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Magnetically-levitated blood pump with optimization method enabling miniaturization

A magnetically-levitated blood pump with an optimization method that enables miniaturization and supercritical operation. The blood pump includes an optimized annular blood gap that increases blood flow and also provides a reduction in bearing stiffness among the permanent magnet bearings. Sensors are configured and placed optimally to provide space savings for the motor and magnet sections of the blood pump. Rotor mass is increased by providing permanent magnet placement deep within the rotor enabled by a draw rod configuration.

Motor generator including interconnected stators and stator laminations

An axial field motor/generator having a rotor that includes at least three annular discs magnetized to provide multiple sector-shaped poles. Each sector has a polarity opposite that of an adjacent sector, and each sector is polarized through the thickness of the disc. The poles of each magnet are aligned with opposite poles of each adjacent magnet. Metal members adjacent the outermost two magnets contain the flux. The motor/generator also has a stator that includes a stator assembly between each two adjacent magnets. Each stator assembly includes one or more conductors or windings. Although the conductors may be formed of wire having a round, uniform cross-section, they may alternatively be formed of conductors having a tapered cross-section that corresponds to the taper of the sectors in order to maximize the density of the conductor in the gap between axially adjacent poles. The conductors may also alternatively be formed of traces in a printed circuit, which may have one or more layers. Each stator assembly may be removably connectable to another stator assembly to provide modularity in manufacturing and to facilitate selection of the voltage at which the motor/generator is to operate. Electrical contacts, such as pins extending from the casing, may removably connect the conductors of adjacent stator assemblies. A magnet may be dynamically balanced on the shaft by hardening a thin ring of cross-linked resin between the magnet and the shaft while the shaft is spun, using ultraviolet light to polymerize the resin.

Armature for an electromotive device

InactiveUS6111329AMaximize conductor-packing factorMaximize conductor volume to gap ratioWindings insulation shape/form/constructionMagnetic circuit rotating partsGlass fiberEngineering
An armature for an electric motor is constructed from a pair of precision machined copper plates cut in a pattern to produce a series of axially extending surface conductive bands with each band separated from the other by an insulated cutout. The precision machined plates are rolled to form two telescoping, hollow cylinders with each cylinder having a pattern of conductive bands representing a half-electric circuit. The outer surface of the inner cylinder is wrapped with several layers of fiberglass strands for structural stability and insulation. The fiberglass wrapped inner cylinder is telescoped inside the outer cylinder. The outer surface of the telescoped structure is also wrapped with several layers of fiberglass strands for structural stability. The conductive bands from the outer cylinder being the near mirror image of the conductive bands of the inner cylinder are helically coupled to form a complete electrical circuit. The resulting tubular structure is encapsulated in a potting material for further structural stability and insulation. The result is a freestanding ironless core inductive armature coil for a DC motor with brushes. The armature also has a commutator, which is mounted at one end of the coil and is in electrical contact with the helically coupled conductive bands. An insulated flywheel and shaft assembly is mounted inside the coil with the flywheel behind the commutator for motor mounting and operation.
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