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Human power is work or energy that is produced from the human body. It can also refer to the power (rate of work per time) of a human. Power comes primarily from muscles, but body heat is also used to do work like warming shelters, food, or other humans.

Centralized monitoring and managing system for optical cable resources

The invention relates to a centralized monitoring and managing system for optical cable resources. A system structure based on two stages of monitoring and managing platforms and a layer of monitoring and operating platform is at least regulated and controlled by the two stages of monitoring centers of a province and city stage and a region stage, and the monitoring of various modes of optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) test, light power test, linking test thereof and the like is also provided to an optical fiber in use or a standby fiber in an optical fiber network at an executing lay by a plurality of monitoring stations correspondingly. The system also provides an abundant system managing function; especially, a resource topology drawing of an entire network can be drawn according to the configuration parameter of the system; and the operation of quick and accurate positioning during maintenance and fault examination is assisted by utilizing a geographic information system (GIS) technology. Therefore, according to the system disclosed by the invention, the expense of manpower and financial resources for maintenance and management can be effectively reduced, and the time of fault diagnosis and treatment is effectively shortened, so that the safe and stable running of the entire network is ensured.

Water surface floating plant fishing device

The invention discloses a water surface floating plant fishing device, which comprises a stander, a power mechanism, a fishing mechanism (1), a cutting mechanism and a compression collecting mechanism. The fishing mechanism (1) is positioned at one end of the stander; the cutting mechanism is positioned in the middle of the stander; the compression collecting mechanism is positioned under the cutting mechanism and fixed at one end of a bottom beam (11) of the stander; and the power mechanism drives the fishing mechanism, the cutting mechanism and the compression collecting mechanism through a chain wheel. The fished aquatic plant is conveyed into a cutting box (9); a bevel gear (16) drives a cutter (4) to do vertical reciprocating motion through a cam shaft (20) to cut the aquatic plant; the cut aquatic plant is compressed through the reciprocating motion of a compression plate (22); and the intermittent motion of a movable bottom plate (39) under the compression box is realized through an incomplete gear (10) so that the compressed aquatic plant falls into a collecting device. The device integrates fishing, cutting, compressing and collecting, replaces manual fishing, is suitable for various water aircrafts, and has the characteristics of high efficiency and convenient use.

Leaning recumbent tricycle

A human-powered recumbent tricycle with an articulated frame that permits leaning of the single-wheeled front sub-frame (10) during turns. While the seat (20) and pedal crank (18) move the driver's body with the leaning front sub-frame (10), the two-wheeled rear sub-frame (71) carries the handlebar (90) for optimum driver control of vehicular orientation. Steering of the front wheel (16) is accomplished by two cables (60L, 60R) within housings (61L, 61R) that provide immunity from distortions caused by articulation (100) rotations during leaning. Front wheel (16) drive utilizes a universal joint hub (30) for continuous power drive and no chain (40, 50) twist throughout the full turning radius. High seat (20) height and narrow wheelspan of the two rear wheels (80L, 80R) provide for improved visibility and traffic penetration on congested urban streets. A low cargo rack (75) is provided such that carrying cargo lowers the overall center of gravity and increases vehicular stability. Since the front wheel (16) drive system is self-contained within the front sub-frame (10), the rear sub-frame (70) is interchangeable with other rear sub-frame (70) configurations; whereby this modular system can create vehicles for personal transportation, delivery, pedicabs, flat-bed trucks, and other custom needs; all with the same front drive sub-frame (10).

Device for online warning freezing and swing of transmission line

The present invention discloses an online early warning device of the ice coating and throwing about the electric transmission line. The early warning device consists of a data collecting terminal, a wireless communication base station and a specialist analyzing device. The data collecting terminal includes a solar battery board for charging the storage battery, and the insulator collecting signals are input into each sensor, a pretreatment unit, a central data processing unit, a transmitting and receiving unit of a wireless communication base station, a transmitting wireless communication device, a transmitting and receiving unit and a computer of the specialist analyzing device. The combination of the units is reasonable and the using of the device is convenient, the data is transmitted through the wireless relay, GSM, CDMA network and the security of the line is known by combining the parameters of the spot image, the temperature, the humidity, the wind speed, the wind direction and the weight of the guide line and the extent of throwing about. The over-standard electric transmission line is alarmed in time for directing the examining, repairing and preventing. 50-20000Hz signals can be detected; the power consumption is 3mA; the manpower, material resources and time can be saved and the device can be widely used on the high-pressure electric transmission lines.

