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Composite microbial fertilizer for controlling crop diseases and insect pests, and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a composite microbial fertilizer for controlling crop diseases and insect pests, which contains composite microbial fungicide and is prepared by the following raw materials based on parts by weight: 10-35 parts of composite microbial fertilizer fungicide, 3-15 parts of composite microbial pesticide fungicide, 1-5 parts of insecticidal synergist, 1-5 parts of plant growth regulator, 20-60 parts of grass carbon, 5-15 parts of expanded chicken manure, 5-50 parts of inorganic fertilizer and 1-3 parts of binding agent, wherein the composite microbial fertilizer fungicide is prepared by bacillus megaterium and jelly-like bacillus; and the composite microbial pesticide fungicide is prepared by mixing bacillus thuringiensis and bacillus subtilis, adding sodium percarbonate type solid state oxygen-increasing agent for mixing and fermenting and finally absorbing by the grass carbon. The composite microbial fertilizer adopts strains with good suitability, and the strains are compounded according to a certain proportion to obtain the composite fungicide which has durable activity and stable performance; and the four beneficial strains are compatible with each other and performs the own functions, so that the multiple aims of resisting germs as well as diseases and insect pests, and increasing the crop yield can be achieved.

Compound microorganism liquid bacterial fertilizer for preventing plant diseases and insect pests and preparation method of compound microorganism liquid bacterial fertilizer

The invention discloses a compound microorganism liquid bacterial fertilizer for preventing plant diseases and insect pests and a preparation method of the compound microorganism liquid bacterial fertilizer and belongs to the technical field of microorganisms. The bacterial fertilizer comprises raw materials of, by weight, 10-20 parts of paprika powders, 10-20 parts of chilli powders, 5-15 parts of ginkgo leaf powders, 5-15 parts of chinaberry powders, 5-15 parts of lightyellow sophora root powders, 20-40 parts of mashed garlic, 40-80 parts of molasses, 4-8 parts of soybean meal, 5-15 parts of calcium sulfate, 5-15 parts of magnesium chloride, 5-10 parts of salt, 5-15 parts of photosynthetic bacterium strains, 5-15 parts of saccharomycete strains, 5-15 parts of lactic acid bacterium strains, 5-15 parts of streptomyces jingyangensis strains, 5-15 parts of bacillus subtilis strains and 800 parts of water. According to the compound microorganism liquid bacterial fertilizer, probiotic floras which are screened and are capable of coexisting are used for fermenting plant leaching agents of pepper, chilli, ginkgo leaves, chinaberry, lightyellow sophora roots and garlic, the plant leaching agents are capable of expelling and killing the insect pests and harmful bacteria, the compound microorganism liquid bacterial fertilizer has the advantages of being high in content of live bacteria of probiotics, high in activities, high in stability, small in using amount of plant materials, fast in acting effects, non-toxic and environment-friendly, and has wide application prospects in agricultural planting.

Ecological protection method for high steep side slope

The invention relates to an ecological protection method for a high steep side slope. The method mainly comprises the steps of slope surface treatment, concrete shotcrete and rock bolt support, vegetating hole arrangement, net spreading, spray material preparation, granule spray sowing, maintenance, management, and the like. In the method, guest soil materials such as humus loam rich in organic matters and clay are utilized to undergo a granule reaction after mixed with a granule agent at the moment of spray sowing so as to form a greening template which has the same high order granule structure as natural soil and strong erosion resistance and can suppress water and soil loss. After a diversified mature plant community which is in harmony with surrounding vegetation environment is formed, the slope surface can be protected, which can effectively resist diseases and insect pests and maintain the ecological balance. Post maintenance management and expenses can be saved. All used materials can be naturally degraded, have no pollution to the environment and can purify air and beautify the environment. Equipment of the method does not need to be hung on the slope surface for construction, and spray sowing operations are carried out only below the slope surface, thus the method has high construction speed and safety. The method is suitable for slope surfaces which are difficult to green, and the like, such as various high steep and unstable slope surfaces, bare slope surfaces having high greening expected values, and the like.
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