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Brushless motor

A brushless motor comprising a housing; a drive shaft rotatably held by the housing; a stator disposed on said housing and having a plurality of coils which are arranged to surround the drive shaft; a yoke secured to the drive shaft to rotate therewith; a plurality of magnets that are held by the yoke in a manner to surround the stator keeping a given space therebetween; an electric parts protecting case on which the housing is mounted; a drive circuit installed in the case for energizing the coils of the stator, the drive circuit including a plurality of switching elements each changing the direction of electric current flowing in the corresponding coil of the stator; a control circuit installed in the case for controlling operation of the switching elements to adjust a rotation speed of the drive shaft; electric connectors for connecting the drive and control circuits; and a heat sink held by the case, the heat sink including a hidden portion exposed to an interior of the case and a plurality of heat radiation fins exposed to the outside of the case, the hidden portion having the switching elements attached thereto. The drive circuit and control circuit are arranged on respective substitutes which are arranged at different positions in the electric parts protecting case. The drive and control circuits are connected through electric connectors.

Compact turbocharger

The use of anti-friction ball bearings in a unique arrangement does not require the use of lubricating oil from the internal combustion engine lubricating system and permits close coupling of the bearings and a compact turbocharger. A turbocharger bearing housing forms a coolant jacket with an inner bearing engaging portion that has two bearing engagement surfaces engaged with the outer races of two anti-friction bearings whose inner races carry rotating shaft, turbine and compressor of the turbocharger. The anti-friction bearings are, preferably, angular contact ball bearings, and the two bearing engagement surfaces of the bearing housing are closely spaced, providing a turbocharger shaft of minimal length and substantially reducing the thermal expansion of the shaft. The coolant jacket protects the anti-friction bearings from exposure to the extreme heat of the exhaust gas driven turbine, notwithstanding their increased proximity due to the shortened turbocharger shaft. In addition, an external motor-generator may be carried by the compact turbocharger, and its motor may be connected to the turbocharger rotor assembly by a permanent, solid connector and stay connected throughout the entire operating range of the turbocharger. In such assembly, the electronic motor-generator control is mounted on the motor housing and energizes the motor from battery power during the engine acceleration period up to approximately the torque peak speed; thereafter, the control changes to a generator mode when excess energy is available in the engine exhaust gas.
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