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NANO silicon-carbon composite material and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a nano silicon-carbon composite negative material for lithium ion batteries and a preparation method thereof. A porous electrode composed of silica and carbon is taken as a raw material, and a nano silicon-carbon composite material of carbon-loaded nano silicon is formed by a molten salt electrolysis method in a manner of silica in-situ electrochemical reduction. Silicon and carbon of the material are connected by nano silicon carbide, and are metallurgical-grade combination, so that the electrochemical cycle stability of the nano silicon-carbon composite material is improved. The preparation method of the nano silicon-carbon composite material provided by the invention comprises the following steps: compounding a porous block composed of carbon and silica powder with a conductive cathode collector as a cathode; using graphite or an inert anode as an anode, and putting the cathode and anode into CaCl2 electrolyte or mixed salt melt electrolyte containing CaCl2 to form an electrolytic cell; applying voltage between the cathode and the anode; controlling the electrolytic voltage, the electrolytic current density and the electrolytic quantity, so that silica in the porous block is deoxidized into nano silicon by electrolytic reduction, and the nano silicon-carbon composite material for lithium ion batteries is prepared at the cathode.
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