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In agriculture and gardening transplanting or replanting is the technique of moving a plant from one location to another. Most often this takes the form of starting a plant from seed in optimal conditions, such as in a greenhouse or protected nursery bed, then replanting it in another, usually outdoor, growing location. This is common in market gardening and truck farming, where setting out or planting out are synonymous with transplanting. In the horticulture of some ornamental plants, transplants are used infrequently and carefully because they carry with them a significant risk of killing the plant.

Transplanting method of big camphor trees

A transplanting method of big camphor trees comprises selection of the big camphor trees, transplanting, transplanting transportation of trees, planting and planting management. Particularly, the angle of a planting sunny side cannot be deviated by over 10 degrees, root irrigation is performed by using ABT rooting powder, microorganism fertilizer, bactericide liquid chemical and the like which are used in backfill soil according to a fixed proportion, and 1-naphthylacetic acid alcohol water solution of 100-200ppm is used for irrigation after planting of the big camphor trees. The special technical processing of camphor transplanting is that 1-naphthylacetic acid auxin of 0.01-0.03% is added to used mud, the theory of a big wiping head and a big soil ball is adopted, 1-naphthylacetic acid rooting powder is added to the root portions during transplanting, leaves are picked instantly after planting, a blade surface agent is sprayed to new leaves, and originality is provided in the overwintering and antifreezing aspects. By means of the transplanting method, transplanting survival rate of the camphor trees with the tree age below 20 years is over 99%, and transplanting survival rate of the camphor trees with the tree age over 20 years is over 95%. The transplanting method of the big camphor trees can be suitable for transplanting of big trees and old trees under the conditions of other different altitudes, longitudes and latitudes, climate and the like.
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Orchid aseptic sowing and test tube seedling propagation method and broad-spectrum culture medium adopted

The invention discloses a breeding method for aseptic seeding and test tube seedling formation of orchids and the adopted broad-spectrum culture medium. In this method, a healthy orchid mother plant is selected, and artificially pollinated when it blooms, and the fruit that develops to maturity after pollination and has not cracked is used as an explant, or the orchid fruit that is basically mature and not cracked is taken from the wild as an explant. Implants undergo reproductive steps such as aseptic sowing, seed germination, strong seedling cultivation, and test-tube seedling transplantation. The specially prepared medium is used for aseptic sowing and seed germination to obtain small plants, and then the small plants are cultivated on the specially prepared strong seedling medium, and the seedlings are hardened under natural light in the greenhouse for 7-14 hours before being released from the bottle. One day, the test-tube seedlings were taken out, the root medium was washed off, and they were planted in a mixed substrate of bark, bluestone and peat, and further cultivated into seedlings. The invention has the characteristics of high seed germination rate, fast seedling growth, good seedling quality, low cost, etc., can obtain a large number of test-tube seedlings in a short period of time, and the transplanting survival rate of the seedlings can be kept above 90%. An effective way can be provided for the production of orchid seedlings.

Big seedling transplanting method for inshore saline-alkali land

InactiveCN102057854ASolve the problem of low transplant survival ratePromote growthPlantingForestryAlkali soilTree trunk
The invention relates to a big seedling transplanting method for an inshore saline-alkali land. The method is characterized in that: the optimal time for transplanting big trees in inshore regions is spring. The method comprises the following steps of: selecting a region with soil salt content of over 0.3 percent, and paving a filter layer; installing blind pipes; backfilling original soil doped with 1/4 to 1/3 cow dung or straws; irrigating with great water to remove salt and reduce alkali, wherein the water quantity is 120 cubes per mu; cutting and trimming roots in a mode of 'cutting the main root and keeping capillary roots' in one year earlier; lifting and transporting; planting in a depth which is 10 to 15 centimeters higher than the original trunk planting earth surface line position; and performing daily management. The method has the advantages of effectively reducing underground water level, providing favorable conditions for reducing slat and improving alkali, providing an appropriate environment for the growth of plants, remarkably promoting the growth of roots of big seedlings, enhancing the growth vigor, achieving the seedling survival rate of over 90 percent and effectively solving the problem of low survival rate of the transplanted big seedlings in the saline-alkali regions.

