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Tea beverage powder with function of relieving fatigue and preparation method of tea beverage powder

The invention discloses a tea beverage powder with the function of relieving fatigue and a preparation method of the tea beverage powder. The tea beverage powder is prepared from the raw materials in parts by weight: 15-25 parts of purple sweet potato, 10-20 parts of cranberry, 8-12 parts of dark green tea, 8-15 parts of nonfat yoghourt, 6-10 parts of spina date seeds, 10-14 parts of citrus limonum, 8-12 parts of wheat sprouts, 1-3 parts of Caragana sinica Rehd, 2-4 parts of cape jasmine flower, 1-2 parts of Eucommia ulmoides male flower, 2-3 parts of peanut coats, 2-3 parts of rhizoma polygonati, 2-3 parts of astragalus membranaceus, 1-3 parts of silkworm pupa protein, 8-15 parts of maple sugar, 1-2 parts of cocoa powder, 4-6 parts of ginger powder, an appropriate amount of sour plum vinegar and 8-12 parts of nutrient solution. The tea beverage powder with the function of relieving fatigue, which is prepared by adopting the preparation method, is rich and balanced in nutrients, convenient to store and transport and safe and sanitary to drink, can be drunk while brewing with mellow tea flavor and sweet mouthfeel, has the capabilities of relieving physical fatigue and visual fatigue and contributing to improving the memory and the liver function, and can be used for improving the physique and enhancing resistance to diseases after long-term drinking.
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