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Data authentication system

A data processing apparatus a data processing method efficiently ascertain that data are valid, prevent encryption processing key data from leaking, eliminate illegal use of contents data, restrict contents utilization, apply a different plurality of data formats to contents and efficiently execute reproduction processing of compressed data. The verification process of partial data is executed by collating the integrity partial data as check values for a combination of partial data of a content, and the verification process of the entirety of the combination of partial data is executed by collating partial-integrity-check-value-verifying integrity check values that verify the combination of the partial integrity check values. Master keys to generate individual keys necessary for a process of such as data encryption are stored in the storage section and keys are generated as required. An illegal device list is stored in the header information of a content and referred to when data is used. Keys specific to a data processing apparatus and common keys are stored and the keys are selectively used according to the content use restriction. Plural content blocks are coupled, and at least a part of the content blocks is applied to an encryption process by an encryption key Kcon, then encryption key data that is the encryption key Kcon encrypted by an encryption key Kdis is stored in the header section. A content data is made of compression data and an expansion processing program or a combination of types of compression programs and the reproducing apparatus can determine an expansion program applicable to a compressed content.

System for broadcasting software applications and portable data communications device for use in such a system

A communications system consisting of a server system that stores software applications, a broadcast system that broadcasts the software applications, and a multiplicity of portable clients that each include a receiver having a tuner that is selectively tunable to receive a selected one of the software applications broadcasted by the broadcast system. The portable clients can be any type of portable data communications device, such as a hand-held, palm-top, or notebook computing device, a PDA, an intelligent cellular phone, or any other personal multimedia appliance or Network Computer (NC). The broadcast system can be any suitable satellite or terrestrial air or cable broadcast system. The software applications can consist of a broad spectrum of different software applications, such as word processing, video games, spreadsheets, address books, calendars, and the like. Each of the portable data communications devices includes a receiver that has a tuner that is selectively tunable to receive a selected one of a plurality of software applications broadcasted by a broadcast system, a user-interface that enables a user to select one of the broadcasted software applications for downloading, a processor for executing the downloaded software applications, and a modem for establishing a two-way communications link with a network control system. The two-way communications link includes a forward channel over which the portable data communication device can transmit client data to the network control system, and a return channel over which the network control system can transmit system data to the portable data communication device. The client data can include requests for unrecoverable software application data and client software download request data.
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