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Air suspension and electronically controlled suspension system

InactiveUS20060219503A1Rapidly and efficiently stabilize movement of vehiclePipe supportsSpringsDriver/operatorControl signal
The present invention relates to an air suspension and an electronically controlled suspension system. An electronically controlled suspension system of the present invention comprises an air suspension including a volume expander connected to a pressure acting volume of an air spring to expand the pressure acting volume, and a volume control valve for opening or closing the connection between the pressure acting volume and the volume expander; a mode-changing switch for applying a mode-setting key signal according to a driver's button operation; an electronic control unit for outputting a valve control signal for use in exhibiting a suspension characteristic of the vehicle in response to the mode-setting key signal from the mode-changing switch; and an air spring volume adjustor for controlling a spring rate of the air spring through adjustment of the pressure acting volume of the air spring by opening or closing the volume control valve in response to the valve control signal from the electronic control valve, thereby forcibly setting the suspension characteristic of the vehicle. The present invention is to control a spring rate of an air spring employed in an air suspension to a range of damping force characteristics of a relevant mode by selectively controlling a pressure acting volume of the air spring using a fast response valve in response to a signal corresponding to a driver's mode-changing operation. Thus, during sudden braking, rapid acceleration or cornering, a driver can conveniently change characteristics of a vehicle mounted with the air suspension by operating a button within the vehicle, resulting in maximization of consumers' satisfaction.

U-shaped rail double-safety running and levitation driving energy-saving mechanism

The invention belongs to the field of rail traffic and relates to a U-shaped rail double-safety running and levitation driving energy-saving mechanism which is suitable for low-medium-speed maglev train double-safety running and levitation driving energy saving. The mechanism is composed of a U-shaped rail 1, a self-locking hydraulic traveling wheel mechanism 2, a connecting frame 3, a train body 4, an air spring 5, a bogie arm 6, a spindle 7, an aluminum sensing plate 8 and levitation magnets 9. By designing a U-shaped rail structure, production efficiency of the U-shaped rail is improved, roller consumption in hot rolling production is reduced, and production cost is lowered. By combining the U-shaped rail structure with the self-locking hydraulic traveling wheel mechanism, a maglev train is enabled to have a magnetic levitation and rubber wheel double-safety running mechanism, levitation-starting energy consumption of the maglev train is reduced remarkably, traction levitation energy consumption is reduced by 10-15%, and energy-saving effect is obvious. Running safety and accident emergency response capability are improved remarkably, and when a full-levitation system is in a failure, driven by a linear motor, a rubber wheel supporting train still can safely get to a target station.

Vibrating isolation foundation precise leveling system

The invention discloses a precise leveling system of a vibration isolation foundation bed. The lower bottom surface of the vibration isolation foundation bed is supported by air springs; a precise optical vibration isolation platform is arranged on the vibration isolation foundation bed; one or two level monitors are arranged on the precise optical vibration isolation platform for measuring an included angle between the vibration isolation platform and the absolute level in two mutually vertical directions; flexible leg monitoring devices are respectively connected with the own air springs; the output ends of the level monitors and the flexible leg monitoring devices are respectively connected with the input ends of controllers; the output ends of the controllers are connected with all control valves; an air channel port of each control valve is respectively connected with the own air spring; air supplying devices respectively supply air for each control valve. The precise leveling system realizes vibration isolation of Grade II; the vibration isolation platform has highly precise planarity and meets requirements of various precision instruments for the environment; the control valves realize the air inflow of a small amount during the charging process of the air springs, improve leveling precision and can keep the system stable. The precise leveling system is applicable to ultra precise measurement and processing.

Shock absorbing system with combined rigidity and damping adjusting function and shock absorbing method

The invention discloses a shock absorbing system with a combined rigidity and damping adjusting function and a shock absorbing method. An air spring with an additional air chamber and a magnetorheological shock absorber which are connected in parallel are arranged between an upper connecting plate of a suspension frame and a bottom plate of the suspension frame; and the air spring is connected with the additional air chamber via a positioning control valve. The shock absorbing method comprises the following steps that a controller performs Fourier transformation on automobile body response acceleration time domain signals at a specified time interval, and outputs control signals to the positioning control valve according to the biggest excitation frequency of vertical energy, the opening of an orifice between the air spring and the additional air chamber is controlled and adjusted in real time, so that the rigidity of the suspension frame is changed, the purpose of avoiding the excitation frequency is achieved, the damping of the suspension frame is adjusted by changing input current of the magnetorheological shock absorber, and shock is attenuated further. The combined rigidity and damping adjusting function can be realized, an adjusting range is expanded, the shock absorbing system adapts to complex and changeable running work conditions of automobiles, and the shock absorbing property is increased.

