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Olefin Polymerization. Polyolefins, primarily polyethene (PE) and polypropene (PP), are among the most important end-products made from petrochemicals. PE can be made by radical polymerization or metal-catalyzed polymerization; for PP, only the metal-catalyzed route works.

Propylene copolymer, polypropylene composition, and uses thereof, transition metal compounds and catalyst for olefin polymerization

The present invention provides a propylene/1-butene random copolymer (PBR) having excellent flexibility, impact resistance, heat resistance and low-temperature heat-seal properties, a polypropylene composition containg the copolymer, a sheet, film or stretched film comprising the composition and a composite film having a layer of the composition. The propylene/1-butene random copolymer contains 60 to 90 mol % of propylene units and 10 to 40 mol % of 1-butene units and has a triad isotacticity of not less than 85% and not more than 97.5%, a molecular weight distribution (Mw/Mn) of from 1 to 3, an intrinsic viscosity of from 0.1 to 12 dl/g, a melting point (Tm) of from 40 to 120° C., and satisfies the following relation
146 exp(−0.022M)≧Tm≧125 exp(−0.032M)
wherein Tm represents a melting point and M (mol %) represents a content of 1-butene constituent units.
The invention, further, provides a transition metal compound useful as an olefin polymerization catalyst and an olefin polymerization catalyst containing the transition metal compound. The transition metal compound is represented by the following formula (2a):
wherein each of R1 and R3 is hydrogen, R2 and R4 are selected from a hydrocarbon group and silicon-containing group, R5 to R13 are selected from hydrogen, a hydrocarbon group and silicon-containing group, and adjacent substituent groups R5 to R12 may be linked to form a ring. R14 is an aryl group, and R13 and R14 may be linked to form a ring. M is a Group 4 transition metal, Y is a carbon atom, Q is halogen, etc, and j is an integer of 1 to 4.
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