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Tannins (or tannoids) are a class of astringent, polyphenolic biomolecules that bind to and precipitate proteins and various other organic compounds including amino acids and alkaloids. The term tannin (from Anglo-Norman tanner, from Medieval Latin tannāre, from tannum, oak bark) refers to the use of oak and other bark in tanning animal hides into leather. By extension, the term tannin is widely applied to any large polyphenolic compound containing sufficient hydroxyls and other suitable groups (such as carboxyls) to form strong complexes with various macromolecules.

Aqueous acrylic acid series wooden ware sealing paint and method for preparing special emulsion thereof

The invention relates to aqueous acrylic acid series wooden ware sealing paint and a method for preparing special emulsion thereof. Nano emulsion with small particle diameter and narrow distribution is prepared by using an acrylic acid monomer containing multiple polar groups as a raw material. Multiple aids are added into the emulsion serving as a basic film-forming substance to form the novel aqueous wooden ware sealing paint. The polar functional groups on polymer molecule chains have good wetting property on wood, emulsion particles are easy to permeate into wood fiber conduits and quickly form films in conduit holes, and the paint can effectively prevent the moisture in the aqueous wooden ware paint from permeating into the wood and solves the problem of surface gully caused by the water-swelling wood; and meanwhile, the paint also can effectively seal the substances which are extremely easy to permeate to the outside such as turpentine, tannin and the like acknowledged in the wooden ware industry, and solves common problems for wide application of the aqueous wooden ware paint. The aqueous sealing paint also can be used for a solvent type paint coating system, and effectively prevents a large amount of solvent in the solvent type paint from penetrating into the wood during coating.

Sterile polymerized covering dressing for wound surface

The invention provides a sterile polymerized covering for a wound surface-medical wet dressing for a burn wound, a preparation method of the dressing, and application. The dressing comprises the following components: 10 to 30g of chitosan, 30 to 80g of polyving akohol, 5 to 10g of alginate, 5 to 15g of isomaltose hypgather, 2 to 6g of carbomer 940, 2 to 5g of gelatin, 5 to 10g of sodium carboxymethylcellulose, 10 to 30g of glycerol, and 0.01 to 0.2g of menthol; 15 to 60g of condensed tannin which is remarkable in treatment can be selectively added; and a skin penetration enhancer or an appearance conditioning agent also can be selectively added. The dressing can be prepared into an irregular dressing in order to be suitable for the wound surfaces in irregular and special positions and also can be prepared into a solid plate-shaped dressing which can be shorn at random. According to the sterile polymerized covering dressing for the wound surface, the freezing and thawing technology and the irradiating technology are combined and cross-linked to realize the preparation, and the defects of the prior art can be overcome. The dressing is high in biocompatibility, free from toxicity and sensitization and high in mechanical strength and comfort level, is out of adhering during the process of being replaced after being attached for a long time, and is a nonantigenic protective barrier which has the effect of resisting and inhibiting bacteria.

Persimmon powder and production process thereof

InactiveCN101328194ARetain bioactive ingredientsExcellent enzymatic hydrolysis processGlycosidesGlycosideChemical reactionFiltration
The invention discloses persimmon powder and a production technique thereof. The technique comprises the following steps that: after extraction of juice from persimmon, the juice undergoes zymohydrolysis, filtration, enzyme killing and concentration; after vacuum freeze drying of a concentrated solution, powdery materials with a tannin weight content between 1 and 99 percent are prepared; and the dissolution rate of the powdery materials in water is more than or equal to 50 percent. Compared with the prior art, the technique applies the technologies of zymohydrolysis and vacuum freeze drying in processing and production of persimmons, and selects the superior zymohydrolysis technology to perform cellular level processing on the persimmons on the premise that the compositions of the persimmons are researched; auxiliary materials used by the processing are ecological and environment-friendly and has no chemical pollution, and finished products are superior natural nontoxic chemical raw materials; and the materials are dried by adoption of the vacuum freeze drying technology, thereby the biological active ingredients of the materials are reserved to the maximum degree and the materials are easier to dissolve in water, consequently the materials are convenient to perform various chemical reactions so as to be widely applied in the chemical production. Moreover, the technique greatly releases the pressure of farmers for selling fresh fruit, and raw materials can be purchased from the farmers during the fruit thinning period; and the products obtained can be used for manufacturing cosmetics, recovering heavy metals in sewage, preventing the materials from being corroded, etc, and have a wide market prospect.