Planting method of Chinese trichosanthes

The invention relates to a planting method of Chinese trichosanthes, belonging to the technical field of plantation and comprising the steps of: variety breeding, seedling reproduction, transplanting, field management, disease and pest control, harvesting and processing, wherein the variety breeding step includes the sub-steps of the tests in different production places, amplification and verification tests, resistance test, field pest investigation and trichosanthes nematode control; the seedling reproduction step includes the sub-steps of seed reproduction and root reproduction; the transplanting step includes the sub-steps of land selection and preparation, ridging, reproduction and planting, planting method implementation and field management; the land selection and preparation step includes the sub-steps of detection on chemical characteristic of soil, basic fertilizer application and disinfection; the reproduction and planting step includes the sub-steps of seed bud selection, rood cutting and breeding, planting and shed putting up; the planting method implementation step includes the sub-steps of planning density control and staminiferous plant matching; the filed management step includes the sub-steps of intertillagement and weeding, top application, shed putting up, pruning and cold prevention, in particular to intertillagement and weeding, root airing, intercrop, earthing, vine supporting and racking, top application, pruning, flower and fruit protection, chemical control and foliage application; and the disease and pest control step includes the sub-steps of control of diseases and pest and control method implementation.

Comprehensive treatment agent for soda alkaline land and use method thereof

The invention discloses a soda saline-alkali land comprehensive treatment agent and a use method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of control agents for improving moderate and severe soda salinization. The comprehensive treatment agent consists of a modifier and an organic fertilizer, wherein, components of the modifier comprise humic acid, zeolite, a acid conditioner, fly ash and furfural residue; and the components of the organic fertilizer comprise fermented chicken manure, crushed straw and wood vinegar liquid. The comprehensive treatment agent is applied at 13-17t per 1 hectare of saline-alkali land before harrowing and transplanting. The action mechanism of the soda saline alkali land comprehensive treatment agent integrate physical and chemical functions of chemical salifying, complexing, neutralizing, ion exchange, adsorption, desorption, passivation, fixing, preventing salt accumulation, emulsion breaking and like; which increase CEC by times, desorbs and leaches base and basic group in soil, significantly decrease the pH value, greatly reduce soluble Na ions; and a formed anti-salt accumulation plow pan structure really takes effect of 'salt isolation' and 'alkali decrease', thus realizing rice harvest in the same year of construction and cultivation.

Method for constructing shrub and grass plant communities on rocky slope and application thereof

ActiveCN102498875ASeed arrangmentsHorticultureRocky shorePlant community
The invention discloses a method for constructing shrub and grass plant communities on a rocky slope, which organically integrates the soil replacement technology, the surface covering technology, the planting technology, the transplanting technology and the like. The method is characterized in that firstly, an external soil layer is constructed on the surface of the rocky slope by means of net suspending and soil spraying and used as a soil foundation for plant growth, transplanting holes are reserved in the external soil layer and prepared for transplanting of shrub seedlings; secondly, plant blankets (or plant strips) are laid on the surface of the external soil layer, seeds of herbaceous plants, fertilizer for the herbaceous plants and the like are inlaid in the plant blankets (or plant strips), and accordingly, sprouting and growth of the herbaceous plants are guaranteed while coverage of the herbaceous plants is controlled, and soil water evaporation can be reduced and slope soil loss can be prevented; and thirdly, the cultured shrub seedlings are planted in the transplanting holes, competition and livability of the transplanted shrub seedlings can be improved, and the shrubs are ensured to be dominant species in the slope plant communities. By the method, slope vegetation coverage can be quickly recovered, and livability and stability of artificial plant communities on the rocky slope are improved.

