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Database backup system ensuring consistency between primary and mirrored backup database copies despite backup interruption

A database management system ensures consistency between primary and mirrored backup copies of a database, despite occurrence of a suspending condition interrupting the normal process of mirroring the primary database. One or more primary controllers are provided, each having a data storage unit with multiple primary data storage devices. Multiple secondary controllers each have multiple associated secondary data storage devices, each secondary controller being coupled to one primary controller. One or more primary databases reside on the primary devices, with a corresponding number of secondary databases residing on the secondary devices. Each secondary database mirrors a corresponding primary database. Either a host, attached to a primary controller, or one of the primary controllers itself, maintains a map cross-referencing each primary and secondary database with the primary and secondary devices containing portions thereof. If a predefined "suspending condition" affecting data mirroring occurs, the host or primary controller consults its map to identify all primary and secondary devices affected by the condition. Then, each primary controller stops all ongoing and future read/writes with each of its affected primary devices. Each primary controller also directs each secondary controller having an affected secondary device to stop mirroring the primary databases stored on that device. Then, the primary controller starts intermediate change recording and resumes read/writes with its primary devices. When the suspending condition ends, each primary controller applies the appropriate logged changes to its secondary database(s) and then reactivates each secondary database.

Design and control systems, commissioning tools, configuration adapters and method for wireless and wired networks design, installation and automatic formation

Design and control systems, commissioning tools, configuration adapters and a method for wireless and wired networks design, installation and automatic formation, including binding of the networks devices are provided. In the design system a scheme that uniquely identifies each network device by its type and its physical location is created and information for logical binding between the devices is prepared. In the design system is also created a device mapping that maps between the devices on the scheme and their network configuration data such as, radio IDs and startup attribute sets and wired communication link address. The data prepared in the design system is transferred to or accessed by a master controller and dedicated commissioning tools in the control system. According to devices' physical locations, appropriate configuration data is loaded from the commissioning tools into the devices through dedicated configuration adapters. The devices and their configuration adapters not necessarily have to be powered-up during configuration data loading. After power-up, the devices automatically update themselves with the loaded configuration data and the control system may initialize itself and identifies all the devices. The master controller in the control system uses the design system defined binding information and transmits binding commands for creating logical links between the devices and so networks may be automatically formed.

Autonomous lane-changing decision making system for pilotless automobile

The invention discloses an autonomous lane-changing decision making system for a pilotless automobile. First, through an information collecting module, environment information such as a lane line, an obstacle, speeds of surrounding interactive vehicles, distances between the surrounding interactive vehicles and the pilotless automobile and so on is obtained; the obtained information is transmitted to a main control module; the main control module is used for analyzing the received information, judging whether a lane-changing condition is satisfied or not, carrying out analog computation on the received information to obtain a lane-changing scheme and transmitting the lane-changing scheme to a control executing module; and then a vehicle controller is used for controlling a steering direction, speed and so on of the pilotless automobile according to a decision signal so that the running lane of the pilotless automobile is changed. In the lane-changing process, the information collecting module is required to monitor the environment and the surrounding vehicles in real time; meanwhile, the operation status of the pilotless automobile also needs to be fed back to the main controller in real time so that the pilotless automobile can adjust decision information in time in case of an emergency; therefore, a purpose that the running lane of the pilotless automobile is autonomously changed is safely and effectively realized.

ARM (advanced RISC (reduced instruction set computer) machines) and FPGA (field-programmable gate array) based navigation and flight control system for unmanned helicopter

The invention discloses an ARM (advanced RISC (reduced instruction set computer) machines) and FPGA (field-programmable gate array) based navigation and autonomous flight control system for an unmanned helicopter. The system comprises a PC (personal computer), an integrated navigation subsystem, a power supply module and controllers, wherein the integrated navigation subsystem comprises a sensor group; the sensor group comprises a GPS (global positioning system), a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a magnetoresistive sensor, a barometric altimeter and a sonar altimeter; the controllers include a main controller and a steering engine controller; the main controller adopts an ARM microprocessor to operate the integrated navigation algorithm and flight control PID (proportion integration differentiation) algorithm and simultaneously completes data acquisition of the GPS, the barometric altimeter and the sonar altimeter; and the steering engine controller adopts an FPGA to realize data acquisition of the gyroscope, the accelerometer and the magnetoresistive sensor and transfers the data to the main controller via a concurrent bus to carry out attitude calculation and control operation on the unmanned helicopter. With the unmanned helicopter as a carrier, the hardware environment of a whole set of flight control system integrating study of the aircraft navigation and control theory problem, data acquisition, information transfer and embedded control is set up.

Electric cooker and heating control method thereof

ActiveCN101518409AAccurately judge the serving sizeAccurately judge the statusTemperatue controlTime-controlled ignitorsElectricityPortion size
The invention belongs to the field of household appliances, and in particular relates to an electric cooker and a heating control method thereof. The electric cooker comprises a pot body, a pot cover, an inner pot and a heater arranged under the inner pot; the inside of the pot body is provided with a control part and a temperature sensor; the control part comprises a main controller, a first timer, a second timer, a temperature incremental memory and a total working time memory; and the main controller is electrically connected with the heater, the temperature sensor, the first timer, the second timer, the temperature incremental memory and the total working time memory respectively. The heating control method comprises a preheating stage A and a heating and temperature rising stage B; and in the heating and temperature rising stage B, the main controller controls the heater to continue heating or to finish the heating and temperature rising stage B according to an inner pot temperature increment delta T correspondingly generated in a unit time delta t timed by the second timer, a temperature increment preset in the temperature incremental memory, a total working time t timed by the first timer and a total working time preset in the total working time memory. The method can accurately judge the quantity and boiling state of food in the cooker, has the advantages of simple control and low cost, and is suitable for various electric stewpots and ceramic pots with separated upper covers.

System and methodology for coordinating musical communication and display

A musical workstation system produces a display presentation in one of a musical composition responsive to musical composition data and responsive to one or both of input variables and a selected operating mode. The system is comprised of (1) means to provide the musical composition data (such as local storage (ROM, RAM, CD-ROM, hard disk etc.), or via a communications interface to an external device (such as another music workstation, a master controller, a computer), a memory, a selection subsystem, a controller, and a display subsystem. The memory selectively stores the received original musical compositions. The selection subsystem determines a selected operating mode and display format. The controller, responsive to the selection subsystem, provides means for selectively controlling the storing of the musical composition data in memory and selectively processing (e.g. altering) the stored musical composition data responsive to the selected operating mode and the input variables to produce a particular one of a plurality of processed results, such as external communications, operating, mode, transformation to derivative musical compositions, etc. The music workstation can coordinate communications, or be a slave device, with one or more external devices, such as other music workstations, a master workstation, a controller, etc. The display system provides for selection of original compositions, creation of derivative compositions, distribution of compositions, monitoring of each performer's performance, group virtual performances, and also allows for local and distributed retrieval and editing of musical compositions.
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