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11.1 INTRODUCTION. Signal acquisition is a noisy business. In photographic images, there is noise within the light intensity signal (e.g., photon noise), and additional noise can arise within the sensor (e.g., thermal noise in a CMOS chip), as well as in subsequent processing (e.g., quantization).

Voiceprint identification method based on Gauss mixing model and system thereof

The invention provides a voiceprint identification method based on a Gauss mixing model and a system thereof. The method comprises the following steps: voice signal acquisition; voice signal pretreatment; voice signal characteristic parameter extraction: employing a Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficient (MFCC), wherein an order number of the MFCC usually is 12-16; model training: employing an EM algorithm to train a Gauss mixing model (GMM) for a voice signal characteristic parameter of a speaker, wherein a k-means algorithm is selected as a parameter initialization method of the model; voiceprint identification: comparing a collected voice signal characteristic parameter to be identified with an established speaker voice model, carrying out determination according to a maximum posterior probability method, and if a corresponding speaker model enables a speaker voice characteristic vector X to be identified to has maximum posterior probability, identifying the speaker. According to the method, the Gauss mixing model based on probability statistics is employed, characteristic distribution of the speaker in characteristic space can be reflected well, a probability density function is common, a parameter in the model is easy to estimate and train, and the method has good identification performance and anti-noise capability.

Intelligent inspection robot system for transformer substation equipment

The invention discloses an intelligent inspection robot system for transformer substation equipment. The intelligent inspection robot system for the transformer substation equipment comprises a control center, a wireless communication network and an inspection robot, wherein the control center realizes remote control and data transmission with the inspection robot through the wireless communication network; the control center comprises an upper control host, an inspection monitoring data processing module and a robot remote control transmission module; and the inspection robot comprises a robot control unit, a robot body mechanism, a robot obstacle detection and navigation device, a robot remote control receiving module and a field signal acquisition and transmission device. The intelligent inspection robot system for the transformer substation equipment inspects power equipment in a transformer station through the inspection robot, transmits related data acquired in real time to the control center through the wireless communication network and displays the related data on related equipment, so that workers can remotely monitor the on-site working condition and the operation condition of the equipment conveniently, remote areas and unattended stations can be monitored remotely, and time and labor are saved.

Cement truck densimeter automatic cleaning device and method

The invention provides a cement truck densimeter automatic cleaning device and method. The cement truck densimeter automatic cleaning device comprises a liquid feeding pipeline, a centrifugal pump, atee joint, a densimeter mounting seat, a signal acquisition system, a control system and a cleaning tank, wherein the liquid feeding pipeline is connected with an inlet of the centrifugal pump, the tee joint is arranged between the centrifugal pump and the densimeter mounting seat, the third end of the tee joint is provided with a discharge pipeline in a connected manner; the densimeter mounting seat is connected with the cleaning tank; and the densimeter mounting seat is in electric signal connection with the signal acquisition system, and the signal acquisition system is electrically connected with the control system. According to the cement truck densimeter automatic cleaning device, the problem that cement adheres to the inner part of a densimeter is solved, the measuring precision ofthe densimeter is improved and the service life of the device is prolonged; cleaning liquid is automatically fed, the cleaning process is automatically circulated, the cleaning progress is automatically detected; and the cement truck densimeter automatic cleaning device is used for densimeter automatic cleaning, the operation is safer and more efficient, and on-site manpower is greatly saved.

Method and Apparatus for Signal Detection, Classification and Estimation from Compressive Measurements

The recently introduced theory of Compressive Sensing (CS) enables a new method for signal recovery from incomplete information (a reduced set of “compressive” linear measurements), based on the assumption that the signal is sparse in some dictionary. Such compressive measurement schemes are desirable in practice for reducing the costs of signal acquisition, storage, and processing. However, the current CS framework considers only a certain task (signal recovery) and only in a certain model setting (sparsity).
We show that compressive measurements are in fact information scalable, allowing one to answer a broad spectrum of questions about a signal when provided only with a reduced set of compressive measurements. These questions range from complete signal recovery at one extreme down to a simple binary detection decision at the other. (Questions in between include, for example, estimation and classification.) We provide techniques such as a “compressive matched filter” for answering several of these questions given the available measurements, often without needing to first reconstruct the signal. In many cases, these techniques can succeed with far fewer measurements than would be required for full signal recovery, and such techniques can also be computationally more efficient. Based on additional mathematical insight, we discuss information scalable algorithms in several model settings, including sparsity (as in CS), but also in parametric or manifold-based settings and in model-free settings for generic statements of detection, classification, and estimation problems.

