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Waterproof roll capable of carrying out chemical bonding and physical crosslinking synergism with concrete

The invention discloses a wet-laying and pre-laying waterproof roll which is made by the following processes: dipping and coating a modified asphalt compound on a blank body, controlling the thickness and sizing, coating a membrane, rolling, and the like, wherein the modified asphalt compound contains modified asphalt, a plasticizer, an antioxidant, a functional auxiliary agent and a filling gent. A preparation method of the waterproof roll comprises the following steps: putting substrate asphalt in a reaction pot, adding a thickening agent, irregular polyethylene and styrene-polybutadiene-styrene segmented copolymer, evenly mixing, heating and stirring for 1.5-2 hours, then reducing the temperature to about 180 DEG C, adding padding, the plasticizer, the antioxidant and the functional auxiliary agent into the reaction pot and stirring for 0.5-1h, evenly mixing and modifying, then conveying into a colloid mill for repeatedly milling to the material, then dipping and coating the modified asphalt on the blank body, controlling the thickness, sizing, coating the membrane and rolling, and finally preparing the waterproof roll which has excellent performance and can carry out chemical bonding and physical crosslinking synergism with the concrete, namely, a CPS waterproof roll for short.

Roofing materials having engineered coatings

An asphalt-based roofing material includes a coating having a top portion containing a mixture of asphalt and igneous and/or metamorphic rock particles, while the mat portion of the coating contains a mixture of asphalt and a filler which contains less than 10% igneous and/or metamorphic rock particles. In other embodiments, the top portion but not the bottom portion of the coating meets or exceeds a pliability standard, passes a weathering performance test, or has a high solar reflectance. In another embodiment relating to a laminated roofing material, the top portion but not the bottom portion has viscoelastic properties effective to prevent the coating from sticking to an adjacent shingle in a bundle. The invention also relates to a continuous process of applying first and second coatings to a mat for manufacturing a roofing material. In a first coating operation, a first asphalt-based coating is continuously applied to a first surface of the mat so that the first coating saturates the mat and forms a layer on the first surface. In a second coating operation, a second asphalt-based coating is continuously applied to a second surface of the mat so that the second coating forms a layer on the second surface. The second coating has different properties from the first coating.
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