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Health club exercise records system

A health club exercise records system in which members to the health club are given a handheld device that is pre-programmed by the trainer or health club operator to record different exercise activities. The handheld device includes a built-in numeric keypad, a display monitor, and optical reader designed to communicate with a compatible ID tag located on or in the vicinity of the exercise activity data source. Loaded into the working memory of the handheld device is a pre-programmed exercise data collection program. The exercise data collection program displays one or more sub-routines to the member requesting the member to input information regarding the exercise. The sub-routines are specific to the exercise activity data source and present one or more prompts requiring the member to input information. The inputted information is stored in a temporary data file located on the handheld device or transmitted immediately to a permanent member data file on a local server located in the health club. The system may also include an uplink terminal for transmitting the data in the temporarily data file to a remote server connected to a network operations center. A fitness tools software program is loaded into the server for collecting and processing the data in the member's permanent data file which may be reviewed by the trainer and/or member.

Cloud manufacturing service transaction information recording system and method based on block chain

ActiveCN106790431AOvercome opacityOvercoming data discrepanciesResourcesTransmissionComputer moduleData recording
The invention relates to a cloud manufacturing service transaction information recording system and method based on a block chain. The system comprises a plurality of book keeping nodes; a plurality of book keeping nodes are communicated with each other to form a recording node network; each book keeping node comprises a book keeping information database, a transaction block chain database, a book keeping permission competition module, a transaction information abstract generation module, a transaction block chain generation module and a transaction block chain updating module; the method is applied to the recording node network; recording node network comprises a plurality of book keeping nodes communicated with each other; each book keeping node contests for book keeping permissions in different book keeping periods in a competing mode; and the method comprises a transaction information recording process and a transaction information inquiry verification process. Compared with the prior art, according to the cloud manufacturing service transaction information recording system and method disclosed by the invention, a data recording method and a data structure in the cloud manufacturing service transaction process are improved, and non-repudiation and inquiry verification of transaction can be conveniently implemented.
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