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Magnetic levitation (maglev) or magnetic suspension is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than magnetic fields. Magnetic force is used to counteract the effects of the gravitational acceleration and any other accelerations.

Magnetic levitation stirring devices and machines for mixing in vessels

The invention provides a simple method, devices and several machines for simultaneously stirring and aerating thousands of vessels or wells of microplates in a robust manner and with economy. This method uses the simple principle of magnetic stirrers being levitated vertically when passed laterally or vertically through a strong horizontal dipole magnetic field. The dipole magnetic fields may be produced by using permanent magnets, electromagnets or a modulating/reversing electro-magnetic field. Each vessel contains a magnetic ball, disc, bar, dowel or other shape (stirrers) which in their magnetic attraction to the dipole magnetic field will cause the stirrers to levitate up in the vessel as the stirrer's magnetic poles attempt to align with the center of the dipole's magnetic field. The stirrers will fall to the bottom of the vessel by gravity or by changing the relative position of the levitating magnetic field to pull them down, or by passing the vessel laterally over another magnetic field. The up and down movement of the stirrers provides a vigorous mixing of the contents of many vessels at same time. If the level of the vessel's meniscus is situated so the stirrers pass through it on their way up and down, the air/liquid interface is significantly increased thereby significantly increasing aeration of the liquid.
Owner:V & P SCI

U-shaped rail double-safety running and levitation driving energy-saving mechanism

The invention belongs to the field of rail traffic and relates to a U-shaped rail double-safety running and levitation driving energy-saving mechanism which is suitable for low-medium-speed maglev train double-safety running and levitation driving energy saving. The mechanism is composed of a U-shaped rail 1, a self-locking hydraulic traveling wheel mechanism 2, a connecting frame 3, a train body 4, an air spring 5, a bogie arm 6, a spindle 7, an aluminum sensing plate 8 and levitation magnets 9. By designing a U-shaped rail structure, production efficiency of the U-shaped rail is improved, roller consumption in hot rolling production is reduced, and production cost is lowered. By combining the U-shaped rail structure with the self-locking hydraulic traveling wheel mechanism, a maglev train is enabled to have a magnetic levitation and rubber wheel double-safety running mechanism, levitation-starting energy consumption of the maglev train is reduced remarkably, traction levitation energy consumption is reduced by 10-15%, and energy-saving effect is obvious. Running safety and accident emergency response capability are improved remarkably, and when a full-levitation system is in a failure, driven by a linear motor, a rubber wheel supporting train still can safely get to a target station.

Mask aligner mask platform adopting magnetic suspension technology

The invention provides a mask aligner mask platform adopting the magnetic suspension technology. The mask aligner mask platform mainly comprises a precision slideway, a base, a suspension and the like, wherein the inside of the suspension is provided with an electromagnet which combines with a vortex displacement sensor to realize that the suspension is suspended above the slideway stably; the stator of a linear electric motor is fixed on the base, the rotor of the linear electric motor is fixed on the suspension; and the slideway surface is provided with a linear scale which combines with a linear scale reading-head arranged on the suspension to realize the precise and linear positioning motion of the suspension. The magnetic suspension mask aligner mask platform provided by the invention utilizes electromagnetic attraction and electromagnetic linear drive to ensure that the mask aligner mask platform can perform precise and fast reciprocating linear positioning motion, realize the functions of ultra-clean, high-speed, long-distance and precise positioning motion and the like which can not be realized by using the traditional scheme using a rotary servo motor for drive, a precision ball lead screw for transmission and a slideguide for support, and have higher suspension stiffness and better load-bearing characteristic than the gas phase suspension mask aligner mask platform.

Silicon slice platform multi-platform exchange system adopting magnetic levitation planar motor

The invention relates to a silicon slice platform multi-platform exchange system adopting a magnetic levitation planar motor, which is mainly used in a lithography machine system. The silicon slice platform multi-platform exchange system comprises a base platform, a silicon slice platform group and a silicon slice platform driving device, wherein, the silicon slice platform group comprises a plurality of silicon slice platforms which have the same structure and are respectively worked in pretreatment working positions or exposure working positions, the silicon slice platform driving device adopts the magnetic levitation planar motor, a stator of the magnetic levitation planar motor is arranged at the top of the base platform, and rotors of the planar motor are arranged at the bottom of the silicon slice platform. The invention discloses a specific example of one silicon slice platform multi-platform exchange system adopting the moving coil type permanent magnet magnetic levitation planar motor. In the example, the stator of the planar motor adopts a novel planar permanent magnet array, wherein, the magnetizing directions of adjacent permanent magnets mutually form an angle of 45 degrees. The silicon slice platform multi-platform exchange system realizes multi-platform exchange and progressive scanning motion on a plane and improves the productivity, the overlay accuracy and the resolution of the lithography machine by using the planar motor to directly drive the silicon slice platforms.

