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Chain System. The Chain System is a feature where a player's stats are boosted if specific players are present in the match. The system also serves to expand the character's relationship with other characters.

Network transaction method and apparatus based on block chain system

The invention discloses a network transaction method and apparatus based on a block chain system. The network transaction method and apparatus based on a block chain system are used for reducing time consuming of transaction and improving concurrency. The block chain system includes multiple levels of block chain network nodes; and the multiple levels of block chain network nodes at least include a first block chain network node of the first transaction party for network transaction, and a second block chain network node of the second transaction party for network transaction. The network transaction method based on a block chain system includes the steps: the first block chain network node generates transaction information corresponding to the network transaction; the transaction information is sent to the second block chain network node of the second transaction party for network transaction; the first block chain network node and the second block chain network node use a consensus algorithm to reach a consensus for the transaction information; and the first block chain network node and the second block chain network node synchronously keep accounts for the network transaction corresponding to the transaction information for which the first block chain network node and the second block chain network node reach a consensus.

Multi-center block chain transaction privacy protection system and method

The invention discloses a multi-center block chain transaction privacy protection system and method. The system comprises an alliance control module, an amount verification module, a range verification module, an encryption module, a decryption module and a block chain system transaction module, wherein the alliance control module is used for generating alliance parameters by multiple participants; the amount verification module is used for verifying that input and output of an encrypted ciphertext amount in a transaction are equal; the range verification module is used for verifying that theencrypted ciphertext amount in the transaction is in a specific interval and is constantly positive; the encryption module and the decryption module are used for carrying out homomorphic encryption and decryption on the amount in transmission and reception processes; and the block chain system transaction module is used for complete bitcoin-like digital currency transaction systems, and has a complete transaction process which comprises transmission, reception, broadcasting and block confirmation. The system is capable of enhancing general structures through block chain transaction privacies under a multi-center supervision mode, so as to realize privacy protection for trapdoor parameters under joint control of multiple parties and transaction metadata in transaction process, and effectively strengthen the safety of plaintext amounts in multi-center block chain system transaction process.

Block-chain-based data rights protection method

The invention belongs to the technical field of data security, and specifically relates to a block-chain-based data rights protection method. The steps of method are as follows: a user owning data formulates data circulation strategies according to data rights that need protection, compiles the circulation strategies into an intelligent contract, and deploys the intelligent contract on a block chain system; and before other users perform data circulation, the user serving as a data transferee needs to use identity information and related data circulation attributes to call the intelligent contract, and the intelligent contract automatically provides an approval result of a circulation application according to the established data circulation strategies: if circulation is allowed, a dynamic circulation authorization code is returned to the transferee user; otherwise application failure is returned. The block-chain-based data rights protection method provided by the invention is an application of a block chain system, removes dependence on a third-party authority organization in a data rights protection process, ensures that the data circulation strategies formulated by the data owner are not maliciously modified, and a strategy execution result is not manually manipulated, thereby providing a just, transparent and credible execution environment for data circulation processes of data transactions, data opening and sharing and the like.

A digital resource infringement tracking method and system based on block chain digital watermarking

The invention relates to the technical field of block chain application. The invention discloses a block chain digital watermark-based digital resource infringement tracking method and system, and themethod comprises the steps: packaging digital resource uploading, transaction and distribution information into a block, and recording the block in a block chain according to a time sequence, and comprises the steps: generating a block on the block chain when a user uploads digital resources, and recording copyright information; when the copyright of the digital resource is transferred, a block is generated on the block chain, and corresponding transaction information is recorded; when the digital resources are distributed, a block is generated on the block chain, corresponding distribution information is recorded, and a digital watermark is embedded into the digital resource entity; when infringement copying of digital resources occurs on the market, infringement tracking is carried outby combining the digital watermarks in the infringement copying of the digital resources with the transaction records of the digital resources on the block chain system. According to the method, the digital watermark is combined with the block chain, so that the digital watermark information can not be tampered with a chain, and infringement tracking information is guaranteed to be real and credible.

