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Method for extracting gas from high gas low permeability coal seam by punching, slotting, pressure releasing, and permeability increasing

The invention discloses a method for extracting gas from high gas low permeability coal seam by punching, slotting, pressure releasing and permeability increasing, comprising the following steps: whena drill is drilled into a predetermined position of the coal seam, coal bodies at both sides of a drill hole are cut in the drill hole by high pressure water jet with a certain pressure and flow; a flat slot is formed at both sides of the drill hole; the cut coal bodies is led out the hole by the high pressure water jet. The exposed area of the coal body at the slotted part in the drill hole aregreatly increased, namely that an extremely thin protective layer is exploited with local scope of the flat slot, which enlarges effective influential range of pressure releasing, permeability increasing and gas discharging of the coal bodies in the drill hole, thus the air permeability of the coal bodies is increased about 200-300 times, the average amount of single-hole gas extraction reaches 0.3m<3>/min, the concentration of the gas extraction is 30-60%, gas drainage rate of working face of coal extraction is more than 50%, the number of drill holes for gas drainage is reduced by 10-20% after slotting, pressure releasing and permeability increasing. The method realizes the safety, high efficiency and uniform extraction of the gas from the high gas low permeability outburst coal seam, and changes high gas coal seam with outburst danger into low gas coal seam without outburst danger.

Automatic monitoring system for down-hole central pumping room drainage

The invention relates to an underground central pump room draining automatic monitoring system, which comprises a PLC control cabinet, a remote expanding module, a site data bus, a contact screen, an analog quantity and switching value input module, various monitoring probes, a travel switch, a level instrument and an executable section. A monitoring net adopts a form of combining a PROFIBUS DP site data bus and an industrial ethernet. A monitoring method for the system comprises: (1) monitoring the absorbing well water level; (2) monitoring the state for starting a high pressure switching cabinet by a water pump; (3) judging the valve levels of a gate valve, a ball valve of a water jet pumping device and a water distribution gate; (4) judging the valve levels of a vacuum pump ball valve; (5) measuring each equipment temperature measuring point; (6) measuring signals of a pressure sensor and a negative pressure sensor; (7) judging system faults; (8) automatically controlling the start-stop and operation numbers of the water pumps according to the absorbing well water level conditions; and (9) setting power supply peak avoiding time periods, and automatically selecting starting time and numbers of a pump. The system improves the system working reliability, reduces the equipment fault rate, and adopts a three-stage monitoring structure for a draining system.

On-site land mine removal system

A method of deactivating land mines buried in ground comprises projecting high-pressure water jets into ground, cutting through ground with the high-pressure water jets, and making at least one cut through a land mine or cutting through at least one land mine that had been under the ground, the cutting of the land mine reducing the performance of the land mine. The method may reduce the performance of the land mine by rendering the land mine inactive to normal detonation procedures for the land mine. To reach as many surface areas on the buried landmines, it is preferable that at least two high-pressure water jets are spaced apart are used to cut through the ground. The method may be practiced with the high-pressure water jet being carried on a vehicle and cutting is done in a line that is formed at least in part by movement of the vehicle over the ground while the high-pressure water jet is cutting ground. An apparatus for the reduction in effectiveness of land mines buried in ground may comprise a self-contained push-cart unit or a unit attached or attachable to a vehicle. A complete system could comprise a vehicle having a source of liquid, a high-pressure pump to move the liquid under high pressure, a nozzle directing a liquid jet path for the liquid, a support for the nozzle, abrasive delivery system, and nozzle being controllable to direct the liquid towards the ground while the nozzle is fixed relative to the vehicle.

High-pressure pneumatic blasting pressure relieving and transmission increasing method

ActiveCN102852506ARealize pressure relief and anti-reflectionRelief and anti-reflection achieveDisloding machinesFluid removalEngineeringHigh pressure water
The invention provides a high-pressure pneumatic blasting pressure relieving and transmission increasing method, comprising the steps of constructing a blasting drill hole in a coal layer, and carrying out high-pressure water jet seam cutting operation in the blasting drill hole at intervals, so that a lead seam groove is formed in a coal body around the blasting drill hole; feeding a blasting steel pipe with plugged top part into the blasting drill hole, forming a plurality of air vents at the front part of the blasting steel pipe, and sealing a section inside a hole opening of the blasting drill hole by 8-10 m, so as to form a cement plug; and connecting the blasting steel pipe with a high-pressure air station through a pipeline at the exposed end of the blasting steel pipe, and opening a valve arranged on the pipeline to inject high-pressure gas, so that the high-pressure gas is jetted by the blasting steel pipe from the air vents. On the basis of forming cracks and fractures formed in the fractures and cutting grooves of the original coal body, the high-pressure gas instantly impacts the blasting effect, so that the cracks and the fractures can be continuously expanded, and a lot of new fractures can be generated. Finally, a mutually communicated large fracture screen is formed in the coal body by using the blasting drill hole as a center, so that the purpose of pressure relief and transmission increase of the coal body can be realized. Furthermore, the high-pressure pneumatic blasting pressure relieving and transmission increasing method has the advantages of simple operation, easiness of realization and obvious effect.
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