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Damage-tolerance testing method for lower wall panel of airplane outboard wing

The invention pertains to airplane fatigue and damage-tolerance testing technologies, and relates to a damage-tolerance testing method for a lower wall panel of an airplane outboard wing. The method comprises the steps of: (I) fabricating a test part, (II) conducting a test and (III) calculating finite element. The method considers test room and technique conditions in the design of the test part and utilizes the test part with simple structure to reflect the complicated structure of the lower wall panel, thereby not only ensuring the realness of a load path and structural characteristics, but also being beneficial to the easy implementation of the test; when cracks are prefabricated, the damage of single part as well as the damage of a plurality of parts are considered, thereby being beneficial to the study of the lower wall panel with widely distributed damage; finite element software is used for conducting comparison analysis and calculating a variation curve with crack propagation of an overall correction factor; comparison analysis is conducted to a convex plate; the method is perfected by combining with testing results; and a correction factor of the finite element method is given, thus providing technical support for the damage tolerance analysis of the part.

Block chain-based investigation payment platform

The invention discloses a block chain-based investigation payment platform. The platform comprises an investigation module, a user side module and a payment module, wherein the investigation module isused for storing investigation contents published by different investigation publishers and payment information corresponding to the different investigation contents; the investigation contents and the corresponding payment information are written into a block chain in an intelligent contract form; the user side module is connected with the block chain and is used for receiving data transmitted by the investigation module; the payment module is connected with the block chain and is used for generating payment costs according to the search contents and the corresponding payment information after users complete operations of the user side module, and transmitting the payment costs and corresponding virtual currencies to block chain accounts of the users through the block chain so as to complete the payment of investigation rewards; and the investigation module, the user side module and the payment module are connected through the block chain. According to the investigation payment platform provided by the invention, when the investigation participators obtain reliable investigation rewards, personal account information of the investigation participators are not leaked, so that the confidence, for participating investigation behaviors, of the investigation participators is strengthened.

Block chain all-in-one machine for realizing data chaining

The invention discloses a block chain all-in-one machine for realizing data chaining. The block chain all-in-one machine comprises a flash memory, a micro-control unit, a substrate, a universal serialbus connection module and a wireless communication module; a data acquisition program for acquiring workstation data, a block chain application program and a private key and a public key of the blockchain all-in-one machine are stored in the flash memory; the micro-control unit executes the program stored in the flash memory so as to obtain the data of the work station and control the uplink ofthe data; the substrate is provided with a system bus used for communication between the micro-control unit and the flash memory and an external device bus used for communication between the micro-control unit and an external device. The universal serial bus connection module is connected with the work station and is also connected with the micro-control unit through an external equipment bus; thewireless communication module is connected with the micro-control unit through an external device bus, and the wireless communication module is used for transmitting data to the block chain network.The blockchain all-in-one machine provided by the invention can ensure the authenticity of the uplink data.

Environment monitoring laboratory management information system and operating method thereof

The invention discloses an environment monitoring laboratory management information system and an operating method thereof. A plan management platform maintains an environment monitoring task plan. A task generating device obtains the environment monitoring task plan to generate an environment monitoring task comprising a sample collection sub-task and a sample analysis sub-task. A tag generating device generates sample identification tags for samples needing to be collected by the sample collection sub-task. A task issuing device issues the sample collection sub-task and the sample analysis sub-task of the environment monitoring task to a sampling platform and an analysis platform respectively. The sampling platform carries out sampling on site according to the sample collection sub-task, and binds the samples with the corresponding sample identification tags. A sample management platform completes sample switching on the basis of the sample identification tags. The analysis platform takes samples from the sample management platform and analyzes the samples according to the corresponding sample analysis sub-task to obtain analysis data which are fed back to an execution result processing platform. The execution result processing platform conducts corresponding processing on the task analysis result.

Tunnel lining water pressure monitoring system testing device and testing method

The invention discloses a tunnel lining water pressure monitoring system testing device. The device comprises a box body and a tunnel model fixed in the box body. Two ends of the tunnel body are communicated with the outside world. An outer wall of the tunnel model and an inner wall of the box body form an enclosed space. The enclosed space is filled with a surrounding rock model. The box body isintercommunicated with a water tank through utilization of water inlet pipes. Drainage valves are set on the box body. Displacement meters are set on the outer wall of the tunnel model. Piezometric tubes are buried in the surrounding rock model. The piezometric tubes extend outside of the box body and are connected with pressure gages. The tunnel model comprises permeable and waterproof tunnel models. The invention also discloses a testing method based on the tunnel lining water pressure monitoring system testing device. The invention aims at providing the tunnel lining water pressure monitoring system testing device and the testing method, for the problem that according to an existing water pressure monitoring system, effectiveness of the device and accuracy of monitoring data are not tested in advance. The effectiveness and accuracy of a tunnel lining water pressure monitoring system can be ensured.

