficiencyCooking vessel constructionsEngineeringThermocouple
The invention relates to a pot with a hidden temperature measurement structure. The pot with the hidden temperature measurement structure comprises a pot body. The pot body is characterized in that an attached bottom is arranged on the bottom surface of the pot body, a thermocouple is provided with the connecting part of the pot body and the attached bottom, a detecting end of the thermocouple is hidden near the center position of the bottom surface of the pot body and in contact with the bottom surface of the pot body, so as to form a temperature measurement structure to directly detect the center position and the periphery of the pot body; the attached bottom is tightly united with the pot body, the detecting end of the thermocouple is inserted into a capillary steel tube and extends straightly into the bottom of the pot, a signal outputting end of the thermocouple is a real-time temperature outputting end of the pot body; a hidden temperature measurement structure is formed on the bottom surface of the pot body. According to the pot with a hidden temperature measurement structure, a temperature measurement structure capable of directly detecting the center position and the periphery of the pot body is formed, and the pot has the advantages of evenly distributed temperature measurement points, good concealing, and being solid and durable, safe in use, precise in temperature measurement, large in temperature measurement range, high in temperature measurement efficiency and simple in workmanship.

Automatic blanking machine for steel pipes

The invention discloses an automatic blanking machine for steel pipes, belongs to the field of cutting-off equipment of the steel pipes and particularly relates a steel pipe cutting-off device with a mechanical automatic material supply device and a cutting-off device. The automatic blanking machine for the steel pipes is characterized by mainly comprising a fixed scale cutting-off system, a steel pipe conveying system and an electrical control system, wherein the steel pipe conveying system and the electrical control system are connected with the fixed scale cutting-off system, wherein the fixed scale cutting-off system comprises a steel pipe fixed scale device mounted on a transverse sliding track at the left end of a lathe bed and the cutting-off device mounted on the lathe bed, a front positioning sliding plate is mounted on a front positioning sliding plate seat fixed on the transverse sliding track of the steel pipe fixed scale device, a steel pipe fixed scale cylinder is arranged on the sliding plate, a steel pipe fixed scale detection switch is arranged at the front end of the cylinder, and the steel pipe conveying pipe comprises a steel pipe storage device and a steel pipe feed device. The automatic blanking machine for the steel pipes has the beneficial effects of realizing automation of supply, compression and fixed scale cutting-off of the steel pipes, not only improving the working efficiency and reducing the labor intensity, but also ensuring the precise length of the steel pipes which are cut off, and being suitable for being used in occasions which need to cut the steel pipes into steel pipe sections with equal length.
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