Flywheel battery

The invention relates to a flywheel energy storage device, in particular to a flywheel battery with a rapid charging and discharging function. The flywheel battery comprises a flywheel device and a driving device which drives the flywheel to rotate. The flywheel device comprises a flywheel, a flywheel rotating shaft and magnetic suspension bearings at the two ends of the flywheel rotating shaft. The periphery of the flywheel device is provided with a vacuum enclosed hood which is in interference fit with the magnetic suspension bearings. The flywheel is made from a magnetic material or internal magnets are fixedly arranged on the flywheel. The driving device comprises a transmission shaft and a rotor. One end of the transmission shaft is fixedly connected with the rotor, and the other end of the transmission shaft is connected with a motor or an engine. The rotor is made from the magnetic material or external magnets are arranged on the rotor. A gap is reserved between the rotor of the driving device and the flywheel device. The axis of the rotor is parallel to or overlapped with that of the flywheel rotating shaft. The flywheel and the rotor drive each other through a magnetic force. By the flywheel battery, energy storage capacity can be improved and service life can be prolonged; and the flywheel battery is convenient to produce in batches, maintain and service.

Integrating double-framework magnetically suspended control moment gyroscope (MSCMG) magnetic bearing control system

The invention is an integrating double-framework magnetically suspended control moment gyroscope (MSCMG) magnetic bearing control system, comprising a control circuit, a collecting circuit and a communication interface; wherein, the control circuit comprises a FPGA module, a DSP module and the like; the collecting circuit consists of current, a displacement sensor interface circuit, a double-framework revolution/position interface circuit, an A/D module, and a D/A module; the communication interface comprises a USB interface, RS232 and an SPI interface; the control circuit in the system is used for receiving gyroscope rotor signal processed by the collecting circuit, controlling the stable suspension thereof, transmitting the controlled variable to an upper computer through the communication interface, and realizing on-line monitoring on the suspended gyroscope rotor, data collecting and on-line modification for the controlled variable under the control of the upper computer. The system provided in the invention has the advantages of effectively communicating an inner framework and an outer framework rotational signals under the control of high precision, realizing the integrating design of the control system and the measurement and control system, and satisfying the requirements of speed and precision for the data collecting and the on-line monitoring.

Rotor gravity unloading type magnetic bearing composite motor

The invention discloses a rotor gravity unloading type magnetic bearing composite motor comprising an external stator, an armature winding, a permanent magnet, a rotor, a magnetic isolation aluminum ring, an internal stator and a suspension control winding. The armature winding is wound in external stator slots. The magnetic isolation aluminum ring is embedded in the rotor. A Halbach type permanent magnet array is surface-mounted on the surface of the rotor. The internal stator has seven internal stator poles including two opposite bias flux magnetic poles, four radial suspension control poles and one gravity direction rotor weight unloading pole. Radial magnetized permanent magnets are surface-mounted on the surface of the bias flux magnetic poles. The suspension control winding is wound on the four suspension control poles. Coupling between the suspension winding and the armature winding in the conventional magnetic suspension motor can be eliminated, and the influence of the rotor weight on suspension control in the conventional suspension motor can also be greatly solved so that the rotor is enabled to stably work at the central balance position without increasing suspension control current, and low power consumption and stable suspension of the magnetic bearing composite motor can be realized.

Method for inhibiting maglev train suspending system track coupled vibrations and control unit

InactiveCN101348082ASuppression of coupled vibrationRealize full state feedback controlElectric propulsionDifferentiatorState variable
The invention provides a method for inhibiting the track coupled vibration of a suspension system of a magnetic suspension train; the method is as follows: bringing the characteristics of a magnetic track into the magnetic suspension train system to lead to a five-level system of the magnetic suspension train system; acquiring five independent state variables which represent the suspension train and track states; comprehensively controlling the magnetic suspension system according to the five state variables and adjusting the control variables of the system; controlling the suspension clearance of the magnetic suspension train in a certain range; inhibiting the coupled vibration of the track of the suspension system of the magnetic suspension train and realizing the stable suspension of the magnetic suspension train. The invention further provides a suspension control unit formed by a suspension magnet, a suspension sensor, a suspension controller, a differentiator and the like, and the suspension control unit is used as an execution element in the control. The method not only inhibits the coupled vibration of the track of the suspension system of the magnetic suspension train, but also effectively solves the problem of noise amplification in the ordinary differential method.

Travel structure of magnetic levitation type rail polling car

The invention provides a travel structure of a magnetic levitation type rail polling car, wherein the travel structure is fixedly arranged at the lower part of the bottom board of carriage of the rail polling car and comprises a plurality of floating frames which are sequentially arranged as well as a long stator linear motor traction device and an outer rotor motor driven supporting wheel device which are arranged on the floating frames; wherein the floating frames comprises a plurality of beam frames and corbel frames which are arranged at the two ends of the beam frame; the long stator linear motor traction device comprises a floating magnet module arranged on the corbel frame, a plurality of guiding magnet modules and a plurality of eddy braking magnet modules; the outer rotor motor driven supporting wheel device comprises a motor supporting wheel loading device which is arranged at the two ends of the beam frame and at the inner side of the corbel frame as well as an outer rotor motor supporting wheel arranged at the two ends of the bottom of the beam frame by the loading device. The invention can realize the compatible double traction pattern of long stator linear motor traction and outer rotor motor supporting wheel traction, so that the rail polling car can have the functions of high speed polling and low speed detection.
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