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Wireless sound system for transmitting audio based on WIFI and application method of wireless sound system

The invention relates to the field of sound boxes, in particular to a wireless sound system for transmitting sound based on WIFI and an application method of the wireless sound system. The wireless sound system comprises wireless sound boxes, an intelligent terminal and a Wechat application server. The wireless sound boxes are used for providing internet access and a WIFI local area network, connected with the intelligent terminal, and further used for being connected with the Wechat application server and uploading device information of the intelligent terminal. The intelligent terminal is used for establishing signal connection with the wireless sound boxes and sending play control tasks to the wireless sound boxes. The Wechat application server is used for preserving the device information and further used for being connected with the intelligent terminal, receiving the play control tasks and sending the play control tasks to the corresponding wireless sound boxes. One wireless sound box with the routing function serves as the main body in the multiple wireless sound boxes and the other wireless sound boxes are auxiliary bodies so that the wireless sound system can be formed, independent utilization of the sound boxes is supported as well, wired access, wireless bridging and other internet access functions are provided, pavement cost of sound equipment is reduced, the trouble of circuit pavement is saved, and the application range of the sound system is widened.

Distribution network fault distance measurement method based on fault transient state traveling wave zero-mode and aerial-mode speed difference

InactiveCN103884963AOvercoming the small scope of applicationIncrease the scope of applicationFault locationWave speedDistribution networks
The invention discloses a distribution network fault distance measurement method based on a fault transient state traveling wave zero-mode and aerial-mode speed difference. The method mainly includes the steps that the arrival moment t1 of an aerial-mode wave head and the arrival moment t0 of a zero-mode wave head are marked respectively, and the difference delta t of the time used for a zero-mode traveling wave to arrive at a measurement end and the time used for an aerial-mode traveling wave to arrive at the measurement end is obtained in a calculated mode; a typical fault distance is set to be Sk in a simulation or on-site test, the moment t0k at which the zero-mode wave head arrives at a measurement point is recorded, the speed v0k of the zero-mode traveling wave corresponding to the fault distance Sk is obtained, and a set of data related to the corresponding relationship between fault distances S and zero-mode detection wave speeds are obtained; by means of an obtained analytical expression, an iterative formula of the fault distance is obtained, and the corresponding fault distance is solved. According to the distribution network fault distance measurement method based on the fault transient state traveling wave zero-mode and aerial-mode speed difference, the defects that the application range is small, timeliness is poor and accuracy is low in the prior art can be overcome, and the method has the advantages of being large in application range, good in timeliness and high in accuracy.

System and method for low-cost and efficient separation and obtaining of single cell

ActiveCN104877898AImprove degree and precisionIncrease the scope of applicationBioreactor/fermenter combinationsFungiMicrofluidic chipDroplet microfluidics
According to the present invention, based on a liquid droplet microfluidic chip technology, a system and a method for low-cost and efficient separation and obtaining of single cell is designed and constructed. The system comprises a microfluidic chip, a liquid droplet signal detector, a signal analysis and sorting control unit, an electromagnetic valve, a conduct pipe, and a liquid droplet collection micro-pipe. The single cell separation process comprises that: liquid droplets wrapping cells are subjected to online continuous generation and directional flow, signal acquisition and analysis and sorting control are performed when passing through a signal acquisition zone, and when the sorting condition (for example: the liquid droplet only warps single cell) is met, the work of the electromagnetic valve is controlled to make the force applying state and the flow direction of the liquid droplet be changed so as to separate and collect the single liquid droplet, such that the obtaining of the single cell can be achieved through the de-emulsification, the extraction and other operations. According to the technical method of the present invention, a set of the simple and feasible system and the simple and feasible method suitable for the liquid droplet sorting, cell separation and single cell obtaining of different detection methods are provided, and the method has advantages of high efficiency, short time consumption, low cost, no pollution, wide application range, strong extensibility and the like compared with the traditional single cell obtaining method.

