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Higher alpha-olefin copolymers and process for preparation thereof

An object of the present invention is to provide crystalline high α-olefin copolymers which have excellent compatibility with thermoplastic resins, especially polyolefins, and compatibility with lubricant oils, fuel oils or waxes, excellent miscibility with inorganic fillers and secondary processability, and which have narrow temperature ranges for melting and crystallization, and to provide a process for preparation thereof. The present invention provides a crystalline higher α-olefin copolymer obtained by copolymerizing at least two higher α-olefins having 10 or more carbon atoms or at least one higher α-olefin having 10 or more carbon atoms with at least one other olefin, wherein it satisfies the following (1) to (3): (1): the content of higher α-olefin units is 50 mol % or greater,
    • (2): the melting point (Tm) which is measured, by using a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), from the melting endothermic curve obtained by maintaining the copolymer at 190° C. for 5 minutes under a nitrogen atmosphere, cooling it to −10° C. at a rate of 5° C./min, maintaining it at −10° C. for 5 minutes, and then elevating its temperature to 190° C. at 10° C./min is in the range of 20 to 100° C., and (3): in the intensity distribution of wide-angle X-ray scattering, a single peak X1 resulting from crystallization of side chains is observed at 15 deg<2θ<30 deg.

Biodegradable polylactic acid-starch flame retardant composite material and preparation method thereof

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The invention relates to a biodegradable polylactic acid-starch flame retardant composite material and a preparation method of the composite material. The composite material comprises the following components in parts by weight: 40-60 of polylactic acid, 25-40 of modified starch, 10-13 of a flame retardant, 0.5-1 of an antioxidant, 4-5 of a plasticizer, and 0.5-1 of a flame retardant synergist. The preparation method is as follows: mixing the raw materials in a high-speed mixer for 5-10min according to the formula; then extruding and pelleting by a double screw extruder, wherein the extrusion temperature is 135-155 DEG C and the screw rotation speed is 200-300r/min; and performing injection molding on the dried polylactic acid-starch flame retardant aggregates by a injection molding machine to obtain the biodegradable polylactic acid-starch flame retardant composite material. According to the invention, the prepared biodegradable polylactic acid-starch flame retardant composite material is good in biodegradability, and improves the compatibility of polylactic acid and starch, and in addition, by addition of a proper amount of flame retardant according to chemical composition of the material, the prepared composite material has biodegradability and flame retardant property at the same time.

Vehicle toll collection method and system and electronic tag

The invention discloses a vehicle toll collection method, an electronic tag and a vehicle toll collection system. The method comprises the steps that the electronic tag and a payment account are bound through a mobile terminal and then pre-authorization information is transmitted to a background server; and the electronic tag transmits passage information to the background server so that the background server can perform charging according to the passage information and perform toll deduction according to the pre-authorization information. The payment account and the electronic tag are bound, authorization of toll deduction permission of certain sum of money to the toll collection system is performed before passage of a vehicle, i.e. the pre-authorization information is transmitted to the background server and the background server performs toll settlement according to the passage information and the pre-authorization information so that the electronic tag can be directly applied to different toll collection road sections and scenes, compatibility of the electronic tag can be enhanced and the application of the electronic tag is enabled to be more convenient. The vehicle toll collection method and system and the electronic tag can be widely applied to the field of intelligent traffic.
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