Automatic aeroponic vegetable planting and harvesting production line

The invention relates to an automatic aeroponic vegetable planting and harvesting production line which is composed of a sowing and seedling hastening workshop, a planting and transplanting workshop, a sunlight planting greenhouse, a harvesting and packaging workshop, a cleaning workshop and a planting frame conveying system. The sowing and seedling hastening workshop is used for sowing vegetable seeds in planting sponges and cultivating the seeds into seedlings. The planting and transplanting workshop is used for transplanting the seedlings to planting plates and placing the planting plates onto planting frames. The sunlight planting greenhouse is used for growth of the seedlings. The harvesting and packaging workshop is used for harvesting, packaging and transporting ripe vegetables. The cleaning workshop is used for recycling and cleaning the planting plates. The planting frame conveying system is used for transporting vegetables between the planting and transplanting workshop, the sunlight planting greenhouse and the harvesting and packaging workshop. The automatic aeroponic vegetable planting and harvesting production line integrates sowing, breeding, transplanting, culturing, harvesting, packaging and logistics, and is complete in function, stable and reliable in performance, high in automation degree, capable of meeting the planting requirements of different vegetables, convenient to use and high in applicability.

Organic tobacco field planting and field managing method

The invention discloses an organic tobacco field planting and field managing method, which comprises the following steps: preparing land and ridging, transplanting tobacco seedlings, applying fertilizer in fields, performing field management and pest control, and harvesting manually, wherein the section of a ridge is ladder-shaped, the ridge spacing is 100-120cm, the ridge height is 20-25cm, drainage ditches are formed according to the height of terrain, the tobacco seedlings are transplanted with the plant spacing of 45-55cm, watered with enough water, covered with soil, and covered with a mulching film, and the mulching film is broken to expose the seedlings, base fertilizer is applied before ridging and during the transplanting and topdressing is applied after the transplanting, the field management comprises seedling deficiency check and seedling supplementation, film removal, earthing up, water replenishing, topping, leaf retention and sprout removal, and the pest control comprises comprehensive control and chemical control. According to the organic tobacco plantation and management requirements, organic fertilizer is adopted, and a harmless medicament or biological agent is used for the pest control, so that the organic production of the tobacco is realized. Compared with the regular tobacco production method, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, copper, chromium and other harmful elements as well as the residual quantities of imidacloprid, emamectin benzoate, permethrin, fenvalerate, thiamethoxam and other main pesticides can be obviously reduced.

Direct sowing culture method of rice

The invention discloses a direct sowing culture method of rice. The direct sowing culture method comprises the steps: (1) selection of variety; (2) land preparation; (3) treatment of seed; (4) sowing; (5) management of emergence period; and (6) harvesting in time. The direct sowing culture method of the rice provided by the invention has the following advantages: (1) the working procedures are simple and convenient; human power is saved; and the effect is high; manpower can be saved by 45-70 persons per hour and square meter; the cost is saved by about 450 yuan per hour and square meter; and the labor productivity is raised by about 30%; (2) rice seedling raising and transplanting procedures can be reduced, thus mechanical sowing is convenient; (3) rice seedling bed is unnecessary, so that the planting area of grains and commercial crops can be expanded; and the cropping index can be improved; (4) root damage due to seedling pull-up and green turning process after transplanting can be avoided; the rice is tillered earlier, and the growth and development are faster; and (5) the cultivation characteristics of the direct sowing rice include developed root system, healthy and strong plant, strong disease resistance and large number of productive ear. The method is suitable for planting rice for villages.

Method for cultivating cherry seedlings

The invention provides a method for cultivating cherry seedlings. The method includes the following steps of collecting and processing seeds, sowing the seeds in nutrition pots in a plastic tunnel, performing managing after sowing, training the seedlings and transplanting the seedlings into a big field. According to the method, the temperature and the humidity for sprouting of the seeds are improved manually, the problem that the seeds do not sprout because of drought and water loss can be avoided effectively, in addition, the seedlings are prevented from the influences of adverse weather such as low temperature and late frost in spring after seedling emergence, good growing environment is provided for the seedlings, and the seedlings come out about one mouth earlier than seedlings sown in the big field. Hill-seeding is performed in the nutrition pots, the emergence rate reaches above 97%, more than ten thousand seedlings can be obtained from 1kg seeds in a hill-seeding mode, however, more than ten thousand seedlings can be obtained from 3-5kg seeds sown in the big field in a drill seeding mode, and the utilization rate of the seeds can be improved by 3-5 times. The height of the seedlings is 10-15cm during transplanting, the seedlings are higher than the seedlings sown in the big field by 3-5cm, transplanting is performed according the same row spacing, the seedlings are grown evenly in land for tree nursery, management is convenient, the seedlings can grow into high-quality big seedlings, and therefore the emergence rate and the seed utilization rate of seedling cultivation are improved more effectively and the seedling cultivation purpose that the seeds are sown in a high-quality and high-efficiency mode is achieved.

