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Code symbol reading system employing dynamically-elongated laser scanning beams for improved levels of performance

A laser scanning bar code symbol reading system for scanning and reading poor quality and damaged bar code symbols in flexible operating conditions. The system includes a housing having a light transmission window; a dynamically-elongated laser beam production module, including a multi-cavity visible laser diode (VLD), for producing a dynamically-elongated laser beam having (i) a direction of propagation extending along a z reference direction, (ii) a height dimension being indicated by the y reference direction, and (iii) a width dimension being indicated by the x reference direction, where x, y and z directions are orthogonal to each other. Each dynamically-elongated laser beam is characterized by an elongation ratio (ER) that is defined as Y/X where, for any point within the working range of the laser scanning bar code symbol reading system, extending along the z direction, (i) Y indicates the beam height of the dynamically-elongated laser beam measured in the Y reference direction, (ii) X indicates the beam width of the dynamically-elongated laser beam measured in the X reference direction, and (iii) the beam height (Y) and the laser beam width (X) are measured at 1/e2 intensity clip level. A laser scanning mechanism is provided for scanning the dynamically-elongated laser beam out the light transmission window and across a scanning field defined external to the housing, in which a bar code symbol is present for scanning by the dynamically-elongated laser scanning beam.

System and method for composing menus of URL-encoded bar code symbols while surfing the internet using an internet browser program

A computer-based system is provided for composing menus of URL-encoded bar code symbols specifying the location of Internet-based information resources on the Internet. In the illustrative embodiment, the system comprises a computer system operably connectable to the Internet and including a visual display screen, a keyboard, and printer. The system also includes a GUI-based Internet browser program and a URL-menu composition program supported by the computer system. The function of the GUI-based Internet browser program is to enable a user to access and display Internet-based information resources stored on an Internet information server at a location specified by a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). The function of the URL-menu composition program is to enable the user to compose a menu of URL-encoded bar code symbols while surfing the Internet using the GUI-based Internet browser program. After the menu of URL-encoded bar code symbols has been composed, it may be edited and then printed on a selected print medium. By virtue of the present invention, any Internet-based information resource can be automatically accessed and displayed by reading its URL-encoded bar code symbol from the printed menu using a bar code symbol reader operably connected to an Internet-enabled computer system supporting a bar code driven Internet browser program.

Method and apparatus for drug product tracking using encoded optical identification elements

A method and apparatus for drug product tracking (or other pharmaceutical, health care or cosmetics products, and/or the packages or containers they are supplied with) using diffraction grating-based encoded optical identification elements 8 includes an optical substrate 10 having at least one diffraction grating 12 disposed therein. The grating 12 has one or more colocated pitches Λ which represent a unique identification digital code that is detected when illuminated by incident light 24. The incident light 24 may be directed transversely from the side of the substrate 10 (or from an end) with a narrow band (single wavelength) or multiple wavelength source, and the code is represented by a spatial distribution of light or a wavelength spectrum, respectively, or a combination thereof. The encoded element 8 may be used to label any desired item, such as drugs or medicines, or other pharmaceutical or health care products or cosmetics. The label may be used for many different purposes, such as for sorting, tracking, identification, verification, authentication, anti-theft/anti-counterfeit, security/anti-terrorism, or for other purposes. In a manufacturing environment, the elements 8 may be used to track inventory for production information or sales of goods/products. Such labeling provides product identification at the pill or liquid medicine level, which provides traceability of these products to their manufacturer, thereby reducing counterfeit products in the marketplace. Also, the elements 8 may be incorporated into a film, liquid, coating or adhesive tape at attached to the product package.
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