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Small four-rotor aircraft control system and method based on airborne sensor

The invention relates to the technical field of four-rotor aircrafts, in particular to a small four-rotor aircraft control system and method based on an airborne sensor. The small four-rotor aircraft control system based on the airborne sensor comprises an inertia measurement unit module, a microprocessor, an electronic speed controller, an ultrasonic sensor, an optical flow sensor, a camera, a wireless module and a DC brushless motor. By merging the information of a light and low-cost airborne sensor system, the six-DOF flight attitude of the aircraft is estimated in real time, and a closed-loop control strategy comprising inner-loop attitude control and outer-ring position control is designed. Under the environment without a GPS or an indoor positioning system, flight path control and aircraft formation control based on the leader followed strategy over the rotorcraft are achieved through the airborne sensor system and the microprocessor, wherein the flight path control comprises autonomous vertical take-off and landing, indoor accurate positioning, autonomous hovering and autonomous flight path point tracking. According to the small four-rotor aircraft control system and method, a reliable, accurate and low-cost control strategy is provided for achieving autonomous flight of the rotorcraft.

Brushless motor

A brushless motor comprising a housing; a drive shaft rotatably held by the housing; a stator disposed on said housing and having a plurality of coils which are arranged to surround the drive shaft; a yoke secured to the drive shaft to rotate therewith; a plurality of magnets that are held by the yoke in a manner to surround the stator keeping a given space therebetween; an electric parts protecting case on which the housing is mounted; a drive circuit installed in the case for energizing the coils of the stator, the drive circuit including a plurality of switching elements each changing the direction of electric current flowing in the corresponding coil of the stator; a control circuit installed in the case for controlling operation of the switching elements to adjust a rotation speed of the drive shaft; electric connectors for connecting the drive and control circuits; and a heat sink held by the case, the heat sink including a hidden portion exposed to an interior of the case and a plurality of heat radiation fins exposed to the outside of the case, the hidden portion having the switching elements attached thereto. The drive circuit and control circuit are arranged on respective substitutes which are arranged at different positions in the electric parts protecting case. The drive and control circuits are connected through electric connectors.

Light-type triaxial ISP (inertially stabilized platform) system using aerial remote sensing technology

The invention provides a light-type triaxial ISP (inertially stabilized platform) system using an aerial remote sensing technology, comprising a base, four linear vibration dampers, a rolling framework, a pitching framework, a direction framework, two MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) accelerometers, three MEMES gyroscopes, three DC (direct current) brushless torque motors, three sets of reduction gears, three photoelectric encoders and three framework servo control circuits, wherein the base is connected with a plane by the four linear vibration dampers so as to separate linear vibration; the rolling framework and the pitching framework are used for tracking the local geographical level and rotate around the X axis and the Y axis respectively; and the direction framework is used for tracking heading and rotates around the Z axis. The control part drives the three DC brushless motor frameworks to carry out compensation isolation on angular motion of the plane in accordance with angular rate information of the frameworks provided by the three MEMS gyroscopes and attitude information provided by a POS (position and orientation system) or the two EMES accelerators. The light-type triaxial ISP system has the characteristics of high accuracy, high load bearing/self weight ratio, wide stable range, small volume and light weight as well as self-attitude reference, and is suitable for stabilizing the camera visual axis in light-small type aerial remote sensing systems.

Mechanical arm with multi-rotor-wing unmanned aerial vehicle

The invention discloses a mechanical arm with a multi-rotor-wing unmanned aerial vehicle and relates to a mechanical arm. The mechanical arm comprises a mechanical arm body and the multi-rotor-wing unmanned aerial vehicle. The mechanical arm body is connected to the lower portion of the multi-rotor-wing unmanned aerial vehicle and composed of a large arm, a small arm and a clamping device. The upper portion of the large arm is connected with a main frame. The lower portion of the large arm is connected with the upper end of the small arm through a horizontal shaft. The lower end of the small arm is connected with the clamping device. An external structure of the multi-rotor-wing unmanned aerial vehicle comprises eight propellers, a cross-shaped rotary shaft, eight first brushless motors and an unmanned aerial vehicle base. The cross-shaped rotary shaft is installed on the unmanned aerial vehicle base in an intersecting manner. The first brushless motors are symmetrically installed at the upper ends and the lower ends of the tails of the cross-shaped rotary shaft respectively and directly connected with the corresponding propellers. By the adoption of the mechanical arm, the problem that the mechanical arm cannot be freely operated at the upper air is solved, safety, stability, accuracy and flexibility are high, and application and popularization are easy.
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