Automatic silicon rod bonding production line

The invention relates to an automatic silicon rod bonding production line which solves the problems that the labor intensity of operators is high, the production efficiency is extremely low, the production rhythm cannot be guaranteed, and the continuous production is seriously influenced in the prior art. The automatic silicon rod bonding production line comprises a conveying line and a conveying tray and is characterized in that an automatic crystal support loading unit, a crystal support cleaning unit, a crystal support gluing unit, an automatic glass loading unit, a glass pressurizing unit, a glass cleaning unit, an online glass gluing unit, an automatic silicon rod loading unit and an automatic unloading unit are sequentially along the conveying direction of the conveying line, wherein the automatic crystal support loading unit comprises a sliding loading device and an intelligent transplanting device; the automatic glass loading unit comprises a double-station glass loading device and a loading manipulator; the automatic silicon rod loading unit comprises a loading conveying device and a double-claw transplanting device; and the automatic unloading unit comprises a transplanting platform and a transplanting manipulator. The automatic silicon rod bonding production line reasonable in design, compact in structure, high in degree of automation and capable of realizing full mechanical loading, conveying and unloading and continuous production.

Chinese rose water planting cutting propagation method

A Chinese rose water planting cutting propagation method belongs to the field of research on plant propagation and aims to solve the problems that in Chinese rose cutting, the humidity and temperature are hard to control, a cutting base substrate easily carries diseases and insect pests, the cutting nutrition is quickly consumed and the like. The method can realize the cutting propagation annually, is good in environment controllability and has the survival rate of more than 95%. The method comprises the steps of selection and processing of cutting slips, preparation of a nutrient solution, water planting, daily management and seedling hardening and transplanting. The cutting slips are cut by 10-15cm, and are soaked in a 500-diluted 30% carbendazin emulsion for 5-15 minutes, the lower parts of the cutting slips are soaked in a 30-50mg/Kg ABT NO.2 rooting powder solution for 2-4 hours, are placed into a self-made cutting box, and are cultured by a 1/2 Hoagland nutrient solution of which the temperature is 20-25 DEG C, the cutting slips are aerated by 2-3 times every day, the nutrient solution is replaced every 7 days, when cutting seedling roots grow to 1-2cm long, the cutting slips are transplanted into a field, and are watered once every day, the watering frequency is gradually reduced after four days, direct light is avoided, and the cutting slips can survive in 8-10 days.

One-time nitrogen supply and fertilizer application method capable of improving applied nitrogen fertilizer effect of cured tobacco

InactiveCN102007843AStrong continuous nitrogen supply capacityEnhanced long-lasting nitrogen supply performanceFertilising methodsHorticultureRidgeHigh heat
The invention relates to a one-time nitrogen supply and fertilizer application method capable of improving applied nitrogen fertilizer effect of cured tobacco. The method is characterized in that: organic fertilizer decomposed cake fertilizer, decomposed pig manure, inorganic potassium nitrate fertilizer, special compound fertilizer for the cured tobacco and calcium superphosphate are used as base fertilizers; the fertilizers are applied in holes uniformly at the same day of transplanting the cured tobacco, tobacco ridges are covered by using a double-color plastic film, furrows of the tobacco ridges are connected with a drainage ditch, and the nitrogen amount of the organic fertilizer is 55 to 65 percent of the nitrogen amount of the base fertilizers; the nitrogen amount of the inorganic fertilizer is reduced by 45 to 55 percent according to the nitrogen amount of the inorganic fertilizers of the local base fertilizers and additional fertilizers, wherein the nitrogen of the potassium nitrate form accounts for 55 to 63 percent; in 25 to 35 days after the cured tobacco is transplanted, the film is uncovered, soil dressing is performed, and first top dressing is performed by using potassium sulfate and adopting a spraying mode; and second top dressing is performed in 40 to 45 days after transplanting, and third top dressing is performed after topping. In the method, the utilization rate of the cured tobacco nitrogen fertilizer is improved by 30 to 70 percent compared with the traditional fertilizer application, and the agricultural utilization rate of the cured tobacco nitrogen element is improved by 63 to 176 percent compared with the conventional fertilizer application; and the method is suitable for southern high-temperature rainy tobacco regions such as Guangdong and the like.

