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Trusted infrastructure support systems, methods and techniques for secure electronic commerce transaction and rights management

The present inventions provide an integrated, modular array of administrative and support services for electronic commerce and electronic rights and transaction management. These administrative and support services supply a secure foundation for conducting financial management, rights management, certificate authority, rules clearing, usage clearing, secure directory services, and other transaction related capabilities functioning over a vast electronic network such as the Internet and / or over organization internal Intranets.These administrative and support services can be adapted to the specific needs of electronic commerce value chains. Electronic commerce participants can use these administrative and support services to support their interests, and can shape and reuse these services in response to competitive business realities.A Distributed Commerce Utility having a secure, programmable, distributed architecture provides administrative and support services. The Distributed Commerce Utility makes optimally efficient use of commerce administration resources, and can scale in a practical fashion to accommodate the demands of electronic commerce growth.The Distributed Commerce Utility may comprise a number of Commerce Utility Systems. These Commerce Utility Systems provide a web of infrastructure support available to, and reusable by, the entire electronic community and / or many or all of its participants.Different support functions can be collected together in hierarchical and / or in networked relationships to suit various business models and / or other objectives. Modular support functions can combined in different arrays to form different Commerce Utility Systems for different design implementations and purposes. These Commerce Utility Systems can be distributed across a large number of electronic appliances with varying degrees of distribution.

Design method for distributed hydrological model by using grid as analog unit

The invention discloses a design method for a distributed hydrological model by using a grid as an analog unit, which is called as ESSI for short. The design method comprises the following steps of: obtainment of a distributed parameter: converting vector data into grid data; generalization of a watershed hydrological process: establishing a universal runoff generating type for the grid; design of a runoff generating process: respectively computing the water-quantity distributing condition of each part according to different prior-period soil water conditions; design of a flow collecting process: respectively designing a Muskingum-Cunge method, a delay algorithm and a riverway segmentation Muskingum method for the flow collecting process computation of the model under different conditions; and model development and integration. The invention not only can finish the watershed hydrological process simulation at an arid region and a humid region, but also can realize the short-term flood forecast and the long-term rainfall-runoff process simulation and prediction of a watershed by using modularization and integration ideas as means, thereby providing scientific reference bases for deeply learning about the physical mechanism of water circulation by people, reducing the drought and water-logging disasters and reasonably developing and utilizing water resources.

Spacecraft shading device combined navigation methods based on multi-information amalgamation

InactiveCN101178312AHigh precisionHigh autonomous navigation informationInstruments for comonautical navigationSpace vehicleStar sensor
A combined navigation method for space vehicles based on multiple information integration belongs to automatic navigation methods of space vehicles. The navigation method includes the following steps of building a satellite motion state equation based on dynamics of orbits; building a satellite automatic navigation system based on X ray detector; building a satellite automatic navigation sub-system based on infrared horizon sensor and star sensor; building a satellite automatic navigation sub-system based on radar altimeter; building a satellite automatic navigation sub-system based on ultraviolet triaxial sensor; carrying through information integration processing on the output of the four sub-systems; outputting navigation information; adopting the detecting method of x<2> to detect the system that has a fault and insulating the faulty sub-system. The combined navigation method can realize automatic navigation with high precision of deep space detectors and has the advantages of high reliability and fault-tolerance capacity.

Block chain bottom consensus mechanism and block chain system based on block chain bottom consensus mechanism

InactiveCN107341660AReduce the concentration of computing powerNo centralization riskPayment protocolsPayment circuitsData synchronizationEqual probability
The invention discloses a block chain bottom consensus mechanism and a block chain system based on the consensus mechanism. The block chain bottom consensus mechanism comprises a consensus network structure, participants, a first protocol, a second protocol, and a third protocol; the consensus network structure is used for providing a carrier for transmitting and synchronizing data; the participants are used for participating in data storage and evaluation in the consensus network structure; the first protocol is used for voting for specific participants based on the rotate account sub-protocol and generating a new block when equal probability rotating; the second protocol is used for providing group voting or estimate for all participants holding tokens or digital shares based on the group estimate consensus sub-protocol and generating an extra new block; and the third protocol is used for connecting with each consensus mechanism network based on the gear consensus routing sub-protocol. According to the invention, the characteristics of the block chain data structure and the point to point network communication are combined to realize the secure, efficient, decentralized and application scenario flexible data synchronization consensus.

Navigation satellite autonomous navigation system and method based on X-ray pulsar

InactiveCN101038169AHigh precision autonomous navigationStable periodicityInstruments for comonautical navigationNavigation by astronomical meansFault toleranceInformation processing
A autonomous navigation system of a navigational satellite based on X radial pulse satellite includes: an X radial detector, an atomic clock group on the satellite, a planet of our solar system parameter database, an X radial pulsar module and a characteristic parameter database, a computer on the satellite, a strap-down inertial navigation system SINS and an autonomous navigation algorithm module library; in the autonomous navigation method, the X radial photons radiated from the pulsar are used as the input of the external information; the pulse arrival time TOA and the angular position information are obtained; data is processed through a autonomous navigation filter; and the navigational parameters such as the position, the speed, the time and the pose of the navigational satellite; the navigational telegraph text and the control command are generated independently, and the independent running of the navigational satellite is realized. The present invention has the advantages of providing a long time and a high degree of accuracy autonomous navigation, and providing the fault-tolerance capacity of the autonomous navigation information processing. The autonomous navigation system is also be adequate for the high degree of accuracy autonomous navigation of the near earth orbit, the deep space, the interplanetary flight space vehicle, the a celestial body lander without thickset atmosphere and the surface peripatetic machine.

