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Template matching is a technique in digital image processing for finding small parts of an image which match a template image. It can be used in manufacturing as a part of quality control, a way to navigate a mobile robot, or as a way to detect edges in images.

Object detector, object detecting method and robot

An object detector, an object detecting method and a robot can reduce diction errors of detecting wrong objects without increasing the volume of the computational operation to be performed to detect the right object. A face detector 101 comprises a face detecting section 110 that operates like a conventional face detecting section and is adapted to roughly select face candidates from an input image by template matching and detect face candidates by means of a support vector machine for face recognition, a non-face judging section 120 that detects non-face candidates that are judged to be non-faces and removes them from the face candidates selected by the face detecting section 110 and a skin tracker section 114 for tracking a face region after the non-face judgment. When the assumed distance between the face detector and the face as computed from the input image and the measured distance as measured by a distance sensor show a large difference, when the color variance of the face candidate is small, when the occupancy ratio of the skin color region is large and when the change in the size of the face region is large after the elapse of a predetermined time, the non-face judging section 120 judges such face candidates as non-faces and removes them from the face candidates.

Movement human abnormal behavior identification method based on template matching

The invention relates to a movement human abnormal behavior identification method based on template matching, which mainly comprises the steps of: video image acquisition and behavior characteristic extraction. The movement human abnormal behavior identification method is a mode identification technology based on statistical learning of samples. The movement of a human is analyzed and comprehended by using a computer vision technology, the behavior identification is directly carried out based on geometric calculation of a movement region and recording and alarming are carried out; the Gaussian filtering denoising and the neighborhood denoising are combined for realizing the denoising, thereby improving the independent analysis property and the intelligent monitoring capacity of an intelligent monitoring system, achieving higher identification accuracy for abnormal behaviors, effectively removing the complex background and the noise of a vision acquired image, and improving the efficiency and the robustness of the detection algorithm. The invention has simple modeling, simple algorithm and accurate detection, can be widely applied to occasions of banks, museums and the like, and is also helpful to improve the safety monitoring level of public occasions.

Vehicle license plate recognition method based on video

The invention provides a vehicle license plate recognition method based on a video. According to the vehicle license plate recognition method based on the video, moving vehicles are detected and separated out with the vehicle video which is obtained through actual photographing by means of a camera serving as input, the accurate position of a vehicle license plate area is determined by conducting vertical edge extraction on a target vehicle image obtained after pre-processing, a vehicle license plate image is separated out, color correction, binaryzation and inclination correction are conducted on a vehicle license plate image, each character in the positioned vehicle license plate area is separated to serve as an independent character, feature extraction is conducted one each character, obtained feature vectors are classified through a classifier which is well trained in advance, a classification result serves as a preliminary recognition result, secondary recognition is conducted on the stained vehicle license plate characters according to a template matching algorithm imitating the visual characteristics of human eyes, and then a final vehicle license plate recognition result is obtained. The vehicle license plate recognition method based on the video has the advantages that hardware cost is reduced, the management efficiency of an intelligent transportation system is improved, the anti-jamming performance and the robustness are high, the recognition efficiency is high, and the recognition speed is high.

Multiple-template matching identity recognition method based on ECG (Electrocardiogram) under electrocardiogram abnormality state

The invention relates to a multiple-template matching identity recognition method based on an ECG (Electrocardiogram) under an electrocardiogram abnormality state, and belongs to the technical field of biological characteristic identity recognition. The ECG data of a user to be recognized is compared with the data of a registered user in a template library to obtain an identity recognition result. The key technology of the method comprises the following steps: carrying out electrocardiosignal preprocessing for eliminating noise interference; carrying out electrocardiosignal decomposition to separate an electrocardiogram waveform of each period; carrying out standardized processing for independently achieving standardization on time and amplitude scales; carrying out characteristic extraction: in the step, characteristics are extracted by wavelet transform, and clustering analysis is carried out by an ISODATA (Iterative Self-organizing Data Analysis Techniques Algorithm) so as to construct an ECC template library; and carrying out correlation analysis: in the step, correlation between ECG test data and each template is calculated, an optimal matching template is selected, and finally, an identity recognition result is obtained. The multiple-template matching identity recognition method provided by the invention utilizes the intrinsic electrocardiosignal of a human body to recognize an identity, and the ECG data under the abnormality state is considered.

Image processing method for automatic pointer-type instrument reading recognition

The invention discloses an image processing method for automatic pointer-type instrument reading recognition. The method comprises the following steps: (1) Hough circle detection is carried out on the image, a weighted average method is used for positioning the circle center and the radius of a dial, and a dial region square image is extracted; (2) the image is pre-treated, and a binary thinning image of the instrument pointer is extracted; (3) a central projection method is used for determining a pointer angle; (4) a zero graduation line and full graduation line position templates are extracted, and a range starting point and ending point positions are calibrated; (5) by using template matching, zero graduation line and full graduation line angles are obtained; and (6) according to the pointer angle, the zero graduation line angle and the full graduation line angle, the pointer reading is obtained through calculation. Thus, the problem that the instrument dial position on the acquired image is not fixed as the relative position between a camera and the pointer-type instrument is not fixed can be solved, subjective errors as the reading of the instrument is read manually can be eliminated, the efficiency and the precision can be improved, safety of people is ensured, the application range is wide, and robustness is strong.
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