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Production methods fall into three main categories: job (one-off production), batch (multiple items, one step at a time for all items), and flow (multiple items, all steps in process at once for separate items).

Refinement production system and production method based on RFID and bar code fusion

The invention provides a refinement production system and a production method based on RFID and bar code fusion, wherein an RFID electronic tag is bound on the goods in process, the RFID electronic tag or a bar code can be selected randomly to be bound on the components and parts, thus being capable of effectively controlling production cost, being beneficial to carry out real time and effective collection on the information of goods in process and components and parts simultaneously, realizing accurate synchronization of material flow and information flow, and providing a possibility for therealization of refinement production for enterprises. The production method in the invention comprises the following steps: 1) binding the RFID electronic tags on the goods in process which enter a production line, and binding the bar codes or the RFID electronic tags on the components and parts; 2) when the components and parts which are pasted with bar codes or bound with the RFID electronic tags are on the production line, collecting the information of the components and parts to match with the information of the goods in process, and binding the information of components and parts with theinformation of the goods in process after matching successively; and 3) when the products are finally off the line, collecting the RFID electronic tag information which is bound on the goods in process and printing manufacturer certificates and bar codes.

Flexible general production line and production method of electronic product

The invention discloses a flexible general production line and a production method of an electronic product. The production line is characterized by comprising a main flow line and an intelligent control system of a flexible production line, wherein the main flow line comprises n independent functional module tables, at least one high-temperature aging table and a mobile conveying line; each functional module table has a same structure and comprises a scanner, a test part, a frock clamp operation part, a maintenance isolation part, a computer information system and a display; the high-temperature aging table comprises a high-temperature aging box body and a computer control system; and the computer information system of each functional module table and the computer control system of the high-temperature aging table are in two-way electric connection with the intelligent control system of the flexible production line respectively for information interaction, so intelligent control of the product in the whole production process is accomplished by verifying an identification code of each process of a produced target product and identifying whether the process is qualified. The functional module tables can be increased or decreased according to the type of the produced product, so that the formed production line is simple and convenient.
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