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Power-generating shoes

The invention pertains to the field of living goods, which particularly relates to an electric shoe driven by a piezocrystal. The shoe can power supply or charge for portable electrical apparatuses at any time. The shoe which can generate electricity consists of a sole and an upper and is characterized in that a generating device is arranged at the inside part of the heel of the sole; the outside of the shoe is provided with an accumulator; the generating device consists of a pedal, a stressing body, a dowel block, a piezocrystal, a slot-type box and a socket. The accumulator consists of a plug and an electric storage apparatus. The generating device is connected with the electric storage apparatus by the socket and the plug. The inside of the heel is provided with a rectangular groove; the external side of the rectangular groove is provided with a lead wire groove; the external side of the heel is provided with a round hole for arranging the socket; the upper part of the heel is provided with a pedal slot for preventing the horizontal movement of the pedal. The shoe which can generate electricity has simple and compact structure, hardly being damaged, high efficiency of generating electricity and comfortable wearing and can power supply or charge portable electric apparatuses such as mobile phone and mp3 at any time, thus bringing great convenience to the life and traveling of people.

Multi-source charger

The invention provides a multi-source charger, which has a box body, wherein the upper side of the box body is provided with an illuminating lamp and a Mini USB interface; the lower side of the box body is provided with a standard USB interface; the left side of the box body is provided with a power indicating lamp and a press handle; the right side of the box body is provided with a DC input interface, a handle clamping lock and an AC rotary input interface; a generating device, a control circuit board and an built-in energy storage device are arranged inside the box body; the generating device is connected to the press handle; and the illuminating lamp, the Mini USB interface, the standard USB interface, the power indicating lamp, the DC input interface, the AC rotary input interface, the generating device and the built-in energy storage device are both connected to the control circuit board. The multi-source charger provided by the invention can convert AC commercial power or a dry battery into standard power so as to be output, generates power by use of the built-in energy storage device or manually when no external power source exists, is used for supplying power to mobile equipment or charging 3.7V standard lithium batteries, is suitable for all mobile equipment holders, and can charge the mobile equipment or the 3.7V standard lithium batteries under the circumstance with or without a power source.

Automatic power generation device of pedestrian stairs

The invention provides an automatic power generation device of pedestrian stairs. The automatic power generation device comprises stair pedals and a plurality of power generation units arranged at the bottoms of the stair pedals; a bracket of each power generation unit is fixed on a bottom plate, and the top of the bracket is fixedly connected with a bracket end cover; the top of a vertical moving pin is fixedly connected to an upper plate, the vertical clearance of the lower end of the vertical moving pin passes through the bracket end cover, and a limiting sleeve is arranged on the bracket end cover; a pressure spring is sleeved on the vertical moving pin and positioned between the upper plate and the bracket end cover; a limiting pin and multilayer strip permanent magnets are fixedly arranged at the position where the vertical moving pin is positioned below the bracket end cover; corresponding to the end face of the magnetic pole of each strip permanent magnet, an electromagnetic coil wound on an iron core is embedded into the bracket; a clearance is formed between the end face of the magnetic pole of the permanent magnet and the iron core; and all the electromagnetic coils of the power generation units are connected in series and then connected with an output terminal. When pedestrians tread on the stair pedals, the strip permanent magnets move up and down, the electromagnetic coils generate induced electromotive force and current, and walking of the pedestrians is used for generating power.
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