Double-machine redundant tolerant system and redundant switching method thereof

The invention discloses a dual-computer redundancy fault-tolerant system and the redundancy switching method. The system comprises an A computer, a B computer, redundancy switch control units in the A and B computers transmit respective switch signals to a redundancy switch selecting unit, and the final control signal generated by the redundancy switch selecting unit is transmitted to a controlled unit. The redundancy switch control unit includes an arbitrary switch unit, a heartbeat receiving unit, a power on-off unit and a monitoring unit. The method comprises the following steps: the two computers are powered up, a master computer and a slavery computer are decided by power up strategy; the states of the two computers are judged; if the two computers have no fault, the task segment of a system is judged: if the system is in normal task segment, a working computer powers up a backup computer, and executes cold backup strategy; if the system is in key task segment, the working computer powers down the backup computer, and executes hot backup strategy; if a single computer has fault which is restorable, the fault is restored, or else, the system enters into single computer state. The system has simple structure and reliable signal transmission; the method is easy to control, the system fault rate is greatly reduced, thus having good fault-tolerant effect.

Method and system for publishing and broadcasting streaming media on Internet in live mode

The invention discloses a method for publishing and broadcasting streaming media on the Internet in a live mode. The method is realized based on a system for publishing and broadcasting streaming media on the Internet in a live mode, and the system comprises a publishing client side, a server side and a playing client side, wherein the publishing client side is interactive with the server side through an HTTP method and uploads streaming media blocks to the server side, the server side merges and stores the streaming media blocks into streaming media subsections according to set streaming media subsection time and creates an index corresponding to the sequence of a plurality of streaming media subsections, and the playing client side is interactive with the server side and downloads the streaming media subsections from the server side for playing according to the index sequence. The method for publishing and broadcasting the streaming media on the Internet in the live mode is based on the HTTP protocol system, can be in simple application integration with a collecting side in a low coupling and non-intrusive mode, is easy to realize on various terminal platforms, is short in time delay of live broadcast, is good in robustness and fault tolerance, and supports large-scale deployment on the Internet and a CDN deployment mode.

Privacy protection method in face authentication system based on edge calculation

The invention belongs to the technical field of privacy protection in cloud computing and discloses a privacy protection method in face authentication system based on edge calculation. The method comprises the steps that: a camera collects a face image and uploads the face image to a connected edge computing node, an authority assigning mechanism sends a permission vector Li of a user to the edgecomputing node after collecting user face information, an edge computing device carries out feature extraction on a face image of a user requesting registration to obtain a feature vector by using a method based on a deep convolutional neural network, a safe nearest neighbor algorithm is performed to encrypt the feature vector of a registered user, and a secret sharing homomorphic algorithm is performed and n sub-secrets are generated according to the feature vector and are distributively stored in n edge computing devices. The direct upload of sensitive data to a cloud server is avoided, theprivacy of the face data is protected, and the fault tolerance of a system is improved. Results prove that the accuracy of face recognition under a ciphertext of the present invention is completely equal to the accuracy of face recognition under a plaintext.

Gatherer of deep soil of moon

ActiveCN102359891APrevent leakageRecycling is simple and reliableWithdrawing sample devicesMotor driveLunar soil
The invention discloses a gatherer of deep soil of the moon. An upper end surface of a housing of the gatherer is provided with a drilling machine and mechanical arm connecting device. A first separator plate, a second separator plate and a third separator plate are installed in the housing from top to bottom. A screw driving motor is installed on the first separator plate and drives a screw by a gear. A slide block in cooperation with the screw is fixed on a slider. Four guide rods pass through four through holes located at an end of the slider. A drill pipe driving motor is installed in the middle of the four guide rods. The drill pipe driving motor drives a drill pipe connector by a gear. Electromagnet driven wedges are arranged in the drill pipe connector. The electromagnet driven wedges stretch out from pin grooves of inner conical surfaces of corresponding drill pipes. A drill pipe rotating disk is installed in the center of the second separator plate. The drill pipe rotating disk is in cooperation with a drill pipe rotating disk driving motor by a gear. The third separator plate is arranged under a clamping device. Multiple drills are installed on a drill rotating disk along a circumferencial direction. On the third separator plate, a drill rotating disk driving motor is in cooperation with the drill rotating disk by a gear. A lunar soil bag is enclosed in the drill pipes having hollow structures. The gatherer of deep soil of the moon has the characteristics of compact structure, small floor space, high reliability of a transmission mode, large drilling and production depth, large sampling amount and simple and reliable sample recovery.
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