Deep building pit trussed-beam inner support integral application pre-stress method

The present invention relates to a method for wholly exerting pre-stress to the trussed internal bearing in the deep foundation pitch. The method comprises the following steps: installing an internal bearing which is composed of a principal top brace, a diagonal rod and a web rod or composed of a principal top brace and a web rod, and installing the trussed internal bearing between two pit walls of the deep foundation pitches; (2) installing a pre-stress force-transferring seat along the axial direction of the principal top brace on each principal top brace; (3) arranging a jack along the axial direction between two pre-stress force-transferring seats of each principal top brace; and (4) cutting off the principal top brace between two force-transferring seats of each principal top brace, exerting pre-stress with the jack, and when the pre-stress which should be exerted is obtained, reinforcing and welding the gap which is between the fracture surface of the cut principal top brace and is generated by exerting pre-stress with the steel material. The method has the advantages of quick installation, short time period for exerting pre-stress, being able to counteracting the compressing deformation of the member bar, and being able to quickly and effectively control the deformation in the deep foundation pitch.

A monitoring method and system based on heterogeneous network

The present invention discloses a monitoring method based on a heterogeneous network. The public network segment of the heterogeneous network contains an independent public network server with a fixed IP address, a router with the function of network port mapping, which can send UDP data packages back and forth among client ends, a front-end server and the public network server, and the monitoring method applying callback technology and transcoding technology to realize direct transmission of monitoring data in the heterogeneous network. Meanwhile, the present invention also discloses a monitoring system based on the heterogeneous network, the public network server is connected with the front-end server system and the client-end systems via an IP network, and the front-end server system and the client-end systems are connected with one another via the UDP network protocol. The front-end server in which an embedded media processor and an embedded realtime multitask operating system are built is used to process the received front-end system data that is then sent to client ends, and therefore the system is enabled to support spot management and automatic alarming and support multiple platforms, network protocols, devices and access mothods and multi-point simultaneous access.

Terrain auxiliary navigation method based on mixture of terrain contour matching (TERCOM) algorithm and particle filtering

ActiveCN102426018AImprove positioning accuracy and reliabilityIncrease the scope of applicationInstruments for comonautical navigationPosition errorLogical shift
The invention provides a terrain auxiliary navigation method based on mixture of a terrain contour matching (TERCOM) algorithm and particle filtering, aiming at solving the problems of large initial position error and the diffusing of a wave filter when an aircraft flies at high maneuverability in a flat terrain region. The navigation method comprises a searching mode, a tracking mode, a losing mode and mode logical shift. In the searching mode, measurement information is processed in batches respectively by a mean absolute deviation (MAD) algorithm, a mean-square deviation (MSD) algorithm and a cross correlation (COR) algorithm, and initial positioning is quickly and exactly realized under the large initial position error according to a consistent voting algorithm; under the tracking mode, the measurement information is processed in a recurrence way by means of particle filtering, and the continuous matching and position can be realized under the tracking mode; and the searching mode is shifted into the tracking mode after the initial positioning is realized by the losing mode and the mode logical shift, and the tracking mode is shift to be the searching mode after pseudo positioning exists. The continuous positioning under the large initial position error can be guaranteed to be stably and reliably realized.

Simple monitoring device for earth surface cracks

The invention discloses a simple monitoring device for earth surface cracks. The device includes a convergence instrument, a geological compass and two fixed rods, the two fixed rods are located at two sides of an earth surface crack, and a connecting line of the two fixed rods is vertical to an earth surface crack trend; hooks on two ends of the convergence instrument are hung on the tops of the two fixed rods, and the geological compass is close to a steel ruler of the convergence instrument too measure an azimuth angle of the connecting line of the fixed rods; the fixed rods adopt hollow stainless steel tubes, reflective paints are painted on surfaces of upper parts of the stainless steel tubes, and tail ends of the stainless steel tubes are diagonal planes convenient to insert in soil mass; the stainless steel tube and an edge of the earth surface crack of the same side have an interval of at least 1m; the tops of the stainless steel tubes are 0.3 to 0.7m from an earth surface; and the hook of one end of the convergence instrument is extended through a connecting rod. The simple monitoring device for earth surface cracks only needs to firmly hammer the stainless steel tubes into the soil mass, and thus construction is very simple; and the device can be used repeatedly, thereby reducing monitoring cost.

