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A slide plate is linear bearing such as may be part of the expansion joints of bridges, high temperature horizontal ducts of water-tube boilers and other mechanical or structural engineering applications. In each case one plate is fixed and the other slides on top as expansion or contraction occurs.

Adjustable width product display system

An adjustable width product display system which includes spaced-apart front and back display supports formed of an engineering plastic material, suitable for food freezer environments. Formed wire side elements, provided with transversely extending mounting portions, are slideably received in transversely disposed recesses in the plastic display supports. Each display support includes a pair of closely adjacent, parallel recesses for receiving the mounting portions in overlapping relation, providing a wide range of width adjustment to accommodate packages of different size. A wire frame, comprising a pair of elongated wire elements extending from front to back of the display system joins the two display supports in spaced relation. These wire elements also function as an underneath support for product packages confined between the side elements. Laterally adjacent elements can be connected in series by intermediate wire side supports provided with transverse mounting elements extending in opposite directions and engagable in plastic display supports on both sides. Product pusher means are easily incorporated into the product display system either in the form of a preassembled pusher device, or the use of a spring-driven pusher sled mounted on the wire elements connecting the front and back display supports. The system, is ideally suited for food freezer environment, because plastic materials are minimally present in the structure and thus can be of a suitable engineering grade material. Additionally, the open wire structure accommodates free circulation of air in a freezer compartment to help maintain the desired environment throughout the compartment.

Alternating pole-climbing robot

The invention relates to an alternating pole-climbing robot. The alternating pole-climbing robot comprises two pole body clamping mechanisms which are arranged at the top and the bottom in parallel, a vertical lifting mechanism, a working fence box with an open upper end, and an electrical control system, wherein the vertical lifting mechanism comprises a horizontal slide plate which is movably arranged at one side of the working fence box, two parallel vertical lifting screw rods, and a lifting drive device, and the lifting drive device lifts the working fence box through the lifting screw rods; and each pole body clamping mechanism comprises a horizontal transversal screw rod vertical to the slide plate, a clamping drive device, a guide device and a lever device, the clamping drive device drives the transversal screw rod, and an electric pole is clamped or released through the lever device. The alternating pole-climbing robot disclosed by the invention is capable of intelligently simulating the hands and feet of a person to alternately climb on the electric pole, carrying personnel and tools through the working fence box, and carrying out up-and-down movement on the electric pole; the alternating pole-climbing robot can cross obstacles, and carry out 360-degree horizontal rotation on the electric pole, thus facilitating electric power workers to carry out installation and overhaul working on an electricity transmission cable and equipment at different stations; and the alternating pole-climbing robot is safe, labour-saving, and capable of increasing the working efficiency.

Laser fusing and coating process of wear resistant and anticorrosion alloy coatings at surface of slide plate of railroad turnout

A laser cladding process of an exterior wear-resisting anti-corrosive alloy coating of a slide chair of a railway switch comprises processes as follows: firstly, the surface of the slide chair is pre-heated, which means the surface of the slide chair is degreased and de-rusted under room temperature; and the surface is cleaned up by alcohol; then alloy powder is prefabricated, which means iron-base, nickel-base or cobalt base alloy powders that are ready for cladding are preplaced on the processed surface of the slide chair, and a scraping straightedge provided with a rail is used for adjusting the pretreated metal powder so that the alloy powder can be distributed on the surface of the slide chair evenly and has proper thickness to meet the thick requirement of the coating after cladding; and finally, the slide chair is hardened by the laser cladding; the laser of CO2 gas is adopted; a numerical control machine is used as a working table and the surface of the slide chair is hardened by the laser cladding. The laser cladding process has the characteristics of no pollution, high production rate, low energy consumption, the little finishing allowance of cladding coating and low combined cost.

Warehousing system with simple and convenient positioning function and cargo delivery method

ActiveCN105775544ASolve the problem of not being able to walk arbitrarily on the groundSolve the costStorage devicesSlide plateControl theory
The invention relates to a warehousing system with a simple and convenient positioning function and a cargo delivery method. The system comprises a warehousing cargo shelf, a cargo pallet, a robot forklift and a robot navigation and positioning system, wherein the cargo pallet is mounted on the warehousing cargo shelf; the robot navigation and positioning system comprises a positioning device for the cargo pallet on the cargo shelf and a positioning device for an optional target point on the ground; the robot forklift can optionally walk on the ground in a non-track manner and transversely stores and takes cargoes; the robot forklift comprises a transverse cargo storing and taking device; and one end of the transverse cargo storing and taking device is mounted in a lifting chute in the robot forklift. The warehousing system is reasonable in design, while the robot forklift linearly moves in the front-back direction and the direction is not changed, transverse movement of a sliding plate replaces transverse movement of wheels to longitudinal position the cargo shelf, the problems of transverse deviation rectifying and longitudinal deviation rectifying are solved, and cargo delivery speed is increased effectively.

LED lamp

ActiveCN106678565AAutomatically control power supply plugging and unpluggingAvoid Electric Shock AccidentsElectric circuit arrangementsLight fasteningsSlide plateEngineering
The invention discloses an LED lamp. The LED lamp comprises a lamp base and a lamp holder arranged on the bottom of the lamp base. A containing cavity is formed in the bottom in the lamp base. Sliding grooves are formed in the left side and the right side of the containing cavity. Spiral rods are arranged in the sliding grooves, and the tops of the spiral rods are connected with a driver. A sliding plate is arranged in the containing cavity. The two side ends of the sliding plate extend into the sliding grooves and are in cooperation connection with threads of the spiral rods. The bottom of the sliding plate is provided with a connecting block. The bottom of the connecting block penetrates the bottom wall of the lamp base and is in sliding cooperation connection with the bottom wall of the lamp base. First grooves are symmetrically formed in the left and right in the connecting block. Counter bores are formed in the tops of the first grooves. A connecting groove is formed in a bottom end face of the connecting block. Parts, between the connecting groove and the first grooves, of the connecting block are internally provided with through grooves. The outer side wall of each through groove is symmetrically provided with second grooves. First sliding blocks are arranged in the first grooves. First tension springs are arranged between the tops of the first sliding blocks and the corresponding counter bores. The bottom of each first sliding block is provided with a sliding rod extending into the through groove. The LED lamp is simple in structure, convenient to operate, stable in insertion connection and high in safety.
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