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Fruit and vegetable jam and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a fruit and vegetable jam and a preparation method thereof. The fruit and vegetable jam is characterized by being prepared from the following components: 50-99.8% of fruit and vegetable concentrated pulps, 0.01-0.5% of Sodium D-isoascorbate or vitamin C, 0.01-0.5% of citric acid and 0-49.8% of syrup or substitute sugar. The preparation method comprises the following steps:pulping or juicing fruits and vegetables, and then concentrating the pulped or juiced fruits and vegetables 0-10 times; evenly stirring the components in proportion, and sterilizing the components atthe temperature of 75-132 DEG C for 2 seconds-50 minutes; and cooling the sterilized fruit and vegetable pulp to 20-45 DEG C, inoculating lactic acid bacteria into the sterilized and cooled fruit andvegetable pulp at a ratio of 103-109 cfu/mL, and fermenting the pulp at the temperature of 25-45 DEG C for 6-96 hours until the pH value is 2.5-5.0. The method has the following characteristics: (1) obtaining natural tender tart flavor is obtained, the astringent flavor of the fruits and the wild artemisia flavor of the vegetables are effectively removed; (2) by means of lactic acid bacteria fermentation, the content of amino acid in the fruits and vegetables can be improved by more than 20%, the contents of substances with special flavor are improved by more than 30%, and the flavor and taste of products are effectively improved; (3) nutrient components in the fruits and vegetables, such as vitamins, dietary fibers and the like, in the fruits and vegetables are fully maintained; and (4) the quality guarantee period of food is prolonged, and corruption is avoided.

Production method for tea vinegar drink

The invention discloses a production method for a tea vinegar drink, and relates to the technical field of processing of drinks. The tea vinegar drink is mainly prepared from tea, momordica grosvenori, white sugar, mountain spring water and acetic acid bacterium. The production method comprises the following steps: after the momordica grosvenori is smashed, the tea, the momordica grosvenori, the white sugar, the mountain spring water and the acetic acid bacterium are respectively weighed, and the weighed raw materials are placed in a pot and boiled to obtain an extract liquid; an acetic acid bacterium strain accounting for 2-3 percent of the total weight of the raw materials is -inoculated, covered and fermented, the product temperature is controlled to be 16-28 DEG C, and the fermentation lasts 10-25 days; acid adjustment is performed on a fermented and obtained feed liquid, the total acid content of the feed liquid is controlled within a range of 0.3-1 g/100ml, and the soluble solid is controlled within a range of 3-5 percent; the tea vinegar drink is obtained via vacuum and sterile filling after the liquid is sterilized. The invention discloses the tea vinegar drink integrating multiple functions of nutrition and health care, vegetal syrup is used as an acetic acid bacteria culture medium for fermentation, the produced tea vinegar drink contains various spicy substances and nutrient ingredients of the tea, the momordica grosvenori and acetate acid, and is good in flavor and high in quality.

Preparation method of active lactobacillus pickle pickling liquor

Belonging to the technical fields of biology and food, the invention relates to a preparation method of an active lactobacillus pickle pickling liquor. The method includes: taking a fermentation pickling solution of pickled pepper, a fermentation pickling solution of pickled capsicum frutescens and cold boiled water as raw material water, subjecting the pickling solutions to rough filtration, and mixing them with the cold boiled water uniformly, then carrying out cooling and high speed centrifugation degerming, and adding a direct vat set lactobacillus starter, thus obtaining the pickling liquor. The method provided in the invention realizes standardized preparation of pickling liquor, ensures the viable count of lactobacilli in the pickling liquor, endows the newly prepared pickling liquor with the flavor of aged pickling liquor and better flavor. At the same time, the use problem of the pickling solutions of pepper and capsicum frutescens is solved, the environmental pollution caused by emission and the potential safety hazard caused by repeated use in the next year can be avoided, so that the biological safety, quality and homogeneity of the product are significantly improved. Further, upgrading and industrial, large-scale and standardized production of traditional active lactobacillus pickles can be realized.

Production method of high-salt diluted and low-temperature fragrant soy sauce

The invention discloses a production method of a high-salt diluted and low-temperature fragrant soy sauce, which comprises the following steps of: (1) curing raw materials including wheat and defatted soybeans, and then uniformly mixing the wheat and the defatted soybeans; (2) inoculating aspergillus oryzae strains to the obtained raw material mixture so as to obtain a yeast; (3) cultivating the yeast for 44-48 hours at a temperature of 25-30 DEG C so as to obtain a mature yeast; (4) adding 2.0-2.5 weight times of saline water into the mature yeast so as to obtain a raw soy sauce mash; (5) moving the raw soy sauce mash to the inside of an airtight fermentation tank for fermenting: firstly fermenting for 23-27 days at a temperature of 13-17 DEG C, then continuing to ferment at a temperature of 28-32 DEG C, and on the 28-32nd days, adding mixed fermentation strains into the fermentation tank and continuing to ferment; in the process of fermentation, stirring by using a compressed air flow; and fermenting for more than six months so as to obtain a mature soy sauce mash; and (6) squeezing and filtering the mature soy sauce mash so as to obtain the low-temperature fragrant soy sauce. According to the invention, the conversion rate of proteins in raw materials is high, and the contents of ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, soybean peptides and soybean oligosaccharides in the prepared soy sauce are high.

Method for producing convenient nutritive rice-tea and product

The invention belongs to the food processing technical field, substantially relates to the production method of a convenient nutrition rice tea and the product; the method of the invention is as follows: the raw materials is cleaned, roasted and crushed; and the invention is characterized in that: the raw materials is rice, brown rice or cracked grain; firstly, the raw materials is added with water so as to germinate or ferment, and then are roasted into golden brown with typical rice flavour under 150 DEG C to 250 DEG C, afterwards, which is refrigerated and crushed, and is filtered by an analysis sieve of 10 to 80 meshes, so that the rice flour material is made for standby; lotus seed core,liquorice or honeysuckle are roasted into liquid water content of lower 8% respectively, and then are filtered by the analysis sieve of 10 to 80 meshes for standby; according to the parts by weight, the rice flour material of 40 to 60 parts, the lotus seed core of 0 to 2.0 parts, the liquorice of 0 to 2.0 parts, the honeysuckle of 0 to 2.0 parts or(and)fried rice compound perfume are mixed evenly, and then are packed in ration, thereby the convenient rice tea is got. Compared with the prior technology, the invention adds raw materials ferment or gemmation processing, and increases the ingredients of Chinese medicine which has health care function, therefore, the nutrition of the rice tea can be added and the taste of the rice tea is rich.
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