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Anchoring element for securing a rod of a device for adjusting a human or animal vertrebal column on a vertreba

The invention relates to an anchoring element for securing a rod of a device for adjusting a human or animal vertebral column on a vertebra, comprising a retaining means (10) for receiving the rod, a safety element (26) placed on the retaining means and working against the rod, a securing element (14) which can be placed on the body of the vertebra, and a clamping device (12) which is arranged between the retaining means (10) and the securing element (14), comprising a ring-shaped mount (32), a partially conical-segment shaped bearing (28) and an intermediate element (30) which is embedded in the mount (32) and which engages the bearing, whereby the mounting (32) is moveable in a removed state in relation to the bearing (28), whereas the mount (32) is maintained in a clamped state on the bearing (28) by means of the intermediate element (30). The mount (32) is rigidly connected to the retaining means (10) and the bearing (28) is rigidly connected to the securing element (14). In order to enable said type of anchoring element, despite the fact that it is displaceably retained, to transmit relatively large amounts of force from the rod to the body of the vertebra without causing slipping, the bearing (28) comprises flat guiding surfaces (38, 40) which are formed laterally on two opposite sides (34, 36), and the intermediate element (30) is provided with corresponding counter surfaces (50, 52).
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