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Multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle for fast surveying and surveying method of multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle

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The invention discloses a multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle for fast surveying and a surveying method of the multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle, and belongs to the technical field of aviation surveying. The multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle comprises a rack, flight lifting mechanisms, a cloud deck mechanism and a control mechanism, wherein four plane arms extend out from the rack along a plane body, the lower part of the plane body is provided with foot stools, the plane arms and the foot stools are of foldable structures; and the flight lifting mechanisms are arranged at tail ends of the four plane arms, the cloud deck mechanism is mounted at the bottom of the unmanned aerial vehicle body through a mounting rod; the cloud deck mechanism is provided with a camera and is used for regulating an optical axis of the camera to be always perpendicular to the ground; and the control mechanism is used for controlling the unmanned aerial vehicle to fly to the appointed height and regulating the overturn of the cloud deck mechanism. The surveying method disclosed by the invention can be used for determining the relation between the shooting height and the imaging proportion by analyzing camera lens parameters, and then setting the flight line of the unmanned aerial vehicle. Through the adoption of the unmanned aerial vehicle, the surveying result can be fast obtained, and the surveying precision and efficiency are high.
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