Control method of automobile air suspension

The invention discloses a control method for a vehicle air suspension; the invention takes the electric control device of a hardware part as the core and is configured with components such as various external sensors, an air spring, an air valve, and an adjustable shock absorber, and the like; the software part comprises signal detection, data processing and secondary calculation, a control method and control output; and firstly different working models are judged by calculating the variance of the input vehicle body height and the vehicle speed; open-loop control and a neural network are used for realizing online self-correction function; the electric control device controls the implementation of the air valve according to the air charge and discharge time which is obtained by the neural network, and then the air molar concentration and the deviation quantity in the spring are obtained by calculation; and finally a detail control signal is obtained. The control method causes the vehicles to be controlled flexibly under different pavement conditions, has appropriate flexibility and damping performance under various road conditions, effectively solves the conflicts when parameters are matched to be suitable for various road conditions, and improves the handling performance, the safety, the comfort and the off-road performance of the vehicles.

Heavy load precision damper and vibration reduction system formed thereby

The invention pertains to the technical field of precision damping, and is a heavy-load precision damper and a damping system comprising thereof. The damper comprises a low-rigidity air spring with variable damp, an inverted-pendulum structure with low horizontal rigidity and a group of three-degree-of-freedom active damping actuators. The structure of the air spring is external-internal annularity double air chambers communicated with a throttling hole; the inverted-pendulum structure comprises a main supporting rod and at least two flexible swing rods and is located in an annular air chamber; and the active damping actuator comprises three linear motors arranged in an orthogonal manner. The heavy-load precision damper vertically generates large bearing force by the air spring, respectively separates vertical and horizontal vibration transmission by the air spring and the inverted-pendulum structure, and actively controls the damp vibration by acting force of the vertical and horizontal linear motors. The damping system comprises at least three heavy-load precision dampers arranged in the shape of a polygon, and realizes six-degree-of-freedom precision damping of a vibration-isolation device by the mutual action of every heavy-load precision dampers.

Test bench of comprehensive performance of air spring

The invention discloses a test bench of the comprehensive performance of an air spring, and belongs to the technical field of vehicle engineering. The test bench can effectively achieve the aims of carrying out the vertical, transverse and twisting tests of the air spring at the same time and simulating the actual working states of the air spring. A rack of the test bench is in a four stand column type, a bearing platform is arranged in the middle of the rack, a device for bearing balance weight is arranged above the rack, a sensor is arranged below the rack, each stand column of the rack is provided with a cone-shaped fixing nut, a vertical hydraulic actuator which is arranged in a plane triangle mode is arranged below a workbench, and the volume of an additional air chamber is adjustable. The influence to the dynamics performance of the air spring by regional environment with different temperatures can be simulated by an external air conditioner system, multi-dimensional simulation is applied to the air spring through a shock excitation source, changes of loads and deflection of the air spring under the conditions with different environment temperatures and physical parameters are measured, and parameters such as dynamic stiffness, static stiffness, damping ratio and transfer ratio of the air spring are calculated through parameters of vibration characteristics. The test bench is mainly used for testing the comprehensive performance of the air spring.

Brake control device for railway carriages

The invention provides a brake control device for railway carriages. The brake control device comprises a brake air cylinder, a brake controller, an electric pneumatic change-over valve, a relay valve, an emergency electromagnetic valve, a load adjustment valve, a brake two-way valve, a distribution valve and a working air cylinder, wherein the brake controller outputs a current signal for to the electric pneumatic change-over valve; the electric pneumatic change-over valve converts the current signal into a pilot control pressure signal and then sends to a first pressure input port of the relay valve; the relay valve performs flow amplification on the pilot control pressure signal and inputs a brake cylinder pipe; two pressure input ports of the brake two-way valve are respectively connected with pressure output ports of the emergency electromagnetic valve and the distribution valve through pipelines; the pressure input port of the brake two-way valve is connected with a second pressure input port of the relay valve through the load adjustment valve; and an adjustment signal input port of the load adjustment valve is communicated with two air springs. According to the brake control device, a microcomputer controlled direct electric pneumatic brake system and an air automatic brake system are integrated. Under normal conditions, the direct system is used; and the automatic system is taken as a safe brake method to satisfy rescue and loopback requirements.

Interlinked air suspension control device, system and method

ActiveCN104786772ARoll stiffness can be controlledEase driving stabilityResilient suspensionsPistonAir spring
The invention discloses an interlinked air suspension control device, system and method. The pinterlinked air suspension control device comprises an air suspension system, air spring shock absorbers and the interlinked air suspension control system. Each air spring shock absorber comprises a lifting lug, a lower lifting lug, rubber capsule skin, an air spring cavity, an upper air spring shock absorber cavity, a lower air spring shock absorber cavity, a piston, a first one-way valve and a shock absorber outer wall, wherein the lifting lug is connected to the upper portion of the air spring cavity, the rubber capsule skin is arranged on the periphery of the air spring cavity, the upper air spring shock absorber cavity is located on the lower portion of the air spring cavity, the one-way valve is located on the piston, and the lower air spring shock absorber cavity is located below the piston. According to the interlinked air suspension control device, system and method, the semi-active suspension technology is introduced into the interlinked air suspension technology, the effects of adjusting the vehicle sidesway characteristic and the vehicle pitching characteristic can be achieved by greatly improving the optional interlinked mode of interlinked air suspensions, and thus the riding comfort of a vehicle can be further improved while the performance of steering, starting and braking of the vehicle is met.
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