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Novel energy-conserving emission reduction pseudo-classic architecture and construction method thereof

InactiveCN101457546AEliminate deforestationEliminate the destruction of vegetationBuilding roofsRoof covering using tiles/slatesRoof tileEaves
The invention relates to a novel archaized building which has the advantages of energy conservation and emission reduction and a construction method thereof. The invention is applicable to various archaized buildings, and the novel archaized building is characterized by comprising a Chinese round-ridge gabled roof 1, a gable and hip roof 2, a wall body, a flat roof eaves cap, a festoon gate, a verandah 3, a screen wall 4, a courtyard wall 5 and the like; completely based on the external shapes of the existing archaized buildings, the novel archaized building adopts lightweight steel construction as a structural support framework or a support member bar of purlins, square-columns, beams, rafters, pillars, the wall body and roofing tiles, and adopts modern construction materials such as thin steel plates, aluminium alloy plates, GRC or glass fiber reinforced plastic and the like which are made into various novel components and parts such as purlins, square-columns, pillars, the wall body and roofing tiles; factory production (including painting and colored drawing) is carried out, and the novel components and parts are assembled on-site and replace the existing traditional archaized building materials such as wooden beams, pillars, rafters, soil calcined tiles and the like as well as the retarded construction technology, thus achieving the aim of energy conservation and emission reduction, clean construction and installation, increment of working efficiency, reduction of erection time and cost reduction.

Temporary guard rail system

An improved temporary guard rail system for use by residential and commercial builders on construction sites in those areas of building structures where an accidental fall may result in serious bodily injury. In particular, the temporary guard rail system of the present invention includes a plurality of upright stanchions having mounting brackets integrally formed or attached thereto that are connected by a plurality of vertically spaced, generally horizontal side rails extending end to end. The vertically spaced side rails are adapted for 360 degree rotational movement in both horizontal and vertical planes. In addition, the tubular guard rails are fabricated in a plurality of sections that may be slideably engaged, one inside another, to provide a telescoping adjustment of length. The temporary guard rail system may be adapted and secured to various features of a building such as balconies, elevated platforms, stair cases, and the perimeter of a floor prior to the external walls or permanent protective railings being erected to prevent accidental injury. Further, the temporary guard rail system is designed and manufactured to conform to OSHA requirements for temporary guard rails. This system also provides a versatile safety device which is easy to install, easy to dismantle, and relatively inexpensive to manufacture.
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