Method for measuring multiphase flow based on multi-section impedance type long-waist inner core and related speed measurement

The invention belongs to the technical field of fluid measurement, and relates to a method for measuring a multiphase flow based on a multi-section impedance type long-waist inner core and related speed measurement. An adopted sensor comprises a cone throttling member, a shrinkage pressure drop differential pressure transmitter, a permanent pressure loss differential pressure transmitter and an electrical sensitive sensor. The method comprises the following steps of: acquiring two pairs of differential pressure signals generated by the cone throttling member; acquiring an electrical signal byusing the electrical sensitive sensor; calculating volume flow of mixed fluid according to a correlation method; measuring data according to the differential pressure signals and the electrical signal; classifying, identifying and prejudging a flow pattern by using a support vector machine; measuring dielectric constant of the mixed fluid by using a capacitive model; measuring conductivity of themixed fluid by using a conductivity model; and calculating a procedure parameter of an oil-gas-water flow. The method is not influenced in spite of conductivity of a continuous phase of the multiphase flow, and has the characteristics of high measuring accuracy, high reliability, more acquirable measuring information and the like.

Method for co-producing furfural and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural by using lignocellulose-containing biomass

The invention discloses a method for efficiently co-producing furfural (FF) and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) by taking lignocellulosic-containing biomass as a raw material. By adopting the method, the HMF and the FF are prepared with high yield through one step by catalyzing the biomass, wherein in the catalyzing process, the biomass containing cellulose and hemicellulose is used as a reaction raw material, acid salt of polyatomic acid is used as a catalyst, and a fixed bed is used as a reactor. Compared with other technologies for biomass resource utilization, the method has the significant advantages that the lignocellulose biomass which has a wide resource and is low in price is used as the raw material; the used catalyst is low in price and environment-friendly; organic solvents which are used in the conventional process for preparing the HMF are not required; a product is taken out of the reactor by carrier gas, so that the catalyst is directly separated from the product; the catalyst is recycled by recrystallizing washed residues, so that the problem of catalyst recycling in the conventional hydrolysis technology is solved; and the operation condition is mild, the process is simple and the method can be industrialized easily.

Insensitive electric igniter for nuclear blast valve

The invention discloses an insensitive electric igniter for a nuclear blast valve, which is suitable to be used for nuclear power generating units. The electric igniter comprises an electrode plug, a charging cap, a bridge belt and charged powder, wherein the electrode plug, the charging cap, the bridge belt and the charged powder are all arranged in a shell; and the electric igniter is characterized in that the charging cap is made of aluminium oxide ceramics, and an electrostatic discharging channel is formed between an electric contact pin on the electrode plug and the inner wall of the shell by a second disk with minimum diameter on the charging cap, thereby combining the functions of 'blocking' and 'discharging'; the charged powder is a Zr/KClO4 medicament which can bear long-time high temperature and irradiation environment; and the bridge belt is serialized, and can satisfy the applied objects with different dimensional requirements for interfaces. The invention provides an electric igniter which can be used safely and reliably under the harsh operating environment of nuclear power generating units, lives up to the requirements for safety performance of misfiring under the condition of 1A/1W/5min, and meets the technical index of no leakage within 15min at an action time of not more than 10ms and under the action of 69MPa pressure when 3.7 A of rated firing current is applied; and meanwhile, the invention has the advantages of simple structure, easy installation, good adaptability to environment, and the like.

