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Method and system for a merchandise checkout system

A method and system for a merchandise checkout system utilizes a remote scanning device, a shopping cart and bags for allowing a purchaser to buy merchandise unassisted by store personnel. The remote scanning device reads product identity information from coded levels on products chosen by the purchaser and sends the information to a central processor. The central processor has a memory, which indexes price information and weight for each product based on the product identity information. The central processor sends an accumulated price and weight transaction to the remote scanning device for the purchaser's use. The product identity information on the products further include a security tag device which is deactivated by the remote scanning device. The purchaser upon completion of their purchases takes their shopping cart to a security station for weighing in on a scale wherein an actual combined weight of the shopping cart, bags and products is compared to a predicted weight determined by the central processor and generating a notification signal if a discrepancy occurs. The security station further verifies that the security tag devices have been deactivated and also generates a notification signal. The purchaser next goes to a payment checkout terminal coupled to the central processor, wherein the payment checkout terminal effects financial transactions including acceptance of payment for transactions initiated by the remote scanning device, and the payment checkout terminal is operable by store personnel only.
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