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This medication is used to relieve dry, irritated eyes.

Hormone hydrogel rooting film

The invention discloses a hormone hydrogel rooting film, which is prepared by the steps of: swelling polyvinyl alcohol at normal temperature for 30min, and heating for completely dissolving polyvinyl alcohol to obtain a transparent liquid; cooling, adjusting the pH value of the solution with concentrated hydrochloric acid, adding glycerol and reacting to prepare a hydrogel liquid; and adding hormone to the hydrogel liquid and stirring. When in use, the hormone hydrogel rooting film is spread on the surface of a hard branch cutting shoot, so that a gel film is formed on the surface of the hard branch cutting shoot above the ground so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the moisture of the cutting shoot from dissipation, and a gel film is formed on the surface of the hard branch cutting shoot under the ground so as to keep a moisture state in soil and play a role of slowly releasing hormone to stimulate the rooting of the cutting shoot, thus the rooting critical stage of the hard branch cutting shoot is prolonged and the rooting survival rate of the hard branch cutting shoot is improved. The technical scheme disclosed by the invention is simple and convenient, high in raising seedling survival rate and significant in economic and social benefits, and saves seedling-raising investment by more than 10%.

Method for preparing medical porous tantalum implant material

The invention discloses a method for preparing a medical porous tantalum material. The method comprises the following steps of: mixing a poly ethanol aqueous solution and tantalum powder to obtain slurry, wherein the mass concentration of the poly ethanol aqueous solution is 2 to 8 percent; injecting the slurry into an organic foam by vibrating and pressurizing, wherein the vibrating frequency is 20 to 80 times/min; drying; degreasing; sintering, namely raising temperature to 1,500 to 1,800 DEG C at the speed of 10 to 20 DEG C/min under the vacuum degree of 10<-4> to 10<-3>Pa, preserving heat for 120 to 240 minutes, cooling to 200 to 300 DEG C along with a furnace, raising temperature to 1,500 to 1,800 DEG C at the speed of 10 to 20 DEG C/min again, preserving heat for 180 to 240 minutes, raising temperature to 2,000 to 2,200 DEG C at the speed of 5 to 10 DEG C/min, and preserving heat for 120 to 360 minutes; cooling; and performing thermal treatment, namely raising temperature to 800 to 900 DEG C at the speed of 10 to 20 DEG C/min under the vacuum degree of 10<-4> to 10<-3> Pa, preserving heat for 240 to 480 minutes, cooling to 400 DGE C at the speed of 2 to 5 DGE C/min, preserving heat for 120 to 300 minutes, and cooling to room temperature along with the furnace. The porous tantalum prepared by the method is very suitable to be used for the medical implant material for replacing bearing bone tissues, and biocompatibility and the mechanical property can be guaranteed simultaneously.

Light-transmitting and/or coated article with removable protective coating and methods of making the same

A method and coating are provided for temporarily protecting a substrate or article during shipping, handling or storage by applying a removable protective coating over at least a portion of the substrate. The substrate may be flat or curved and may have zero, one or more functional coatings. A plurality of substrates with the protective coating of the invention may be arranged in a shipping container so that the protective coating reduces the possibility of damage to the substrate or optional functional coating. In one embodiment, the protective coating is the evaporation or reaction product of an aqueous coating composition containing a polyvinyl alcohol polymer which may be subsequently removed by aqueous washing, thermal decomposition or combustion. In another embodiment, the protective coating is formed by sputtering a substantially carbon coating onto the substrate. The carbon coating is subsequently removed by combustion. The protective coating may have identification materials, such as colorants or fragrance materials, such that different types of substrates and/or functional coatings can be distinguished from each other. Additionally, the temporary protective coating can improve the heating of a functionally coated glass substrate.

Preparation method of macromolecule activated carbon composite filler

The invention discloses a preparation method of macromolecule activated carbon composite filler. The preparation method comprises the following steps: fixing fungi with special effect, which is cultured for harmful pollutant, into powdery activated carbon by adopting a microorganism fixing method, then mixing a macromolecule material prepared from polyving akohol and sodium alga acid with activated carbon particles by adopting a crosslinking method, and fixing a mixture on an corrosion-resistant fabric vector with a certain shape, thereby preparing the fixed biological compound filler. The macromolecule activated carbon composite filler provided by the invention has high resilience, is internally provided with a rich net-shaped structure and is beneficial to the adherence and growth of cells; the types and quantity of effective degraded fungi can be controlled, the processing capability of equipment can be greatly improved, the time at the initial stage of starting of waste gas biological processing equipment is shortened, due to large increase in effective area and effective fungus types, the occupied areas and the investment expense during the waste gas processing are reduced compared with those of a common biological method, so that the preparation method of the macromolecule activated carbon composite filler has important popularization value.
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