Automatic detection device for quality of brake pad

The invention discloses an automatic detection device for the quality of a brake pad, which comprises a brake pad delivery mechanism, a multi-point automatic knocking module, a sound acquisition processing module and a brake pad screening module. A brake pad delivery module adopts a narrow conveyor belt to transmit the brake pad to a rear sound acquisition and screening part. A brake pad upward supporting device upward supports the brake pad transported to the knocked position to the position below a knocking hammer and ensures that the brake pad is exactly knocked by the knocking hammer, the multi-point automatic knocking hammer automatically and orderly knocks a plurality of position points, a sound signal is acquired by a pickup of the sound acquisition processing module and enters a computer for processing to judge the quality of the brake pad, and finally the screening module is used to reject the brake pad with defective quality according to a processing result. The device can quickly, automatically and accurately screen brake pads with defective quality, save a large quantity of manpower and material resources, and also avoid the error detection phenomenon of manual detection. The device can also be used for detecting the quality of other workpieces.

Big data analysis based intelligent greenhouse control system and method

The invention discloses a big data analysis based intelligent greenhouse control system and method. The system includes an air temperature and humidity sensor, a light intensity sensor, a carbon dioxide sensor, a soil temperature and humidity sensor, an equipment driving module, a CC2530, a ZigBee/WiFi gateway, a cloud server and a network camera; the air temperature and humidity sensor, the light intensity sensor, the carbon dioxide sensor and the soil temperature and humidity sensor are used for collecting the environment information of a greenhouse; the equipment driving module is used for adjusting the environment parameters of the greenhouse; the network camera is used for collecting the growth pictures of crops in the greenhouse; the CC2530 sends a control instruction to the equipment driving module; the equipment driving module transmits the control instruction to a ventilating fan, a sprinkling irrigation facility and a light supplementary lamp/light shading curtain, so that the environment parameters in the greenhouse can be adjusted; and the cloud server determines the growth demands of the crops according to the collected crop growth pictures, an information processing decision system and a convolutional neural network model. Through the growth environment demands of the planted crops analyzed based on big data and equipment that can automatically control and adjust the environment parameters according to the growth environment demands of the crops, manpower costs can be greatly saved, and the output of the crops can be enhanced.

Electronic car queuing system and method based on position

The invention relates to a electronic car queuing system and method based on a position, can prevent frequent starting and moving of a car when drivers wait for passengers and queue up, and can also realize the human-based management of queuing taxies. The electronic car queuing system is at least formed by a vehicle-mounted terminal, a number calling terminal and a background dispatching center, wherein the vehicle-mounted terminal and the background dispatching center are communicated in a bidirectional manner in a wireless manner; the vehicle-mounted terminal sends position information to the background dispatching center and receives queuing information sent by the background dispatching center; the number calling terminal is used for sending a number calling instruction to the background dispatching center and receiving dispatching information sent by the background dispatching center. The electronic car queuing system and method based on the position have the advantages that a queuing lane does not need to be specially arranged for the taxies during passenger waiting, and the drivers can easily and effectively queue up; the loss and the oil consumption of the cars are reduced and management manpower resources of a passenger waiting region can also be reduced; and therefore, the environmental pollution caused by frequency starting the queuing taxies is avoided.

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) electricity separating system and electricity separating method based on dynamic environment monitoring

The invention relates to an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) electricity separating system and an electricity separating method based on dynamic environment monitoring. The electricity separating system comprises a UPS operation data acquisition analyzing device, a UPS accumulator capacity analyzing device, a UPS electricity separating control device and a power supply output device. The UPS operation data acquisition analyzing device is used for analyzing and processing original data so as to carry out monitoring through calling a distal data collector to collect needed original data, and comprises a UPS basic operation parameter acquisition module, a UPS operation control parameter acquisition module and a UPS operation protecting parameter acquisition module. The UPS accumulator capacity analyzing device is used for analyzing and processing UPS accumulator capacity data. The UPS electricity separating control device is used for carrying out pertinence electricity separating control on power supply equipment according to the monitoring information. The power supply output device is used for separating electricity for the power supply equipment. The invention solves the problems of noise jamming and unstable voltage, realizes online UPS failure diagnosis by utilizing dynamic environment monitoring, finds failure, gives an alarm and saves the economic cost and the manual cost.
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