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In civil engineering, machine control is used to accurately position earthwork machinery based on 3D design models and GPS systems, and thus aid machine operators to e.g. control the position of a road grader's blade. Many machine control systems utilize the Real Time Kinematic (RTK) system to improve the positioning accuracy.

A System for analyzing applications in order to find security and quality issues

The present invention relates to field of application and more specifically to analysis of applications for determining security and quality issues. The present invention describes an application analysis system providing a platform for analyzing applications which is useful in finding security and quality issues in an application. In particular, the present invention is composed of an advanced fusion analyzer which gains an understanding of the application behavior by using a multi-way coordination and orchestration across components used in the present invention to build an continuously refine a model representing knowledge and behavior of the application as a large network of objects across different dimensions and using reasoning and learning logic on this model along with information and events received from the components to both refine and model further as well as drive the components further by sending information and events to them and again using the information and events received as a result to further trigger the entire process until the system stabilizes. The present invention is useful in analysis of internet/intranet based web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and also embedded systems as well as for hardware, equipment and machines controlled by software.

GNSS guidance and machine control

A global navigation satellite sensor system (GNSS) and gyroscope control system for vehicle steering control comprising a GNSS receiver and antennas at a fixed spacing to determine a vehicle position, velocity and at least one of a heading angle, a pitch angle and a roll angle based on carrier phase position differences. The roll angle facilitates correction of the lateral motion induced position errors resultant from motion of the antennae as the vehicle moves based on an offset to ground and the roll angle. The system also includes a control system configured to receive the vehicle position, heading, and at least one of roll and pitch, and configured to generate a steering command to a vehicle steering system. The system includes gyroscopes for determining system attitude change with respect to multiple axes for integrating with GNSS-derived positioning information to determine vehicle position, velocity, rate-of-turn, attitude and other operating characteristics. A vehicle control method includes the steps of computing a position and a heading for the vehicle using GNSS positioning and a rate gyro for determining vehicle attitude, which is used for generating a steering command. Alternative aspects include multiple-antenna GNSS guidance methods for high-dynamic roll compensation, real-time kinematic (RTK) using single-frequency (L1) receivers, fixed and moving baselines between antennas, multi-position GNSS tail guidance (“breadcrumb following”) for crosstrack error correction, guiding multiple vehicles and pieces of equipment relative to each other and earth-moving equipment and method applications.

AUV intelligent touching-avoiding apparatus and method

The invention provides an AUV intelligent collision prevention device and a collision prevention method. The state information of the AUV collected by the sensor is passed to a dynamic control machine by a serial port. The dynamic control machine transmits the state information to a mission management machine by a network; a multi-beam front looking-sonar collects barrier information which is converted to a digital signal describing local environment; the mission management machine receives the digital signal of the local environment; an AUV barrier decision-making system determines the position of the barrier, establishes a local environment model which is passed on to a collision prevention planning system; the collision prevention system figures out course, speed, and depth of the AUV by collision prevention algorithm and passes on the three instructions to the dynamic controller by the network; the dynamic control machine controls resolving by movement, uses a control voltage to drive an executing agency, and adjusts course, speed and depth of the AUV according to the steering instructions, thus realizing AUV collision prevention. The invention has the advantages that collision prevention is realized in real time without needing prior knowledge and reliability and validity of the proposal of the invention are proved by a lake testing.

Numerical control abrasive belt grinding machine with six-axis linkage

The invention discloses a numerical control abrasive belt grinding machine with six-axis linkage. An upright post component and a worktable are arranged on the grinding machine body in a sliding way, and the relative sliding between the two of the upright post component and the worktable and the grinding machine body respectively forms liner motion of X-axis direction and Y-axis direction; an A-axis component is arranged above the worktable and used for clamping a workpiece to rotate around the axial line thereof so as to form rotary motion of the A-axis; a cantilever on the upright post component is provided with a grinding seat which is connected with the upright post component through a box body in a sliding way so as to form liner motion of Z-axis direction; a turntable is arranged on the box body in a rotating way, and the relative rotation between the turntable and the box body forms rotary motion of B-axis direction; an abrasive belt machine is arranged inside the grinding seat, and the relative rotation between the abrasive belt machine and the grinding seat forms swivel motion of C-axis direction; and the grinding machine controls the motion of each axis direction by a numerical control system. The numerical control abrasive belt grinding machine can greatly enhance grinding efficiency, and can effectively improve the grinding precision and surface quality of the workpiece.

Laser visual tracking system

The invention discloses a laser visual tracking system, which mainly comprises an industrial personal computer, wherein a COM 1 (Component Object Model) port of the industrial personal computer is connected with an X axis motor and a Z axis motor through a motor control and drive circuit; output ends of the X-axis motor and the Z-axis motor are connected with a welding torque; the controller of the welding torque and a welding machine control circuit are connected with the industrial personal computer; the industrial personal computer is also connected with a laser sensor for acquiring information on the welding torque and a workpiece in real time and delivering the acquired information to the industrial personal computer; the laser sensor is a visual sensing module and mainly comprises a camera and a laser diode; the camera is vertically aligned with the workpiece; a laser is slantwise arranged and forms an angle of 30 degrees with the laser; laser emitted by the laser irradiates the workpiece to form a narrow light strip; after the light strip is reflected or refracted by the workpiece, the light strip enters the camera to image, and the image is transferred to the industrial personal computer for processing; after the image is analyzed and processed by the industrial personal computer, an action command is emitted to the welding torque, the X-axis motor and the Z-axis motor.

Heavy type automatic edge banding machine controlled by encoder

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The invention discloses a heavy type automatic edge banding machine controlled by an encoder, comprising a stand, a chain conveying device, a crawler-type pressing device, a glue supplying and belt pressing device, a belt cutting device, an up/down roughing device, an up/down finishing device, an up/down edge scraping device and an up/down polishing device; wherein the crawler type pressing device is arranged on the stand through a stand column assembly to ensure that the crawler type pressing device can ascend or descend relative to each stand column of the stand column assembly, and an upper roughing assembly of the up/down roughing device, an upper finishing assembly of the up/down finishing device, an upper edge scraping assembly of the up/down edge scraping device and an upper polishing assembly of the up/down polishing device are connected on a cross beam of the crawler type pressing device so as to ascend or descend synchronously along with the crawler type pressing device. The heavy type automatic edge banding machine can be used for carrying out edge banding operation on wood boards with higher specification in thickness, is free from the limit of the thickness of the wood boards, has a wide application range, is multipurpose and is beneficial to reduction of equipment cost for enterprises when edge banding operation and production are carried out on the wood boards.
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