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Modular multi-axis motion control and driving system and method thereof

A modular multi-axis motion control and driving system is developed by using advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies. A modular multi-axis motion control and driving system comprises: a control board comprising a DSP and Flash ROM connected to each other, for performing position control and current control of said system; a plurality of driver boards, connected to the control board through a bus, each of which comprise a FPGA device and a plurality of MOSFET power amplifier, for driving a plurality of servo motors; a computer, connected to said control board, for providing graphic user interface, through which motor setting, current and position loop tuning and diagnostic can be performed; Wherein, a control program, system parameters and FPGA configuration file are stored in said Flash ROM, when the system power is on, the DSP automatically executes an loader firmware to transfer the control program from said Flash ROM to the memory of DSP for execution, then the DSP reads the FPGA configuration file from the Flash ROM and configure the FPGA in the driver board, after that, the control program runs into a circulation loop to do system diagnose, network service and check command queue, while the current and position controls are implemented in an interrupt service.
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