High temperature resistant well-cementing spacer fluid and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a high temperature resistant well-cementing spacer fluid and a preparation method thereof. The spacer fluid consists of: 100 parts by weight of fresh water, 2-8 parts by weight of a suspending agent, 2-10 parts by weight of a diluents, 25-400 parts by weight of a weighting agent, and 1-15 parts by weight of a flushing agent. Specifically, the suspending agent is composed of 100 parts by weight of OCMA bentonite, 2 parts by weight of hydroxypropyl guar gum and 8 parts by weight of xanthan gum; the diluent is composed of 100 parts by weight of sodium lignin sulfonate and 20 parts by weight of sulfonated tannin; the flushing agent consists of 40 parts by weight of fatty alcohol-polyoxyethylene ether, 40 parts by weight of triethanolamine oleate and 20 parts by weight of sodium tripolyphosphate; and the weighting material is barite. The spacer fluid has stable performance under 180DEG C high temperature condition, still has good rheological performance under the premise of ensuring the system good suspension stability, is compatible with conventional cement slurry and drilling fluid systems, improves the rheological properties of drilling fluid, enhances the displacement efficiency, and reinforces the cementation quality of a cement ring with a well cementation first interface and a second interface.

Rust transforming agent

InactiveCN102191492AInhibition of the cathodic reaction processAvoid corrosionMetallic material coating processesHexamethylenetetramineGlycerol
The invention discloses a rust transforming agent. The rust transforming agent consists of pre-treatment liquid and post treatment liquid, wherein the pre-treatment liquid is prepared from the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 19 to 22 percent of metal iron powder, 9 to 11 percent of urotropin, 9 to 11 percent of glycerol and 58 to 61 percent of water; the post treatment liquid is prepared from the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 45.5 to 47.5 percent of polyphosphoric acid, 37 to 40 percent of water, 2.5 to 3.5 percent of manganese carbonate, 8 to 10 percent of acetic acid and 4 to 5 percent of tannin. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: the preparation steps of the pre-treatment liquid, namely getting water in proportion, adding the urotropin into the water in proportion, adding the glycerol into the mixture in proportion, and adding the pure iron powder into the mixture in proportion; and the preparation steps of the post treatment liquid, namely adding the polyphosphoric acid in proportion, adding the water in proportion, adding the acetic acid in proportion, adding the manganese carbonate in proportion, adding the tannin in proportion, and stirring the mixture for 2 to 3 minutes. The using method of the rust transforming agent comprises the following steps of: brushing a relatively thin layer of pre-treatment liquid onto the surface of rusting iron and steel; spraying the post treatment liquid onto the rusting iron and steel one hour later; and staying the rusting iron and steel for 24 hours to obtain an integrated rust transforming film. The rust transforming agent is convenient to use and the rust-preventing period is long.

Medicament and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN103372178AUnique hydrophilic penetrating ingredientsRealize multi-target targeted recognitionHeavy metal active ingredientsHydroxy compound active ingredientsAdditive ingredientCranial nerves
The invention relates to the field of health products, and discloses a medicament. The medicament comprises main components of natural precious herbs such as morinda officinalis, herba cistanche, gastrodia elata, eucommia ulmoides, polygonum multiflorum, saffron crocus, medlar, angelica sinensis, rhizoma polygonati, pseudo-ginseng, lucid ganoderma, ginseng and the like. The invention also discloses the content of each component. The medicament comprises a plurality of effective ingredients of panaxoside, panaxadiol saponin and the like, has the functions of improving blood microcirculation, relieving and balancing cranial nerve, smoothing lymph to expel toxin, and promoting metabolism, contains starch, protein, fat, tannin, flavonoids compounds, phenolic compound and trace volatile oil, and also contains microelements iron, zinc and the like with biological activity; the leaf and stem contain a little of alkaloid, which has the functions of whitening the skin, resisting fatigue and caducity, improving mental sleep, physical power and function, and the like. The invention also discloses a preparation method of the medicament disclosed by the invention. The method comprises the steps of selecting materials, cleaning, fertilizing, drying and mechanically crushing. The process is advanced and unique; the dosage form can be changed; any other chemical reagent is not added; the medicament is environment-friendly.
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