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Goods sorting and split charging equipment and method thereof

The invention discloses an equipment for sorting and packaging goods and a method thereof, wherein, the equipment comprises turning box baskets, a box basket transporting device, a goods-providing device, a radio frequency reader, a wireless radio frequency card, an electronic control system and a system of computer information management, wherein, each box basket box has the wireless radio frequency card; a side on a stopping position of a plurality of box baskets on the box basket transporting device is provided with the goods-providing device; the radio frequency reader is arranged near the stopping positions for the box backsets on the box basket transporting device. The method comprises the following steps: A. configuring devices for the whole line and determining the brands and specifications of goods to be delivered; B. setting the information of device configuration as well as the brands and specifications of the goods; C. setting the allocation proposal; D. preparing and implementing the allocation proposal; E. starting the whole line and pre-allocation; F. inputting empty box baskets; G. applying the box baskets for delivery and allocation; H. unloading the baskets. The equipment for sorting and packaging goods has the advantages of high speed, reliable work, low operation cost, compact structure, and small land occupancy, so the invention is applicable for various goods delivery centers with different delivery requirements and scopes.

Vial filling apparatus

Apparatus for filling sterile containers is disclosed which defines an elongated but narrow sterile zone in which a number of operating stations are disposed. An elongated vertical wall is carried by an elongated frame and a cabinet type enclosure cooperates with the vertical wall to define the sterile zone. The plurality of operating stations are disposed in sequential relation over the length of the sterile zone, and an elongated container conveyor is disposed within the sterile zone to convey the containers through the plurality of operating stations. The conveyor is vertically oriented, consisting an endless belt mounted on end wheels that rotate on horizontal axes. Each of the operating stations includes an operating portion disposed within the sterile zone. Actuating means are included for each of the operating stations as well as the elongated conveyor, each of which is disposed outside the sterile zone. Connecting means operabably connect each of the actuating means outside the sterile zone through the vertical wall to the associated operating station within the sterile zone. By orienting the conveyor vertically and disposing the various actuating means outside the sterile zone in side-by-side relation, the effective width of the sterile zone is significantly reduced. As a result, the sterile zone is more easily accessed, and also more easily drained after washdown operations. In addition, the sterile zone of reduced size results in an apparatus that much easier to manufacture and maintain in a sterile state.
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