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Multi-purpose, multi-oxy-fuel, power burner/injector/oxygen lance device

A multi-purpose, multi-oxy-fuel High Temperature Power Burner/Injector/Oxygen Lance, Mechanical System Apparatus Device, for steelmaking from recycled scrap and/or virgin ferrous charge, which can be employed in multi-oxy-fuel (natural gas; pulverized carbonaceous matter; heavy oil), especially by Oxygen Combusted mixture of Natural Gas/Pulverized Carbonaceous Matter in High Temperature Power Burner Mode, for efficient and rapid melting of solid ferrous charge (cold or preheated) in a special steelmaking Metallurgical Furnace or Open Hearth Furnace, Tandem Furnace, BOF, EAF, as its augmenting or only source of thermal energy; more than one Device in Oxygen-Natural Gas/Pulverized Carbonaceous Matter Power Burner Mode, can be employed as the only source of thermal energy in a modified, originally Electric Arc Furnace, as total replacement of Graphite Electrodes and Electric Arc System, the replacement being noticeably more primary energy efficient than the thermal energy provided by Graphite Electrode/Arc System; it also can be employed in an Solid Particles Injector Mode, for injecting of adequately granulated carbonaceous materials or lime into the molten steel for its carburizing or for foamy slag control; further it can be employed in a natural gas shrouded, pulsating oxygen stream, for vertically to the charge oriented soft blow supersonic Oxygen Injection Lance Mode, for decarburization of the molten metal contained in the hearth of the metallurgical furnace and foamy slag control; in one of the embodiments-generally arcuate-pivotally mounted, liquid media cooled composite body, is pivoted into and out of a furnace vessel through a small opening in the shell wall for auto-regulated constant optimal positioning of the Composite Body Tip against solid or molten charge, in each and all multi-purpose modes; furthermore, when inserted into the furnace vessel, the arcuate composite body can be rotated about its longitudinal axis for directing the oxy-fuel high temperature flame towards unmolten charge in the furnace; in an other-generally linear-embodiment, the liquid cooled composite body is attached to the mast type carrier allowing vertical movement of the composite body which enters the furnace vessel through a small opening in the furnace roof; the bimetallic, liquid cooled special tip assembly of both-arcuate and linear embodiments-of the composite body includes easy replaceable, independent, multi-opening nozzles, mounted in a protective, retracted position inside of the liquid cooled special tip assembly.

Producing method of clean steel

The invention discloses a producing method of clean steel, which can further enhance the cleanliness and comprise the following steps of: pretreating with molten iron for desulfurizing until [S] is not more than 0.010%; then delivering to a converter for smelting; dephosphorizing and controlling sulfur; controlling finished molten iron in the converter to be with [P] of not more than 0.0080% and [S] not more than 0.010%; adding a ladle slag modifying agent to ladles in a steel tapping process for regulating and modifying the ladle slag, wherein after treating, in the molten iron, [P] is not more than 0.0060% to 0.0080%, [S] is not more than 0.0080% and roughing slag quantity is not more than 0.5%; controlling refined finished slag components in LF (Low Frequency) refining, wherein soft argon blowing time of the molten iron is not less than 5 minutes after LF refining, and the composition is qualified when [S] is not more than 0.0020%; carrying out VD (Vacuum Degassing) refining to ensure that [H] is not more than 1.5ppm; and continuously casting, wherein a double-layer high-alkalinity covering agent is adopted as a middle ladle, a seal ring and a long water gap are additionally arranged for argon-blowing protective casting, which is carried out at constant speed, and overheat delta T of the molten iron ranged from 15 DEG C to 30 DEG C. Under the condition that the producing cost is not increased basically, the cleanliness of the clean steel is further enhanced by the control of each procedure junction point, and the clean steel comprises the following components by weight percent: S not more than 20ppm, P not more than 100ppm, TO not more than18ppm, H smaller than 2.0ppm, N not more than 35ppm, and A, B, C and D types of impurities not more than 0.5 grade.