A data security protection and sharing method based on block chain, a system and an application thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of digital information transmission, and discloses a data security protection and sharing method based on block chain, a system and an application thereof.Each participant sends identity authentication information and a key. The summary information and hash value of the original data are packaged and uploaded to the block chain system. The packaging node packages all the summary information and hash values received in the time period into blocks according to a certain order and sends them to the consensus node. According to the RPBFT protocol, thewhole network broadcasts the consensus result after reaching the consensus efficiently; the block is recorded into the account book according to the consensus result; different access control protocols are associated with blocks. The user can access the account book after the authorization of the access control protocol, and obtain the data summary recorded in the account book and the original information storage location by using the quick retrieval function. The user accesses the original information storage database to obtain the original data. The invention can resist the tampering of themalicious node, realize the consensus efficiently, and remarkably improve the data retrieval efficiency.

Consensus building method based on lottery mechanism, block chain system and storage medium

The invention discloses a consensus building method based on a lottery mechanism, a block chain system and a storage medium. The method comprises the steps that an accounting node of a last block in ablock chain is determined, and a data packet is acquired on the basis of the accounting node of the last block, wherein the data packet at least comprises transaction data of a to-be-connected blockpreparing to be connected with the last block; Hash operation is conducted on the basis of the acquired data packet and node data saved in the node to obtain a first candidate Hash value; a second candidate Hash value broadcast by other nodes is acquired, and a target Hash value is selected from the first candidate Hash value and the second candidate Hash value according to a first preset rule, wherein the node of the target Hash value is the accounting node of the to-be-connected block. According to the consensus building method, it can be guaranteed that all nodes in the block chain competefor the accounting permission in complete equality, more people can be encouraged to participate in the block chain, and therefore the method is beneficial for application and popularization of the block chain.

Electronic evidence preservation system based on block chain subliminal channel technology

ActiveCN107682308AAchieving processing powerAchieving covert storageDigital data protectionTransmissionNetwork terminationSubliminal channel
The invention discloses an electronic evidence preservation system based on a block chain subliminal channel technology, which comprises a client, a server, an auditing terminal and a network terminal, and is characterized in that the client is used for performing off-line acquisition and processing, online management and evidence collection on a user electronic evidence; the server generates an existence proof for the evidence and performs hosting and recovery on the chain evidence according to a user address; the auditing terminal is used for auditing the chain evidence, generating a corresponding transaction on a block chain and constructing an auditing proof so as to main the integrity, the timeliness and the non-repudiation of an auditing result; and the network terminal is used for performing state synchronization and real-time evidence collection on the user evidence on the chain. The system can dig a cryptographic basis of the subliminal channel preserved electronic evidence and the auditing result thereof in a mature block chain system, thereby realizing safe processing and hidden preservation for the electronic evidence, thus improving the safety and timeliness of electronic evidence preservation, and effectively reducing the preservation cost.

Interconnected chain system structure

ActiveCN107888562AFree to joinDynamic joinTransmissionData validationSource Data Verification
The invention discloses an interconnected chain system structure comprising a data verification method of a parallel link accessing an interconnected link, a data receiving and sending method of the parallel link accessing the interconnected link, an interconnected link, a parallel link, a data verification node and a data receiving and sending node. The method comprises the following steps: the data verification node receives an access request of accessing the parallel link to the interconnected link sent by the data receiving and sending node of the parallel link; the data verification nodegenerates identification information comprising at least one first consensus algorithm in response to the access request, stores the identification information, and broadcasts the identification information in the interconnected link; and the data verification node feeds back access success information comprising the identification information to the data receiving and sending node after confirming that at least one data verification node in the interconnected link receives the identification information. By adoption of the method disclose by the embodiment of the invention, the information can be synchronized, the safety of the interconnected link is improved, and the nodes on different block chains can freely and dynamically log in and log out from the interconnected link network, so that the interconnected link architecture can be freely expanded.

Layered controllable alliance block chain system

The invention discloses a layered controllable alliance block chain system. The layered controllable alliance block chain system is characterized by comprising a core layer, a backbone layer and an application layer; through the adoption of a structured point-to-point transmission protocol, a node and a data object are mapped to a network by using a distributed hash table; the application layer reduces the selection determinacy by adopting the random routing and exchanges performance for routing security; the core layer and the backbone layer select an optimal or backup path to perform the security connection; the core layer nodes cooperate to generate a public digital credential; and each core layer node generates and maintains the private digital credential and an exchange relation between the private digital credential and the public digital credential; each node forms the workload certificate through one or more competitive computation in Hash, symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, random number and external dynamic exponential algorithm, and/or realizes consensus algorithm with the timestamp on the interest certificate of ownership through the node, and forms continuouspublic block chain and private block chain capable of being wedged in both way through the end-to-end connection of various blocks.
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