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Object detector, object detecting method and robot

An object detector, an object detecting method and a robot can reduce diction errors of detecting wrong objects without increasing the volume of the computational operation to be performed to detect the right object. A face detector 101 comprises a face detecting section 110 that operates like a conventional face detecting section and is adapted to roughly select face candidates from an input image by template matching and detect face candidates by means of a support vector machine for face recognition, a non-face judging section 120 that detects non-face candidates that are judged to be non-faces and removes them from the face candidates selected by the face detecting section 110 and a skin tracker section 114 for tracking a face region after the non-face judgment. When the assumed distance between the face detector and the face as computed from the input image and the measured distance as measured by a distance sensor show a large difference, when the color variance of the face candidate is small, when the occupancy ratio of the skin color region is large and when the change in the size of the face region is large after the elapse of a predetermined time, the non-face judging section 120 judges such face candidates as non-faces and removes them from the face candidates.

Device and method of automatic helical milling of hole

The invention discloses a device and a method for automatic helical milling of a hole. The device comprises a base, a spindle slide base, an outer eccentric sleeve, an inner eccentric sleeve, a torque motor, a circular grating, an electric spindle, a presser foot, an industrial camera, a linear grating, four laser distance sensors, a servo motor, a ball screw assembly, a synchronous belt and the like, wherein axes of inner and outer contours of the inner and outer eccentric sleeves have offsets; the inner eccentric sleeve is installed in the outer eccentric sleeve; and the axis of the inner contour of the outer eccentric sleeve and the axis of the outer contour of the inner eccentric sleeve are coincident. The device and the method have the advantages that the tool radial offset is realized through control of a relative rotation angle between the inner eccentric sleeve and the outer eccentric sleeve; in spindle feeding, a double-grating feedback technology is adopted so that dimple depth accuracy is guaranteed; and a preset hole position on a workpiece is detected by the industrial camera and a normal vector of the preset hole position is detected by the four laser distance sensors and the industrial camera and the four laser distance sensors cooperate with automatic numerically-controlled devices such as an industrial robot, a numerically-controlled machine tool and the like and thus high-precision and high-efficiency automatic hole milling is realized.

Automatic three-dimensional measuring method and automatic three-dimensional measuring system for high-precision blade of aviation engine

The invention discloses an automatic three-dimensional measuring method for a high-precision blade of an aviation engine. The automatic three-dimensional measuring method comprises the following steps of (1) rectification: performing rectification on a design coordinate system of a design model and a measurement coordinate system of a workpiece entity; (2) path planning: planning a motion path of a distance sensor in a measuring process by using a data processing device so that a measured region of the workpiece entity is in a measurement range of the distance sensor; and (3) automatic measurement: sampling a front region and a reverse region of the workpiece entity by using the distance sensor to obtain a complete surface profile of the workpiece entity. The distance sensor serves as a measuring terminal, and position information of surface points of the measured region can be acquired; and moreover, by a three-axis motion mechanism, measurement on different regions of the workpiece entity can be realized, measured cloud data of points of density of a local range are automatically fused to the same coordinate system, and complete precise measurement on a workpiece and quality testing operation on the workpiece entity are realized.

Intelligent induction glove system

The invention discloses an intelligent induction glove system which comprises a left glove body and a right glove body. Pressure sensors are arranged at the end portions of a first finger part of the left glove body. Bent degree sensors are arranged at the joint bent positions. A temperature sensor, a distance sensor, an environment light sensor, a shock sensor, a three-shaft gyroscope and an acceleration sensor are arranged at the root portion of the first finger part. A flexible hand writing input board and a liquid crystal touch display screen are arranged at a first palm part. An ROM/RAM storage module, an NFC near-field communication module and a Bluetooth communication module are arranged on a first wrist part. A central processing unit, a battery module and a wireless charging module are installed on a first hand back part. Various elements installed on the right glove body are basically symmetrical and consistent with those on the left hand glove body except for a film key set arranged on a second palm part and a WIFI communication module additionally installed on a second wrist part. The intelligent induction glove system has the advantages of being capable of comprehensively catching various detailed motions of hands, capable of achieving wireless communication and power supply, small, exquisite, portable, flexible and easy to operate.
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