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Information transmission method and device

The invention discloses an information transmission method and device. The method comprises the following steps: a base station determining that a receiving bandwidth of a terminal is less than a system bandwidth or a component carrier accessed by the terminal is a new type component carrier; and the base station transmits downlink data to the terminal within the receiving bandwidth of the terminal according to preset radio frame, subframe, time domain and frequency domain resources. The method and device provided by the present invention solve the problem of how to receive downlink information correctly in case of a small downlink bandwidth in related arts and enable various types of terminals to exist in the system at the same time so as to increase the applicable scope of the system.

Method and system for controlling domestic equipment according to position of user

The invention provides a method and system for controlling domestic equipment according to the position of a user. The method includes the steps that current user position information uploaded by a user operation terminal is received; the current distance between the user and the domestic equipment is worked out according to the current position information of the user; the current distance is compared with a preset distance in a cloud server, and an instruction of control over the domestic equipment is generated according to comparison results; the control instruction is sent to a domestic equipment control device to enable the domestic equipment to execute corresponding operation according to the control instruction. Due to the adoption of the method and system, domestic equipment remote operation control is more intelligent, the application range is wider, and a more user-friendly effect can be achieved.

Connection management method for hybrid cloud, SDN controller and hybrid cloud system

The invention discloses a connection management method for hybrid clouds, an SDN controller and a hybrid cloud system and relates to the field of cloud computing. The method comprises the steps that the SDN controller receives a hybrid cloud connection management request sent by a hybrid cloud management platform through a northbound interface; the SDN controller determines a network device needing to be configured and network configuration information corresponding to the network device based on the hybrid cloud connection management request; and the SDN controller packages the network configuration information into a preset configuration protocol message and sends the preset configuration protocol message to the network device needing to be configured through a southbound interface. According to the method, the SDN controller and the system, on the basis of a capability of a software defined network, through expansion of functions and interfaces of the hybrid cloud management platform and the SDN controller, network cooperative management among hybrid clouds is realized; the network connection service quality among the hybrid clouds can be managed and controlled; resources such as links and routes are dynamically adjusted; and the field and application range of hybrid cloud service are expanded.

Interactive system based on CCD camera porjector technology

The invention relates to an interactive system based on camera projector technology, belonging to the technical field of computers, comprising a camera, a projector, a computer, an interactive recognition module and a rendering module; wherein, the projector projects rendered picture to a setting area; the camera captures a fixed scene which is an area covering the projected picture of the projector; after the area is captured by the camera, the area of the projected picture is identified in the captured image, and the area is transmitted to the interactive recognition module for further analysis; the interactive recognition module analyzes the current position of person and movement information, and then the message is transmitted to the rendering module; the rendering module responds to the message input by the interactive recognition module, and corresponding animation creation and real-time rendering are completed. The invention has the advantages that: a more natural human-computer interaction mode is realized by computer vision and graphic technology; the cost is saved, and the application scope of the system is greatly improved.

Preparation method for intelligent color changing window

The invention provides a preparation method for an intelligent color changing window. The preparation method for the intelligent color changing window comprises the following steps: growing a conducting material on a substrate by adopting a chemical vapor deposition method to form a first conducting layer; growing transition metal oxides and a mixture thereof on the first conducting layer by adopting the chemical vapor deposition method to form an electrochromic layer; performing ion implantation on the electrochromic layer by adopting a two-electrode or three-electrode electrochemical method; growing oxides or inorganic solid state lithium salts on the electrochromic layer by adopting a method for performing lithiation on the electrochromic layer or the chemical vapor deposition method to form an ion conduction layer; growing the transition metal oxides and the mixture thereof on the ion conduction layer by adopting the chemical vapor deposition method to form an ion storage layer; growing the conducting material on the ion storage layer by the chemical vapor deposition method to form a second conducting layer; growing a protective layer on the second conducting layer to obtain the intelligent color changing window. The preparation method is low in production cost, and can prepare an electrochromic device on glass with a certain curved surface.

Wireless sound system for transmitting audio based on WIFI and application method of wireless sound system

The invention relates to the field of sound boxes, in particular to a wireless sound system for transmitting sound based on WIFI and an application method of the wireless sound system. The wireless sound system comprises wireless sound boxes, an intelligent terminal and a Wechat application server. The wireless sound boxes are used for providing internet access and a WIFI local area network, connected with the intelligent terminal, and further used for being connected with the Wechat application server and uploading device information of the intelligent terminal. The intelligent terminal is used for establishing signal connection with the wireless sound boxes and sending play control tasks to the wireless sound boxes. The Wechat application server is used for preserving the device information and further used for being connected with the intelligent terminal, receiving the play control tasks and sending the play control tasks to the corresponding wireless sound boxes. One wireless sound box with the routing function serves as the main body in the multiple wireless sound boxes and the other wireless sound boxes are auxiliary bodies so that the wireless sound system can be formed, independent utilization of the sound boxes is supported as well, wired access, wireless bridging and other internet access functions are provided, pavement cost of sound equipment is reduced, the trouble of circuit pavement is saved, and the application range of the sound system is widened.