Position and posture calibration method, system and medium for lidar and combined inertial navigation

The embodiment of the invention discloses a position and posture calibration method, a system and a medium for a lidar and a combined inertial navigation. Wherein, the method includes the steps that:two point cloud data sets and two inertial navigation data sets collected by the lidar and the combined inertial navigation from the same stationary object at two collection positions are obtained; the lidar and the combined inertial navigation are rigidly connected; multiple sets of reference points are determined based on the visualized images of the two point cloud data sets; wherein, each setof reference points are corresponded to the same location on the stationary object on the two point cloud data sets; according to the two point cloud data sets, the two inertial navigation data sets,and the multiple sets of reference points, the position and posture calibration parameters of the lidar and the combined inertial navigation are determined. The technical solution of the invention is not restricted by the position and posture relationship between the lidar and the combined inertial navigation, calibration equipment, and manual work, and can quickly and accurately calibrate the relative position and posture between the lidar and the combined inertial navigation.

Adjustable rotation polishing machine

The invention relates to an adjustable rotation polishing machine, which comprises a base, a lift column, a horizontal guide rail, a polishing head and a rotation workbench, wherein the lift column is vertically and fixedly arranged on the base, a sliding block is vertically guided to run on the lift column, the horizontal guide rail is arranged on the sliding block in a horizontal sliding way, the end part of the guide rail is hinged with the polishing head, the rotation workbench is arranged on the base corresponding to a place below the polishing head, a plurality of screw rod frames are radially, uniformly and centripetally distributed on the surface of the rotation workbench, the front end and the rear end of each screw rod frame are fixedly provided with a bearing seat respectively, a screw rod is coaxially arranged between two corresponding bearing seats, a sliding block runs on each screw rod in an engagement manner, and a limitation plate is vertically and upwards arranged on each sliding block. In the polishing machine, a clamping device is additionally arranged on the rotation workbench, and by synergistic coordination between the displacement of each sliding block and the self-locking function of each screw rod, the clamping device not only can be adjusted in clamping size size but also has a good locking function.

Welding device and welding technology applying multifunctional fillet welding trolley to horizontal position welding

The invention discloses a welding device and a welding technology applying a multifunctional fillet welding trolley to horizontal position welding. The welding device applying the multifunctional fillet welding trolley to the horizontal position welding comprises the fillet welding trolley, wherein the fillet welding trolley is arranged on one side of a weldment; a run-on plate and a run-off plate are mounted at the head end and the tail end of the weldment respectively; an angle steel baffle parallel to a welding pass is arranged on the front surface of the weldment; a ceramic pad and a horse plate are arranged on the back surface of the weldment; and a magnet pull handle, a guide wheel arm and a welding gun are arranged on the fillet welding trolley. The welding technology applying the multifunctional fillet welding trolley to the horizontal position welding comprises the following steps of chamfering the weldment to form the welding pass before welding, welding a backing welding layer, and then welding a filling cosmetic welding layer. The device and the technology have the benefits that an application scope is enlarged, the production cost is lowered, the labor intensity is reduced, the operation is easier and more convenient, the trolley for the automatic welding operates more stably, the surface of a welding joint is formed attractively, and is high in flaw detection yield, and the production efficiency can be improved.

Oil level monitoring method and monitoring system of oil storage system of oil-immersed transformer

ActiveCN103674163AGuaranteed accuracyIncrease the scope of applicationLevel indicators by pressure measurementOil pressurePressure sensor
The invention provides an oil level monitoring method of an oil storage system of an oil-immersed transformer. The oil level monitoring method comprises the following steps that first, a pressure sensor is mounted on the oil-immersed transformer for collecting pressure signals to calculate the average temperature of transformer oil; second, the expanding volume of the transformer oil is calculated according to the average temperature of the transformer oil; third, the oil level of the oil storage system is calculated according to the expanding volume of the transformer oil and the shape of the oil storage system of the oil-immersed transformer to obtain corresponding oil level signals; when the oil level or oil pressure exceeds a set safety value, a monitoring terminal sends out alarm signals. The invention further provides an oil level monitoring system based on the oil level monitoring method. The oil level monitoring system comprises the pressure sensor arranged on the transformer and the monitoring terminal connected with the output end of the pressure sensor. The monitoring terminal is used for converting the pressure signals collected by the pressure sensor into oil level signals and meanwhile monitoring the oil level signals and the pressure signals. When the oil level signals or the pressure signals exceed the safety value, the monitoring terminal sends out an alarm.
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