Process for manufacturing low-silicon low-carbon deep punching/drawing steel

The invention discloses a production method of low-silicon and low-carbon deep punching/drawing steel, bottom-blowing argon is performed in the whole process of converter smelting, and a single slag/double slag technique is adopted to pour out the dephosphorized slag, high-basicity slag is produced in later period, the dualistic basicity of final slag R is more than 3.5, the terminal temperature of molten steel is 1620 DEG C to 1650 DEG C, and tapping ( P ) is less than 0.012 percent. The molten steel is refined by adopting low-silicon and low-carbon high-basicity reductive slag in a LF furnace refining station, thus to manufacture reductive slag for desulphurisation, and the ( Al ) in the molten steel is less than 0.005 percent. The molten steel refined by the LF furnace is vacuum-treated by a RH vacuum furnace, the carbon and the silicon in the molten steel is circularly removed, the molten steel is continuously casted into a casting blank through a CSP sheet bar conticaster, the casting blank is sent into CSP sheet bar heat continuous rolling mill and rolled into a coiled sheet after being heated in a roller hearth soaking furnace, a hot rolled coiled sheet is coldrolled into cold rolled coiled sheet through a cold tandem mill or a single mill after being acidwashed, and leveled through a leveling machine after being annealed by a cover furnace, and a leveling divided coil is stretched and divided. The production method has the advantages that the production cost of the working procedure is saved, the consumption of the refractory consumption of the converter is reduced, the equipment investment is saved, the process of the production technique is steady and smooth, the n value of the cold rolled plate is bigger than 0.23, the r value thereof is bigger than 2.1, and the deep punching performance and the extensibility are good.
Owner:湖南华菱涟钢特种新材料有限公司 +1

Method and apparatus for improved EAF steelmaking

An improved method and apparatus for EAF steelmaking wherein the method provides additional thermal energy to the steel making process, carbon injection for the formation of foamy slag, and oxygen injection for the decarburization of the melt, the formation of foamy slag and post combustion burning of carbon monoxide. The apparatus comprises a unique burner configuration which has a central conduit for alternatively supplying fluid hydrocarbon fuel or particulate carbon with a carrier gas which are discharged through a exit opening. The fuel or carbon is mixed with a high speed, preferably supersonic, stream of oxidizing gas. The high speed stream of oxidizing gas is provided by an annular supersonic nozzle which causes the oxidizing gas to surround the fuel or the particulates with an annular flow. The annular nozzle design can be adjusted to direct the flows of particulates and oxidizing gases in the areas and shapes desired for efficient management of the steelmaking process. Optionally, the burner can have another conduit for the secondary supply of a pressurized flow of hydrocarbon fluid fuel to a series of apertures which surround the annular flow. Further, optionally, the burner can have another conduit for the supply of a pressurized flow of a secondary oxidizing gas to a series of apertures which surround the annular flow.

Metallurgical composite pelletizing prepared through twice pelletizing method, as well as preparation method and application thereof

The invention provides a metallurgical composite pelletizing prepared through a twice pelletizing method, as well as a preparation method and an application thereof. The pelletizing is provided with a pelletizing shell formed by a central pelletizing core and a pellet material coating the outside of the pelletizing core. The internal pelletizing core of the formed pelletizing is in a reducing atmosphere, the outside of the formed pelletizing is in an oxidizing atmosphere, and the metallurgical composite pelletizing undergoing twice pelletizing satisfies the metallurgical requirements. The pelletizing core takes an iron-containing material and reducing coal dust or coke powder as raw materials in which adhesive and waste fly dust are added, and is obtained by means of disk pelletization or pressure pelletization. The pelletizing shell takes the iron-containing material and the pelletizing core as raw materials in which the adhesive is added, and is obtained by means of disk pelletization and taking the pelletizing core as the center of the sphere. Various metallurgical performance indexes of the composite pelletizing are highly better than normal pellets. The composite pelletizing not only realizes the harmlessness and the recycling of the waste fly ash, but also can greatly improve the technical and economic indexes of iron making blast furnaces. In addition, the composite pelletizing not only achieves such social benefits as energy conservation, emission reduction, environment protection and environment pollution treatment, but also can create considerable economic benefits.

On-line dynamic optimization control method for converter steelmaking process based on data driving

The invention discloses an on-line dynamic optimization control method for a converter steelmaking process based on data driving. The method comprises the following steps: building an off-line prediction model database; building a liquid steel temperature prediction model and a carbon content prediction model by use of a data driving method to obtain a corresponding relationship between operating variables and the temperature and carbon content of liquid steel in the converter steelmaking process; selecting a melt data unit matched with the information of the current converter steelmaking production process and determining a control reference curve of the liquid steel temperature and carbon element content; building a real-time dynamic optimization model of the converter steelmaking process and determining an optimized set value unit of each operating variable; and selecting the set value of each operating variable from the optimized set value unit so as to carry out control operation. The method disclosed by the invention can be used for realizing real-time on-line control over the converter steelmaking process and providing convenience for an operator to set selection conditions according to actual working conditions, thus the production efficiency of a steelmaking plant is improved.
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