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Methods and apparatus for particle formation

The invention provides a method for forming particles of a target substance (26), involving: (a) preparing a solution or suspension of the substance in a vehicle (21) which is or includes either a near-critical fluid (21) or a first supercritical fluid; (b) introducing the solution or suspension into a particle formation vessel (32); and (c) contacting the solution or suspension, in the particle formation vessel, with a second super-critical fluid, under conditions which allow the second supercritical fluid to cause precipitation of particles of the target substance from the solution or suspension; wherein the second supercritical fluid is miscible or substantially miscible with the vehicle and is a fluid in which the target substance is insoluble or substantially insoluble. Also provided is apparatus for use in carrying out an embodiment of the method, including a particle formation vessel and means for controlling the temperature and pressure inside it; a fluid mixing vessel and means for controlling the temperature and pressure inside it; first fluid inlet means for introducing into the fluid mixing vessel a vehicle and a solution of a target substance in a primary solvent, so as to form in the fluid mixing vessel a solution of the substance and the primary solvent in the vehicle; and second fluid inlet means for introducing the solution thus formed, preferably together with a second supercritical fluid, into the particle formation vessel. The invention also provides a particulate product formed using the method.

Refined rice processing method

The invention discloses a refined rice processing method. The refined rice processing method comprises the following steps of rice screening, stone removal, magnetic separation and rice shelling, rice-bran separating, secondary shelling, thickness grading, moisture measurement and drying or atomizing, rice milling and white rice grading, rice cooling, polishing, color sorting, secondary white rice grading and moisture content detection, and packaging. The refined rice processing method comprises a plurality of impurity removal steps, and consequently, the purity of rice is guaranteed, the produced rice is high in purity, and the safety and the processing efficiency in the processing process are guaranteed. In the rice shelling and rice milling steps of the refined rice processing method, the material temperature is strictly controlled so that the material can be always kept in a relative low temperature appropriate environment, and the crack ratio and the broken rice rate can be reduced and the complete particle rate can be increased; the original faint scent of rice is maintained. The refined rice processing method is used for solving the problems of surface damage and uneven polishing in the rice polishing process by controlling the polishing water temperature and the dampening amount; as a result, the surfaces of all the rice grains polished can be kept smooth and clean, and the quality guarantee period of the rice can be prolonged.
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