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Kitchen ventilation system based on air curtain and filtration

The invention discloses a kitchen ventilation system based on an air curtain and filtration. The system consists of a fresh air section, an air curtain section and an air exhaust section, wherein the fresh air section consists of a fresh air port, a PM2.5 filter, an air feeder, an injector air-supplement branch pipe and the like; the air curtain section consists of a reducing pipe, a gas stove, an angle-adjustable air curtain, a hot air curtain blowing-in branch pipe and the like; the air exhaust section consists of an exhaust hood, a one-way check valve, an exhaust fan and an air outlet; after being filtered, one path of fresh air is conveyed to the injector air-supplement branch pipe so as to be used for injection of the gas stove, one path of fresh air is conveyed to the air curtain for cooking in summer and transitional seasons, and another path of fresh air is conveyed to the hot air curtain blowing-in branch pipe so as to regulate the temperature of the air curtain and meet the heat comfort requirement of a human body; the jet current and fume of the air curtain are discharged to the outdoors by virtue of the exhaust hood. The system can be used for achieving the effects of insulating heat, reducing indoor cooling load, improving the cooking comfort degree and health degree, preventing cooking fumes from spreading into a horizontal living room, improving the combustion efficiency of the system and the like, is beneficial to formation of an open kitchen and ensures that the architectural space is fully utilized.

Fresh air integrated type air purifier

The invention discloses a fresh air integrated type air purifier. The integral design of the air purifier and a fresh air fan is adopted. The purifier is communicated with outdoor fresh air and can be arranged in a vertical or wall-mounted mode, and an exhaust opening is not formed. An air inlet cavity is formed in the lower portion of the shell, a fresh air port and air return ports are formed in the lower portion of the shell and are communicated with the air inlet cavity, and the multiple air return ports can be included to be communicated with other rooms or space. The fresh air integrated type air purifier comprises an HEPA high efficiency filtering module, a primary efficiency filtering module and a medium-efficiency filtering module or a benzene-removing filtering module or a methanal-removing filtering module or a TVOC-removing filtering module or a bacteria-removing filtering module or a stink-removing filtering module or a combination of the medium-efficiency filtering module, the benzene-removing filtering module, the methanal-removing filtering module, the TVOC-removing filtering module, the bacteria-removing filtering module and the stink-removing filtering module. The diameter size phi of a fresh air hole or a fresh air pipe on a wall is 30-90 mm. A special centrifugal fan is adopted, and the shell is designed in a curved mode according to pressurizing and is provided with a guiding plate. According to the fresh air integrated type air purifier, the air opening pipe diameter is reduced, pipeline losses are reduced, fan power is reduced, electricity and energy are saved, silence is achieved, installation is facilitated, and use is convenient. Meanwhile, the purifying effects that PM 2.5 is removed and the index can reach the level of 0.1-0.5 micron are achieved.
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