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Integrated pharmaceutical accounts management system and method

<heading lvl="0">Abstract of Disclosure</heading> An integrated suite of services for consumers, service providers and manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry is disclosed. The present invention utilizes one or more of the NCPDP standard formats and adopts the switch for an integrated system of, for example, instant adjudication of prescriptions, consumer data warehousing and/or incentive rewards for the consumer. A participating consumer with one card, can instantly purchase pharmaceuticals and charge the transaction to a credit card and earn and apply savings dollars redeemable for pharmaceutical purchases. For a participating service provider, instant adjudication and instant validation of consumer eligibility can be performed. Moreover, a service provider may receive messages related to the patient's medications. Significantly, data is recorded for consumers even when consumers make the pharmaceutical purchase with cash. The system includes a unique card issued to participating consumers. The card is adapted to encode conventional credit or debit card information specific to the participating consumer so that the consumer can consummate a transaction for the purchase of pharmaceuticals without possession of an additional credit card. The system further includes a host processor coupled to the point of sale at the service provider through a leased line or public switch network or the like. When a customer performs a pharmaceutical transaction at the point of sale of the service provider, the host processor coordinates any benefits and data with other prescription benefit management systems through messages transmitted and received from any primary or secondary carrier systems. The host processor further is adapted to facilitate real-time adjudication of claims and checks for any dangerous drug-to-drug interactions. The host processor additionally facilitates any financial processing including the accumulation and redemption of any bonus dollars earned by the consumer. Furthermore, since the card used by the consumer can be encoded with credit or debit card information, the host processor determines the desired payment method and performs the actual financial transaction. Even if the transaction at the point of sale is a cash purchase, the consumer may desire to use his unique card for the accrual of bonus dollars. Therefore, data concerning the transaction (i.e., pharmacy number, prescription number, etc.) can be recorded even for transactions conducted with cash.

Block chain network, branch node and block chain network application method

The invention discloses a block chain network, a branch node and a block chain network application method. The block chain network comprises a plurality of nodes used for separately storing blocks comprising recorded data and linking the blocks to form a block chain; the plurality of nodes comprise at least one branch node used for: when recorded data submitted by a specific user are received, sending the recorded data to other nodes in the block chain network, and returning a recorded data submission result to the specific user according to the number of effective confirmation results returned by other nodes for the recorded data; and the branch node is further used for: when a request of creating a new block of the specific user is received, sending the new block to the other nodes in the block chain network, and returning a result of creating the new block to the specific user according to verification results of the other nodes to the new block. By implementation of the block chain network disclosed by the invention, the implementation of the block chain technology on a mobile terminal of a user side is achieved, the application range of the block chain is expanded, and the resources of the mobile terminal of the user side can be saved.

Method for generating two-dimensional code and implementing mobile payment by mobile phone

The invention relates to a method for generating a two-dimensional code and implementing mobile payment by a mobile phone. A user can input various payment card information (such as bank card account numbers, credit card account numbers, prepaid card account numbers, and third party payment user account numbers) into the mobile phone, the information is enciphered and stored, and then the two-dimensional code is generated and displayed on a screen of the mobile phone. A merchant scans a pattern of the two-dimensional code through a two-dimensional code identifying and reading device, and after user authentication information (such as two-dimensional code generation time, mobile phone fingerprints and mobile phone positions) and the payment card information are decoded, the user authentication information, the payment card information, consumption amount information of the user, merchant account number information and the like are enciphered and sent to a corresponding payment and settlement system. After receiving the information, a payment and settlement server confirms the payment card information to be true or false according to the two-dimensional code authentication information, and carries out payment transaction. The method has the main advantage that the user can save the information of various payment cards, consumption cards and the like in the mobile phone and realize no-card electronic payment transaction instead of the various payment cards.

Method and system for implementing a global ecosystem of interrelated services

The present invention is directed to a method and management service platform for implementing a global ecosystem of interrelated services. The service platform is comprised of three distinct layers: a physical machine layer; a virtual machine layer and a layer of interrelated services. The physical machine layer may be deployed on large numbers of small generic servers in many geographic locations distributed for enterprise use. Associated with one or more servers are particular resources managed by that particular server. Any server in any geographic location can process any service needed by any client in any other geographic area. The operating system of each physical server is not used directly in the operating environment, but instead, each server runs a platform-independent programming language virtual machine on top of the operating system—this is the virtual machine layer. Services are location independent processing entities that are managed dynamically, configured dynamically, load their code remotely, and found and communicated with dynamically. A generic service container is a CPU process into which arbitrary software services may be homed to a host server at runtime. Thus, a virtual machine layer is an interface layer of service which supports the layer of interrelated srvices rather than the operating system of the physical machines.

Telecommunications initiated data fulfillment system

A system for providing a wide range of telecommunications initiated data fulfillment services in which a multi-function code, such as “*#” (star, pound), input into an originating telecommunications device, such as a conventional land-line or wireless telephone, triggers the treatment of the input sequence as a multi-function code service request rather than a dialed directory number. The multi-function code is followed by an input data string to complete the multi-function code service request, which the user typically enters into the telecommunications device just like a conventional telephone call, except that the input string begins with the multi-function code. The telecommunications system recognizes the multi-function code as a trigger, and in response takes one or more actions, such as automatically terminating the call to an announcement and routing a data message to a data fulfillment center, which responds to the message by implementing a response action indicated by the multi-function code service request. For example, the data fulfillment center may respond by transmitting a message over a wireless data network or the Internet to implement a service, such as activation of a vending machine, remote control of device, delivery of a message over the Internet or wireless data network, initiation of an interactive Internet session with the originating device, or a wide range of other services. In addition, a charge for this service may be automatically charged to an account associated with the originating telecommunications device, which may be billed separately or incorporated on the user's conventional monthly telecommunications invoice.
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