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1936results about "Conductive layers on insulating-supports" patented technology

Flexible conductive thin film compositing two-dimensional graphene and one-dimensional nanowire and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a flexible conductive thin film compositing a two-dimensional graphene and a one-dimensional nanowire and a preparation method of the flexible conductive thin film. The preparation method includes the following steps: dispersing the graphene, the nanowire and dispersion auxiliary in solvent, obtaining graphene/nanowire solvent which is well dispersed after the solvent is processed through ultrasound concussion, and obtaining a graphene/nanowire composite thin film after the graphene/nanowire solvent is processed through vacuum filtration and drying. The thickness of the composite thin film is 10 nanometers to 1000 micrometers, the composite thin film has good strength and flexibility, square resistance is between 0.001 ohm per square and 3000 ohms per square, and electrical conductivity is between 0.01 siemens per centimeter to 5000 siemens per centimeter. The graphene/nanowire composite thin film which is obtained with the adoption of the preparation method has good strength, flexibility, and electrical conductivity, and is controllable in thickness, cuttable in shape, simple in preparing process, easy to operate, low in manufacturing cost, and suitable for solar batteries, energy storage, heat dissipation, catalysis, sensing, and conductive composite material fields.

Graphical flexible transparent conductive film and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a graphical flexibility transparent conductive film and a preparation method of the graphical flexible transparent conductive film, comprising a flexible transparent substrate, transparent embossing glue and a conductive material embedded in the transparent embossing glue from bottom to top; a graphical and communicated groove network is formed on the surface of the transparent embossing glue, the sum of the areas outside the groove network accounts for more than 80 percent of total superficial area of the film, and the depth of the groove is less than the thickness ofthe transparent embossing glue; the conductive material is respectively conductive ink and a conductive film before and after sintering, the conductive ink is uniformly filled at the bottom of the groove network and is communicated, and the thickness of the conductive film is less than the depth of the groove, and the film is provided with a conductive network covered by the conductive film and alight-transmitting area outside the groove network. Besides, in the invention, a design scheme of the conductive network is provided, and the preparation is realized based on the technologies such asembossing, conductive ink scraping and the like; the graphical flexibility transparent conductive film and the preparation method of the graphical flexible transparent conductive film have the beneficial effects that the scratching-prevention scraping-resisting characteristics of the film are greatly improved and the electric conductivity of the transparent conductive film is improved to the maximum extent.

Conducting film and preparation method thereof and touch screen comprising the same

The invention discloses a conducting film which comprises a base sheet, a first conducting layer, a substrate layer and a second conducting layer, wherein the base sheet comprises a first surface and a second surface which is arranged opposite to the first surface, and the first conducting layer is embedded in the base sheet. The substrate layer is attached to the first surface of the base sheet and is formed by curing a jelly like substance coated on the first surface. The second conducting layer is embedded in the substrate layer and is insulated from the first conducting layer by the substrate layer. Due to the fact that capacitance can form between the first conducting layer and the second conducting layer, when the conducting film is used for manufacturing a touch screen, two conducting films do not need to be combined together in a bonding mode, and all that is needed is to attach the conducting film to a glass panel. In addition, the substrate layer is formed by curing the jelly like substance coated on the base sheet, the thickness is far smaller than that of the base sheet, and therefore the touch screen made of the conducting film has a quite small thickness. Moreover, the invention further provides a preparation method of the conducting film and the touch screen comprising the conducting film.
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