Distribution network fault distance measurement method based on fault transient state traveling wave zero-mode and aerial-mode speed difference

InactiveCN103884963AOvercoming the small scope of applicationIncrease the scope of applicationFault locationWave speedDistribution networks
The invention discloses a distribution network fault distance measurement method based on a fault transient state traveling wave zero-mode and aerial-mode speed difference. The method mainly includes the steps that the arrival moment t1 of an aerial-mode wave head and the arrival moment t0 of a zero-mode wave head are marked respectively, and the difference delta t of the time used for a zero-mode traveling wave to arrive at a measurement end and the time used for an aerial-mode traveling wave to arrive at the measurement end is obtained in a calculated mode; a typical fault distance is set to be Sk in a simulation or on-site test, the moment t0k at which the zero-mode wave head arrives at a measurement point is recorded, the speed v0k of the zero-mode traveling wave corresponding to the fault distance Sk is obtained, and a set of data related to the corresponding relationship between fault distances S and zero-mode detection wave speeds are obtained; by means of an obtained analytical expression, an iterative formula of the fault distance is obtained, and the corresponding fault distance is solved. According to the distribution network fault distance measurement method based on the fault transient state traveling wave zero-mode and aerial-mode speed difference, the defects that the application range is small, timeliness is poor and accuracy is low in the prior art can be overcome, and the method has the advantages of being large in application range, good in timeliness and high in accuracy.

System and method for low-cost and efficient separation and obtaining of single cell

According to the present invention, based on a liquid droplet microfluidic chip technology, a system and a method for low-cost and efficient separation and obtaining of single cell is designed and constructed. The system comprises a microfluidic chip, a liquid droplet signal detector, a signal analysis and sorting control unit, an electromagnetic valve, a conduct pipe, and a liquid droplet collection micro-pipe. The single cell separation process comprises that: liquid droplets wrapping cells are subjected to online continuous generation and directional flow, signal acquisition and analysis and sorting control are performed when passing through a signal acquisition zone, and when the sorting condition (for example: the liquid droplet only warps single cell) is met, the work of the electromagnetic valve is controlled to make the force applying state and the flow direction of the liquid droplet be changed so as to separate and collect the single liquid droplet, such that the obtaining of the single cell can be achieved through the de-emulsification, the extraction and other operations. According to the technical method of the present invention, a set of the simple and feasible system and the simple and feasible method suitable for the liquid droplet sorting, cell separation and single cell obtaining of different detection methods are provided, and the method has advantages of high efficiency, short time consumption, low cost, no pollution, wide application range, strong extensibility and the like compared with the traditional single cell obtaining method.

Deep building pit trussed-beam inner support integral application pre-stress method

The present invention relates to a method for wholly exerting pre-stress to the trussed internal bearing in the deep foundation pitch. The method comprises the following steps: installing an internal bearing which is composed of a principal top brace, a diagonal rod and a web rod or composed of a principal top brace and a web rod, and installing the trussed internal bearing between two pit walls of the deep foundation pitches; (2) installing a pre-stress force-transferring seat along the axial direction of the principal top brace on each principal top brace; (3) arranging a jack along the axial direction between two pre-stress force-transferring seats of each principal top brace; and (4) cutting off the principal top brace between two force-transferring seats of each principal top brace, exerting pre-stress with the jack, and when the pre-stress which should be exerted is obtained, reinforcing and welding the gap which is between the fracture surface of the cut principal top brace and is generated by exerting pre-stress with the steel material. The method has the advantages of quick installation, short time period for exerting pre-stress, being able to counteracting the compressing deformation of the member bar, and being able to quickly and effectively control the deformation in the deep foundation pitch.

Advertisement playing device and advertisement release and operation system

The invention discloses an advertisement playing device and an advertisement release and operation system. The device comprises a control module, an audio-video interface used for being connected withan advertisement display screen, a communication interface used for being connected with a network, a storage module and a positioning mode and an advertisement playing module which are controlled bythe control module. The advertisement release and operation system comprises the advertisement playing device, the advertisement display screen which is connected with the advertisement playing device, a server-side which is in communication with the advertisement playing device, and a client which is in communication with the server-side. According to the technical scheme, the advertisement playing device is wide in operation range, high in efficiency and low in cost, online and offline advertisements are communicated, and good interaction experience can be provided.

Four-leg walking robot with single power leg mechanism

ActiveCN103979034AImprove ground passabilityIncrease the scope of applicationVehiclesDrive motorLeg raise
The invention provides a four-leg walking robot with a single power leg mechanism. The four-leg walking robot comprises a carrying rack (A), and b-e groups of leg mechanisms (B, C, D, E), wherein a single group of leg mechanisms only need one driving motor, and walking movement of the mechanisms can be realized by virtue of whole-circle rotation of the motor; by virtue of regulating the phase difference of upper and lower cranked rod pieces, namely b-e fourth rod pieces (B-4, C-4, D-4, E-4), the adjustment of foot end tracks can be finished, the leg raising height and step-through distance of the four-leg walking robot are changed, and the ground trafficability is improved. The mechanism can be used in the fields of celestial body detection, materiel carrying, military reconnaissance and the like.
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