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Content display monitor

The invention can enable monitoring of the display of content by a computer system. Moreover, the invention can enable monitoring of the displayed content to produce monitoring information from which conclusions may be deduced regarding the observation of the displayed content by an observer. The invention can also enable monitoring of the display at a content display site of content that is provided by a content provider site over a network to the content display site. Additionally, the invention can enable the expeditious provision of updated and/or tailored content over a network from a content provider site to a content display site so that the content provider's current and appropriately tailored content is always displayed at the content display site. Aspects of the invention related to transfer of content over a network are generally applicable to any type of network. However, it is contemplated that the invention can be particularly useful with a computer network, including private computer networks (e.g., America Online TM ) and public computer networks (e.g., the Internet). In particular, the invention can be advantageously used with computer networks or portions of computer networks over which video and/or audio content are transferred from one network site to another network site for observation, such as the World Wide Web portion of the Internet.

Method, transaction card or identification system for transaction network comprising proprietary card network, eft, ach, or atm, and global account for end user automatic or manual presetting or adjustment of multiple account balance payoff, billing cycles, budget control and overdraft or fraud protection for at least one transaction debit using at least two related financial accounts to maximize both end user control and global account issuer fees from end users and merchants, including account, transaction and interchange fees

The present invention provides methods, systems and transaction cards or identification systems, using transaction network comprising proprietary card network, EFT, ACH, or ATM, for end user management of a global financial account by manual or automatic prepaying, prepaying, paying or unpaying, debiting or crediting, or readjustment or presetting, using parameters relating to portions of paid or unpaid financial transactions or account balance amounts in multiple credit, cash or other existing, or end user created, financial accounts or sub-accounts in said global financial account that is optionally subject to financial account issuer transaction or readjustment fees from end users and merchants, including optional use for financial transactions as a credit transaction card requiring merchant credit card interchange or other fees, and optional end user fees, as additional revenue to the global account issuer.

Module class objects in a process plant configuration system

A configuration system for a process plant uses module class objects to assist in configuring, organizing and changing the control and display activities within the process plant. Each module class object generically models or represents a process entity, such as a unit, a piece of equipment, a control activity, etc., and may be used to create instances of the object, called module objects, which represent and are tied to specific equipment within the process plant. The module class objects may represent process entities of any desired scope, which means that a single module class object may be used to configure the control and display activities of process entities of any desired scope within the process plant, instead of just at a control module level. In particular, module class objects of a large scope may be used to configure large sections or portions of the process plant, which makes configuration of the process plant easier and less time consuming. A module class object may be a unit module class object reflecting a physical unit within the process plant, an equipment module class object reflecting a physical piece of equipment within the process plant, a control module class object reflecting a control module or scheme within the process plant, or a display module class object reflecting a display routine that provides information to a user within the process plant.

Trade allocation

A trade allocation system includes a computer system having a network interface over which messages can be exchanged with an order management system. The computer system is also coupled to a first database that stores data associating portfolios with risk classes and target ratios. A second database stores instructions to configure the system to receive from order management systems messages describing trades of financial instruments. Each message can include a financial instrument identifier, a size of the trade, and a risk class identifier. The instructions also configure the processor to query the first database to determining a portfolios that are associated with a risk class identified by a risk class identifier in a message as well as to determine a target ratio for each of the portfolios. The processor then allocates the trade of the financial instrument among each of the portfolios based on the target ratios. Allocating a trade of a financial instruments among a group of portfolios include receiving a message descriptive of a trade of a financial instrument. The message can include a financial instrument identifier and a size of the trade. A collection of portfolios are then identified based on a match between a risk class of the portfolio and the risk class of the traded financial instrument. The trade is then allocated among each of the portfolios based on a target ratio associated with each portfolio.
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