Automotive anti-collision radar multi-target detecting method and system

The invention provides an automotive anti-collision radar multi-target detecting method and system. The method comprises the steps of emitting two types of triangular waves with different modulation periods in an alternating mode and acquiring echo data, carrying out windowing processing, carrying out distance dimension FFT and speed dimension FFT, carrying out modulo processing to obtain frequency spectrum of two types of echo waves, carrying out target paring to obtain a spectral line of the same target of the two echo waves, calculating distance and speed of each target, and judging target distance and speed obtained by the two echo waves through a tolerance function to obtain a final target. A radio frequency emitting and receiving part of the system comprises a radar sensor and an intermediate frequency processing module, and a data processing part comprises a modulus, a modulus converting module and a central control processing module FPGA. The FPGA comprises a modulation signal producing sub-module, an echo wave signal acquisition sub-module, an algorithm sub-module and a control sub-module. The modulation waves and corresponding algorithms effectively remove false targets and improve accuracy that multiple moving targets are detected under strong noise. A hardware system is simplified in structure and easy to achieve.

Carport guide system used for parking lot

The embodiment of the invention provides a carport guide system used for a parking lot. The carport guide system comprises a vehicle detection device, a signal acquisition device, a storage device, a second central controller and an indicator light turning-on device, wherein the vehicle detection device is used for detecting whether a vehicle prepares to enter the parking lot or not; the signal acquisition device is arranged at the entrance of the parking lot and used for collecting the license plate number of the vehicle when the vehicle prepares to enter the parking lot; the storage device is used for storing the carport information and route information of all the carports, and the carport information includes corresponding relationship between the license plate number and the carport; the second central controller comprises a first control unit and is used for obtaining the license plate number, collected by the signal acquisition device, of the vehicle entering the parking lot, determining the target parking space and the optimal route according to the corresponding relationship, and sending corresponding control information; and the indicator light turning-on device is used for receiving the control information and then turning on a corresponding indicator light so as to guide the vehicle to achieve the target parking space. The carport guide system saves the time for searching the parking space, and is simple, convenient and practical.

Noninvasive continuous arterial blood pressure measuring method and equipment

The invention discloses a noninvasive continuous human body arterial blood pressure measuring method and equipment. The noninvasive continuous human body central arterial blood pressure measuring method comprises the steps as follows: calculating individualization parameters of a to-be-measured person artery blood vessel network model according to acquired pulse wave forms of radial arteries and brachial arteries; calculating radial artery blood pressure systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and blood pressure wave forms according to radial artery pulse wave speeds and artery blood vessel network parameters; calculating ascending aorta-radial artery transfer functions; further calculating central arterial blood pressure. The noninvasive continuous human body central arterial blood pressure measuring equipment consists of a signal processing and analyzing unit, a pulse wave and motion signal acquisition unit worn on the wrist as well as an electro-cardio and motion signal acquisition unit worn in front of the chest. According to the method and the equipment, electrocardiograms, the radial artery blood pressure, the central arterial blood pressure as well as motions and postures are monitored simultaneously, heart rate and electro-cardio morphological parameters are analyzed in various motion states, artery network model parameters and blood pressure parameters, particularly central arterial pressure wave form parameters, are analyzed, and the method and the equipment have great significance for prevention and control on cardiovascular diseases, particularly for prevention and control on high-risk diseases such as the hypertension, the coronary heart disease and the like.
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