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Method for preparing bio-carrier by porous foam polymer modification

InactiveCN102786710AAdapt to fixityAdaptive performanceChemical industryDispersed particle separationCross-linkPolymer modified
The invention discloses a method for preparing a bio-carrier by porous foam polymer modification. The method is used for coating bonding modification of porous foam polymers. The method comprises the following steps of adding one or more cationized porous high-adsorptivity functional materials and one or more cationized polyhydric hydrophilic functional materials into coating modification slurry, mixing the coating modification slurry and a cationic acrylic acid emulsion, carrying out coating bonding of the mixture on one or more porous foam polymers, and carrying out cross-linking curing to obtain the modified bio-carrier having strong adsorbability, hydrophily, surface active functional group diversity, positive surface charges and strong biocompatibility. The method provided by the invention is not limited by structures, shapes, aperture sizes and physical properties of foam polymers and can be widely used for external coating modification of multiple carrier materials. The method provided by the invention has the advantages of convenient and simple operation, low investment and making cost, excellent carrier performances and long service life. The bio-carrier obtained by the method can be widely used in fields of fixed attachment of various microorganisms, and enhanced biological treatment.

Novel column-shaped three-dimensional cultivation method and device for medical dendrobium

The invention provides a novel column-shaped three-dimensional cultivation method and device for medical dendrobium. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps of making a cultivation device serving as an auxiliary article in a hollow column-shaped body structure; filling a cultivation medium in the interior cavity of the hollow column-shaped body, wherein the hollow column-shaped body is at least 0.5 m in height and at least 8 cm in diameter, the external surface of the hollow column-shaped body is uniformly provided with seedling planting areas, and a cultivation medium composition mainly comprises the following raw materials in parts by volume: 5-15 parts of barks, 10-30 parts of saw dust and 3-10 parts of vermiculite; selecting healthily-growing seedlings to be hardened and then washing the hardened seedlings during cultivating and transplanting the dendrobium seedlings; and after sterilizing by using 800-1000 times of liquid carbendazim, transplanting the seedlings in different plant bunches according to the seedling planting areas, wherein row spaces of the transplanted plants are 4-6 cm*10-15 cm. Compared with the prior art, the cultivation method provided by the invention is very suitable for growth habits of the wild medical dendrobium; and the medical dendrobium cultivated by using the invention has the advantages of easiness for material obtaining, low cost, long service life, good water retention and fertilizer securing effects, high planting density, land utilization rate capable of being increased by 6-7 times, high and stable yield, good product quality and convenience for management.
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