Implementation method of commodity anti-counterfeiting verification platform based on block chain structure

The invention discloses an implementation method of a commodity anti-counterfeiting verification platform based on a block chain structure, which comprises the steps of giving a serial number to a commodity, generating a public key and a private key of the commodity, and uploading the public key to a block chain background network; uploading the serial number and a bar code of the commodity to theblock chain background network, and stamping a timestamp; respectively printing the date when a DTS receives a file in the timestamp and the serial number and bar code of the commodity on the corresponding commodity, and enabling the date when the DTS receives a file in the timestamp to serve as the actual production date of the commodity; converting the private key into a two-dimensional code, attaching the two-dimensional code to the commodity, and coating the two-dimensional code with an anti-counterfeiting scratch layer; and scanning the two-dimensional code of the commodity by a consumerby means of a consumer client, sending the private key to the block chain background network for performing verification with the public key of the commodity, generating a verification character, loading the verification character to the block chain, and stamping the verified timestamp. The implementation method has the characteristics of simple and convenient anti-counterfeiting operation, excellent anti-counterfeiting performance, open and transparent information and the like.

Degree storage method, degree query method, and computer storage medium

Embodiments of the present invention provide a degree storage method, a degree inquiry method, and a computer storage medium. The record of formal schooling storage method comprises the following steps: receiving the record of formal schooling data uplink request sent by the record of formal schooling data input platform through the bottom platform interface of the federation block chain; Encapsulating the academic degree data to be linked included in the academic degree data uplink request, and signing the encapsulated academic degree data by using the private key of the user to generate a block generation request associated with the academic degree data; Initiating the block generation request to all nodes in the federated block chain to enable all nodes to verify the signature of the academic data carried in the block generation request by using the public key of the current node respectively; If the signature verification of the degree data passes and all nodes reach a consensus onthe block generation request, a new block requested by the block generation request is generated locally, and the degree data is stored in the local database. The embodiment of the invention improvesthe authentication efficiency and can fully reflect the learning experience of the user.

Solar-coal contribution degree evaluation method and electric power distribution system of solar-coal complementary power station

The invention discloses a solar-coal contribution degree evaluation method and an electric power distribution system of a solar-coal complementary power station in the technical field of electrical power system new energy power generation and electric power distribution. The system comprises a solar side device and a thermal power side device, wherein the solar side device and the thermal power side device are connected with a decentralized control sub-system respectively. The system further comprises a solar-coal contribution degree evaluation sub-system, a cloud resource center, a grid company distribution sub-system and a power plant centralized control room, wherein the decentralized control sub-system, the solar-coal contribution degree evaluation sub-system, the cloud resource center and the grid company distribution sub-system are connected with the power plant centralized control room in sequence. The method includes the steps of obtaining basis data, computing solar power generation quantity in different methods, and determining final solar power generation quantity according to computation results and schemes. The solar-coal contribution degree evaluation method and the electric power distribution system provide full and accurate reference for making grid purchase price subsidy policies of the solar-coal complementary power station.

Method for detecting microRNA (microribonucleic acid) on basis of rolling circle amplification and upconversion material

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The invention relates to a method and kit for detecting microRNA (microribonucleic acid). The method comprises the following steps: adding a microRNA detection probe into a microRNA-containing system so that the terminal region of the probe is combined with the target microRNA in a base pairing mode, and adding a T4 DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) ligase so that the 3' end of the probe is connected with the 5' end to form a cyclic structure; adding a DNA primer of which the 5' end is modified with biotin, adding a Phi 29 DNA polymerase, and carrying out rolling circle amplification; after the amplification finishes, adding streptavidin magnetic beads into a system to be detected, taking with a ferromagnet, and eluting; adding a DNA-modified upconversion material into the system to be detected so that the single-chain DNA on the upconversion material is combined with the primer DNA taken by the magnetic beads in a base pairing mode; incubating, adsorbing the magnetic beads with the ferromagnet, eluting to remove the unpaired upconversion material, and outputting the left magnetic-bead-adsorbed upconversion material part as a signal; and finally, exciting by using 980nm exciting light on a fluorescence spectrophotometer, and detecting the microRNA content by using the obtained fluorescence signal of the upconversion material.
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