Method of gesture rapid start for touch screen mobile phone

The invention discloses a method of gesture rapid start for a touch screen mobile phone, comprising the following steps that, firstly, a system bottom layer monitors a touch pressing event and a gesture start delimitation region exiting in a current interface, and when the position of the touch pressing event is judged to be arranged in the gesture start delimitation region according to a coordinate of the touch pressing event, a gesture recognition engine is arranged in a working state; secondly, the system bottom layer inputs coordinates of all touch mobile track points monitored before thegesture operation is finished into the gesture recognition engine, the gesture recognition engine acquires a gesture recognition result according to the input coordinates of all the touch mobile track points, and the system bottom layer calls the gesture recognition result; and thirdly, the system bottom layer inquires a rapid application corresponding to the recognition result in a gesture association database and executes the corresponding operation step. The method has the advantages of simpleness, high efficiency, easiness in transplanting and high expandability; and with the adoption of the method, the user experience can be greatly improved, and the mobile phone competitive power can be strengthened.

Sandy pool Apostichopus japonicus ecological regulation and cultivation method

The invention relates to an ecological trepang culture method in silt sandy ponds in coastlands, which belongs to the aquaculture field. The method comprises the steps of setting a pond, setting trepang reefs, disinfect the pond, controlling feed water, cultivating feedstuff, stocking young trepang and managing culture. The feedstuff culture which is performed in April to May comprises the following steps: firstly, transplanting benthic diatom in a height of 0.8 to 1 m feed water depth in the pond in the prior period, with 5 to 10 L of benthic diatom liquid per Chinese acre; secondly, transplanting ruppia maritime and amphilhoe japonice, especially, integrally transplanting ruppia maritime through pulling up by the roots according to the quantity of 5 to 15m per square meter, and transplanting amphilhoe japonica according to the quantity of 1.5 to 3 kg per Chinese acre after the transplanting of ruppia maritime; thirdly, poly-culturing mussel organism; fourthly, feeding water to the pond to the depth of 3 to 4 m, and stocking prawns according to the quantity of 500 to 1500 per Chinese acre. In the method of the invention, ecological feedstuff is adopted for transplanting and polyculture, therefore, not only the cost of artificial feedstuff is saved, but also the natural ecological environment is created for trepang culture.

Quick reproduction method of grape grafting seedlings

The invention discloses a rapid propagation method of grape grafted seedlings. The winter grape hard branch is taken as a rootstock and a scion. Through an appropriate temperature, the graft union is firstly in thermal synthesis. Afterwards the rootstock surface is heated for the callus of the graft union. A medicament with an proper formula is adopted for the dipping of the injured face to facilitate the healing of the graft union and the wound healing and rooting of the rootstock lower part, in which the step is that the first is the rootstock branch treatment, the second is the ear shoot treatment, the third is the inlaying grafting and connecting of the rootstock branch and ear shoot, as well as the ear opening bandaging, the fourth is the heat wound healing of the graft union, the fifth is the wound healing and rooting of the rootstock opening, the sixth is the transplanting and container transplanting seedling. The invention is simple and practical with convenient operation, short seedling cycle which only needs 1 to 8 months, high survival rate which can be more than 90%, low production cost, strong seedling growth, long growth period, fully aging branches and tendrils and good seedling quality, thereby the mechanical large-scale factory production is facilitated.
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