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Wearable compound layer material for machine parts and manufacturing method and equipment thereof

The invention relates to a wearable compound layer material for machine parts and a manufacturing method and equipment thereof. The wearable compound layer material is a metal-based wearable compound layer material which is composed of a matrix metal and lots of particles or fibers dispersed and distributed in the matrix metal, thereby having a multi-phase structure. The wearable compound layer material is manufactured by a direct-current electroplating or pulse electroplating method. The direct-current electroplating or pulse electroplating equipment is composed of parts such as an electroplating power source, an electroplating tank, a metal anode or a metal alloy anode, a machine part substrate cathode, a stirring device, a solution circulating device, a heating and temperature control device, an additive supplementing device and the like. The wearable compound layer material for machine parts provided by the invention is obviously superior in performance to good-quality cast iron wearable parts, good-quality cast steel wearable parts and wearable parts for surface heat treatment of common steel and good-quality steel commonly employed in the present product. The wearable compound layer also has high-temperature abrasive resistance and excellent corrosion resistance while having excellent abrasive performance; and the internal stress of the coating is very low.

Apparatus and method for detecting one or more analytes

The present invention relates to an apparatus for detecting one or more analytes, for example analytes selected from the group comprising nucleic acids, metabolites, peptides, proteins, hormones, pesticides, neurotransmitters, ions in blood, electrolytes, toxic gases, pH and biological warfare agents, the apparatus comprising an insulating substrate, at least one first electrode on the substrate at least one elongate nanostructure extending from and electrically connected to the or each said electrode and extending over the surface of the wafer away from the respective electrode, a passivating layer covering the or each electrode, but not all of said at least one elongate nanostructure, a well crossing the at least one elongate nanostructure extending from the or each electrode and forming a static reservoir for a liquid being investigated for the presence of at least one analyte, a reference electrode provided on said substrate within said well or insertable into said well and respective readout pads electrically connected to the or each electrode and to the reference electrode if the latter is provided on the substrate, the at least one elongate nanostructure being capable of being functionalized for detecting one or more analytes.

Method for producing grinding electroplated diamond wheel

The invention discloses a method for producing a grinding electroplated diamond wheel. The method comprises the steps of: 1, preparing an electroplating bath; 2, pre-treating before plating; 3, pre-plating, wherein the current density is 1.2-1.8A/dm<2>, and the thickness of a pre-plating layer is 7-10micrometers; 4, magnetically sand feeding, namely applying magnetic induction intensity of 400-1000mT on a plating surface of a grinding wheel base body so as to absorb a diamond abrasive through the plating surface of the grinding wheel base body, and depositing an electroplating layer through electrifying, wherein the sand feeding current density is 0.5-0.8A/dm<2>, and the thickness of the plating layer is 15% of the average particle size of the diamond abrasive; 5, thickening, wherein the current density is 1.6-2.0A/dm<2>, and the thickness of the thickened plating layer is 65% of the average particle size of the diamond abrasive; and 6, treating after the plating so as to obtain the grinding electroplated diamond wheel. By utilizing the method for producing the grinding electroplated diamond wheel, the abrasive with fine granularity can be uniformly solidified on the plating surface, and the produced grinding wheel has good shape retention performance and satisfies grinding requirements on high precision and high efficiency.

Method and device for continuously preparing high-silicon steel ribbon under magnetic field

The invention provides a method and a device for continuously preparing a high-silicon steel ribbon under a magnetic field. The method adopts a composite plating method and comprises the following steps of adding 0.1-3mum of ferrosilicon powder in an iron plating solution, using a low-silicon steel strip as an electrolytic cathode, plating 7.0-99 wt % of thick composite plating layer of Si in the composite electrolytic solution, obtaining uniform 6.5 wt% of high-silicon steel ribbon of the Si after thermal treatment, and carrying out continuous preparation. According to the device provided by the invention, on the basis of the traditional composite plating device, a constant magnetic field of which the magnetic field strength is 0.01-20 T is applied, the low-silicon steel ribbon which is used as a cathode is magnetized through the magnetic field, a stronger gradient field is formed on the surface, ferrosilicon particles in a plating solution are adsorbed to the surface of the cathode of the low-silicon steel strip by utilizing a magnetic field force, thus a high-silicon plating layer can be obtained through a composite iron plating process, and then, the high-performance high-silicon steel ribbon of which the silicon content is up to 6.5 wt% can be prepared through follow-up climate protection thermal treatment. The method and the device, disclosed by the invention, have the advantages that the operation is simple, the low-temperature silicon increasing operation is carried out, the cost is low, and the high-silicon steel ribbons can be continuously prepared.
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