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Dosage forms (also called unit doses) are pharmaceutical drug products in the form in which they are marketed for use, with a specific mixture of active ingredients and inactive components (excipients), in a particular configuration (such as a capsule shell, for example), and apportioned into a particular dose. For example, two products may both be amoxicillin, but one is in 500 mg capsules and another is in 250 mg chewable tablets. The term unit dose can also sometimes encompass non-reusable packaging as well (especially when each drug product is individually packaged), although the FDA distinguishes that by unit-dose "packaging" or "dispensing". Depending on the context, multi(ple) unit dose can refer to distinct drug products packaged together, or to a single drug product containing multiple drugs and/or doses. The term dosage form can also sometimes refer only to the pharmaceutical formulation of a drug product's constituent drug substance(s) and any blends involved, without considering matters beyond that (like how it is ultimately configured as a consumable product such as a capsule, patch, etc.). Because of the somewhat vague boundaries and unclear overlap of these terms and certain variants and qualifiers within the pharmaceutical industry, caution is often advisable when conversing with someone who may be unfamiliar with another person's use of the term.

Intraoral apparatus for non-invasive blood and saliva monitoring & sensing

InactiveUS20070106138A1Dental implantsFastening prosthesisControl specimenRegimen
Controlled-specimen-sampling oral devices are described, implanted or inserted into an oral cavity, built onto a prosthetic tooth crown, a denture plate, braces, a dental implant, or the like. The devices are replaced as needed. The controlled specimen sampling may be passive, based on a dosage form, or electro-mechanically controlled, for a high-precision, intelligent, specimen sampling. Additionally, the controlled sampling may be any one of the following: sampling in accordance with a preprogrammed regimen, sampling at a controlled rate, delayed sampling, pulsatile sampling, chronotherapeutic sampling, closed-loop sampling, responsive to a sensor's input, sampling on demand from a personal extracorporeal system, sampling regimen specified by a personal extracorporeal system, sampling on demand from a monitoring center, via a personal extracorporeal system, and sampling regimen specified by a monitoring center, via a personal extracorporeal system. Specimen collection in the oral cavity may be assisted or induced by a transport mechanism, such as any one of, or a combination of iontophoresis, electroosmosis, electrophoresis, electroporation, sonophoresis, and ablation. The oral devices require replacement at relatively long intervals of weeks or months. The oral devices and methods for controlled specimen sampling apply to humans and animals.
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